Desert Find: 1983 Chevrolet Blazer

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It’s fascinating how different regions affect your perception of a vehicle. Some colleagues of mine were surprised I ended up with an Isuzu Trooper project out of the large Georgia collection we’ve been marketing here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive. The reason was simple: rust-free Troopers don’t exist where I live up north. Similarly, the seller of this 1983 Chevy Blazer here on eBay realized he couldn’t cut it up for off-roading once he realized how structurally sound it was, thanks to being discovered in a California desert.

Some folks might look at this Blazer and see an ordinary truck, particularly if you’re from the west or southern tiers of the country. As the seller points out, however, his friends out east would scold him for transforming such an honest rig into an off-roader, mostly because snowbelt states haven’t seen a rust-free K5 like this one in many years. Perception is everything, and I see it among Trooper owners who shake their head at the very few pricey examples listed for sale in my neck of the woods.

It’s all about supply, and trucks as honest as this one can be hard to come by. The seller notes that the Blazer runs and drives and that it remains “completely original.” Well, except for the new shocks and tires the seller added, which saves the next owner some headaches. Overall, the Blazer appears largely untouched, which also means it’s in need of a thorough detailing. The seller notes the A/C doesn’t work and the power windows are finicky.

The paint on the passenger side is better than the driver’s side, which shows some evidence of damage due to paint being burnt off from sun exposure (I think.) I personally love the colors of a white truck with orange striping, as it already looks ready for summertime exploits on sand dunes and dusty trails. The Buy-It-Now is just $3,750 but bidding remains under that amount with the reserve unmet.

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  1. Ck

    This thing is so kool ,I love these.My wife’s uncle inherited one of these from his father and had planned on keeping and fixing it up. Unfortunately his wife wanted no part of it. It didn’t help his situation that he lived in Boston.The truck was stored at my house,I thought about buying it from him but didn’t have the cash.Now here’s part that brings a tear to my eye, He traded it in for CASH FOR CLUNKERS!! I think they gave him 4K for it. I still say someone from the dealer snagged that truck it was too nice to crush.

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  2. poseurMember

    geez, this is tempting but sooooo far away.
    i bought a couple Jimmy’s much nicer than this in the past few years & as stated, rust free, original examples are non-existent in the midwest under $15k.
    i’ll be surprised if it lasts through the week.

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  3. Azplumber

    Ad says pulled out of it California desert but it has Arizona historical plates?

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  4. local_sheriff

    Well Jeff; I haven’t seen rust free Troopers since the late 80s myself! However, these K5s weren’t excactly the best vehicles rust-wise either…! GM did a lousy job to prevent them from corrosion,as did other auto makers in the day. It’s obvious they were intended for WORK and to be tossed away in a few years.

    $3750 for a non rot-through K5 can’t be a bad deal.My old man has an almost identical 6,2 diesel 85 K5 sitting that will never return to the road, in far worse condition.Also has excact issues with AC and PW !

    Personally I’d rather see this fitted with the 80-down face as this design looks best with the round lamps.

    I observe this example has ‘historic vehicle’ plates on it, hopefully this K5 will be kept as such in the future. Love K5s!

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  5. Bear

    WELL BOUGHT at just over $3K!! :-)

    I would have been a bidder IF the shipping charges from CA to GA weren’t a factor.
    I hope it is going to a good home!

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