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Desert Lark: 1959 Studebaker 2-Door Wagon

1959 Studebaker Lark Wagon

So far this Wagon Wednesday is shaping up to be a great day! Just when we think it can’t get any better, it does. We have always been fans of the Studebaker Lark, so naturally this 2 door wagon version that OffShore64Guy sent us is going to make our day even better. With an asking price of just $800 we are seriously tempted to buy it for ourselves. If you have been on the lookout for a V8 powered 2 door wagon, but want something more unique than a Nomad, take a look at this 1959 Studebaker Lark Regal Wagon here on craigslist.

Desert LarkThis Lark is obviously going to need work, but the seller claims it ran when it was parked a few years ago. Given that it is a desert car, we doubt the tin worm has gotten through too many panels yet. If it turns out to be solid and the 259 V8 can be made to run again, we think this could be an amazing buy. We would want to look it over before putting out any money, but it would be hard to find a better deal for another 2 door wagon. It likely won’t ever have the resale value of a Nomad, but we would rather own one of these anyways. It might not have the classic good looks, but the 180 horsepower motor offered respectable performance and the compact design gave it surprisingly good handling. It isn’t by any means a race car, but it could make for a fun rally car and we doubt you’d run into many of these on your travels. So if this was yours, what would you do with it? Would you restore it to original, leave it as is, or build a rally car out of it?

Happy Wagon Wednesday!


  1. David C

    I’m not much for Studebakers, but this little wagon is cute! Lots of potential as long as the rust isn’t cancerous. I wish he had taken more than 2 pictures. Craigslist let’s you post something like 20 pictures at no charge, why not post a few more? He says he will send them to serious buyers, but how are you going to find a serious buyer if you won’t let them see what you’re selling? Duh!

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    • Brian

      I think most Craigslist sellers are assuming that potential buyers are local, and can just hop in the car and come take a look, so they just throw on a couple of photos on to give people a general idea. I know that’s what I’d do. If I get contacts from people far away on a local ad, I’d assume a scam. I think alot of people feel the same.

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  2. That Guy

    I think those are Mercedes wheels, of all things. They actually look pretty good on it. This looks like a great car for the money.

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  3. DT

    Studebakers are one of the best American cars ever made,this looks rusty.I would prefer a scottsman.When I was young my father had a ’51 Starlight coupe , the next door neighbor had a grand turisimo,I had a ’52 convertible and a starlight hardtop

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  4. CCFee

    Seems to me Merc & Studebaker had an alliance for a few years in th 50s – perhaps that’s why the Stude has the fancy wheels??

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  5. Rancho Bella

    Dang……..Arizona desert, cute little wagon and me with holstered six shooter………..oh’ sorry………got to dreamin’ good thoughts again.

    Yes, Studies are/were very good cars………a little quirky in the looks department but some think new Rolls are attractive…………go figure.

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  6. jim s

    if you are close it would be worth asking for all the pictures or a PI as it would not take much in the way of parts sell off to get your $800 back. if the wheels, as noted above, are MB and in good shape you could resell them. this sure has been a good wagon wednesday.

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  7. Old Bobby Friendship

    OH how I wish it was nearer to me. I have always liked Stude’s since, when I was 10, a friends father had a ’54 Champion, brought to the UK from Europe. (BFPO)
    If all the main parts were with this, I could make this a daily Ute.
    Studebaker, an important contributor to US car manufacturing.

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  8. Brian

    I think the Benz wheels (or whatever they are) have to go. Even though the original tire size are nearly impossible to get at the local tire store now days, I still love the look of those tall, narrow tires and those full wheelcovers with the worm-like lazy S in the center! Just a part of my childhood that makes me happy! I love those 2 door wagons almost as much as a sliding roof Wagonaire!

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  9. Dave

    I think this is a great looking little car. If it was closer to me I would jump on it. It’s the first one I’ve ever seen. I think you barn find guys should get this as your next project!

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  10. Paul B

    These things are great. We had one, a 4-door. The Lark with a V-8 was FAST. About 10 seconds to 60 mph, less than half the time of a Falcon, Valiant or Corvair. Shorter overall length than any of them, more room inside than any of them, good on gas. No contest as long as they weren’t in a rust-risk climate, because Studebaker rustproofing was atrociously bad. Cute dorky cool. What else could anyone want?

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  11. David C

    Interestingly enough, in the same area, there’s a ’59 Stude Lark for sale, they only want $64K for it:

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  12. Mike O'Handley

    Does anyone know where this car is now? I’d be an interested buyer.

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