Desert Roached: 1969 Dodge Charger

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Bidding is already approaching $20K for this sun-beaten Dodge Charger, which amazes even the seller who has written an eBay ad that’s Hall of Fame worthy. The listing highlights the Charger’s dry-as-a-bone condition, but that also includes a completely roached interior along with the exterior finish. The Charger was parked 28 years ago but is likely attracting bidders for its manual transmission / big block combination, but it wasn’t born that way. Find the Charger here on eBay where bidding is just shy of $18K. 

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. The description really is the best part about this listing, as it seems the seller understands exactly what he has and is happy to let you bid it up the upper stratosphere if you’re capable of dreaming that big. The seller notes that the reason for the close to three-decade slumber is “…because the ring gear fell off the flywheel and sat and sat and sat till now where it’s still sitting. Now the engine turns over by hand but will need a new flywheel before trying to crank it.”

The seller notes that you’ll probably want this car for the groovy shifter handle alone, but don’t get attached just yet – he may keep it. Speaking of changes from the factory, this Charger doesn’t look like it once did when it rolled off the assembly line: “It was born as a white hat special, 383 2bbl automatic on the column, yellow with tan interior, light package woodgrain wheel 69 charger.” The color combination is present, despite the desert sun’s best attempt to wipe it clean. Would you keep the motor/trans combo or go back to stock configuration?

The seller says there’s minimal rust, at least not enough to cause you to sink too fast should you misjudge your jump attempt over the lake. Rust is noted in the lower rear quarter patches, minor holes in the inner sail panels, and a few pin holes in the trunk. The passenger leaf spring has a kink in it from being moved with a fork lift and the lower core support is bent, but otherwise, cosmetic damage is primarily limited to what the sun caused. A similar Charger we listed is up to over $10K, and this seems like the better car. Chargers – don’t you wish you had one sitting in your backyard?

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  1. NotSure

    That shift lever absolutely must stay with the car!

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  2. R Soul

    Bidding is over 20k now!

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  3. David Frank David FrankMember

    There appears to be something very strange going on with the bidding on this Charger. There are only a couple of bidders who have run the bidding up. The top bidder, “l***a”, for example, has no feedback and no other bids on other auctions showing. He appears to have placed 6 bids within a minute from his opening bid of $18,500 to $20,000 The next bidder is about the same, with no bids on other items. It’s all very strange. Do you think this Charger will really sell for $20K?

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    • Oingo


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      • Steve R

        Why, anyone that has seen how these cars do on eBay auctions know it hasn’t reached its eventual selling price. What benfit is there for a seller to be involved in a tactic like this, especially so early in the auction. As for the car selling for $20,000, if the sun rises in the day the auction ends, it will, and then some.

        Steve R

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    • Brakeservo

      Years ago you could see the identity of a bidder, but at least now you can see how much bidding a particular guy has done with the seller – interesting that more than a few of the bidders have had 100% of their bidding activity on this item alone!

      But we see the same thing happening on eBay’s best competitor – B.A.T. where frequently the high bidder will be someone who has just signed up for that website as well.

      Personally, I think in many of these cases the bidder is that well known guy by the name of Hill, first initial “S” so we have – S.Hill bidding

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    • hugh crawford

      That is the automatic bid feature on eBay. You put your maximum bid in and it beats the current high bid by the minimum. if someone else makes a bid, it makes a counter bid as long as it is under your maximum. If two people are using that feature you get a robot bidding war.

      Throw in third party bidding / sniping software and you can get amusing results. Google emergent behavior.

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    • RobF

      I think they bid and put a max bid in, so the bidder prior outbids them and it goes back and forth automatically. I think anyhow…

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    • stillrunners

      David….good eye….I watch for that as well….

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    • Skip

      No way is a not numbers matching auto. on the column worth even 15K. I think someone is jacking the bidding.

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  4. David Rhoces

    I like this guy ……buyer beware

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    • Chris

      This is my car, I was just trying to be honest about the car as I know fellow sellers who hide stuff and lack all issues with the car they are selling. I’ve been the buyer on the other end before. No I have not done any inside bidding

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      • NovaTom

        Watched a lot of your videos- you sure aint afraid of a project thats for sure!

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  5. James

    Just sold a 1970 originally 318 column shift. Now 383 4 so to Australia for $25 k

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  6. 433jeff

    The strangest saddest bidding ive ever seen was on a cragslist add i missed. Was a 68 gto in md i think .1500$ i called the guy but didnt want to find a sitter for a long day. The car sold, then i was watching a similar looking convert on ebay , no motor fenders but i think a red 68 convert. Turns out was the same car for 1500$, was a ram air 2 4 speed car needing everything. The bidding went over 20 grand for the roach, then thr same bidder retracted his bids right down to 6000$ and i think the car sold for 6100, i talked to thr new owner seller and he was disappointed, I would have never sold it, even if i didnt have the cash to fix it right away. Always run the phs, we all have stories about the one that got away. I got one that i got to buy back, the black one early bild

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    Chris Breedlove?

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  8. RobF

    I have a RB big block I can’t seem to give away,no 4 speed. It seems odd to me bidding would go this high for the engine ?

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  9. Danger Dan

    I buy a lot of chargers to build but first I park em out back to get burnt the hell up

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  10. Mountainwoodie

    Got to give it up to the seller……honesty and humor. Whats not to like. Its not his fault that people pay stupid prices for ordinary cars. Cereally!

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  11. T Mel

    Did someone say cereal? I like fruity pebbles myself.

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