Deuce And A Quarter: 1970 Buick Electra

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No debate, a Buick Electra 225, such as this 1970 example, is automatically a Whammer-jammer. With 225 inches in length, a 127-inch wheelbase, packing 4,800 pounds and a 7.5 liter V8 engine, how could it not be?  Today’s find, courtesy of Pat L., shows as worn but original and is reasonably priced. Located in Portland, Oregon, this big ole baby is available, here on craigslist for $3,400.

Buick had Electras out the wazoo in ’70. Besides the four-different body styles which included a convertible, a two-door hardtop, and both a four-door hardtop and sedan, there were three trim levels too. Things started with the base 225, moved up to the Custom 225, and topped out with the Custom Limited 225. The four-door sedan body style, such as our subject car, came in both standard and Custom trim but I’m not certain which one this car is. Electras were popular in ’70, 85K copies left the Buick City assembly complex in Flint, Michigan that year. Of that total, 26K were four-door sedans.

Obviously, the Glacier White finish has seen better days, what’s there is chalky and there’s a pretty good surface rust bloom percolating on the horizontal surfaces – and this Buick has some aircraft carrier-sized horizontal surfaces. No rust-through is spied and the body looks sound and damage free except for a minor crease in the passenger side rear door. The trim is all intact and still presents well as do the chrome plated bits. It’s nice to see the original wheel covers – they always seem to go missing on old cars like this.

The star of the show is under that great plains-sized hood, it’s a first-year, 370 gross HP, 455 CI V8 engine married up to GM’s best, a Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic gearbox – unfortunately, you can’t see it because there’s no included image. The seller mentions, “It runs and drives but needs tires and tinkering“. I’m familiar with tinkering, it can be minor or endless.

Inside is tantamount to driving your living room around. The upholstery is “Sandlewood” vinyl and there were five other options available too – most at no extra cost. Leather, however, wasn’t one of them (cows lucked out on that one, considering how much it would take). As is often the case after 144K miles, the driver’s seat bottom has started to let go but the rest of it still shows pretty well. The instrument panel in this vintage Electra is nothing to write home about, I’ve always thought Buick took a surprisingly cheap way out on that front – a speedo and a fuel gauge and that’s it. I do have to say that I like the cigarette lighters that are perched on the outside edge of the front seat backrest – those were the days…

OK, so now it’s what to do with it time. One Electra thought that I’ve had for years was to beef up the front bumper, put a railroad air horn on the roof, add some strobe lights, and ram left-lane hogs out of the way. A little extreme maybe, and this example is probably still too nice to endure that fate. Anyway, that’s one suggestion, what’s yours?

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  1. Tony Primo

    I would change the belts, filters, fluids and spark plugs and ignition wires. Lightly sand the hood and roof, and spray it with a few cans of Tremclad white rust paint. Then you would have a cool cruiser for the summer for less than four grand.

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    • Mr Meowingtons

      That any way ta treat a whammer jammer?!? Great idea for limited expense!!!

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  2. CooterMember

    This is a nice year for one of these as it was built toward the beginning of America’s land yacht race. No bumper or light fillers that faded, cracked or broke. No blinged up landau roofs or over padded seating. Just a big solid car with a big strong motor. Not the later “180 to 200 HP versions of this fad. This ended at around 1977 and the later models were much weaker specimens, inside and out!

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    • 370zpp 370zppMember

      Cooter, you accurately broke down and enumerated some of the major good and bad points of cars in this category. Cool.

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  3. Big_FunMember

    Ugh – thanks, JO. Now I have to go listen to J. Geils Band.
    Whammer Jammer, indead…

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  4. Tony

    I will never get tired of seeing Electras showcased here, as they are my favorite non-Lincolns (well, until 1985, that is, when GM reskinned a Celebrity and called it “Electra-380”). Type of body is hard for me to pick; these cars are large enough to warrant four doors, but if they aren’t clap-doors then that type gets boring quickly. I suppose I’d take a 2-door variant. Too bad they didn’t show the red-filter effect in the reverse lights; for me that is one of the nicest aesthetic treatments of these cars, besides the Lincoln-like looks of the bodies.

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    • Mr Meowingtons

      I forgot about those red filtered reverse lights!!! There is a BEAUTIFUL ’72 Electra 225 Limited near me, but it is not for sale. Pity…I sure would love me a Deuce-an’-a-quarter! Meowww!!!

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  5. Tim

    As a young man starting out in the early 80s, these were mint, $500 with safety all day long. I went the Olds route with a few bare bones Deltas (2 barrel 455s 14″ wheels) that could really haul. Plus big 98s with tons of options. ( Full width vanity mounted on the back of the front seat. Mirror, lights, tissue dispenser.) Pay at the pump. Drove the last of them to the scrap yard and when I came out with my $50 there were already four guys sitting on the hood eating lunch.

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  6. Alan Henry

    I’d just fix what needs fixing, get a good white paint job, and enjoy it. I like the fact it has manual windows. I’m done with power windows.

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  7. BMan

    DAANNG!!! It’s too far away!!! Im a N.Ohio Brother… for 3,400 It’s almost worth tha trip….Someone’s gonna be lucky FOR SURE!!!

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  8. Rw

    16 yr old me working in a very busy neighborhood garage Lou ky,late 70s, did many right rear burn outs , after I took little old lady you fill in the name home..

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  9. Robert Levins

    $5(five),$10(ten),$15(fifteen),$20(twenty) – a lot of gas has come and wenty. These beautiful cars can “snorkel “ the fuel down so fast that you almost can’t even come up with any mpg figures. Well, Ok, not that bad but close. 8 mpg gets pretty ugly after a while so about the only thing I can come up with for the next buyer is to just “ throw in the towel “ on fuel economy and just cruise this baby. But – you’ll probably only get 200 miles or so on a very big tank. Lots of luck to everyone! Great article!

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  10. Ivan

    Buick Electra Park Aves From the the years 1964 to 84 2Dr to 4Dr were the best. The Convertibles from 1959 to 1970 were the best.

    The 1968 to 70 Electra Estate Park Aves and 1977 to 1984 Electra Estate Park Ave Beach 🏝️ 🏖️ Wagons Station 🚉 Wagons were also the best to me they were. The same for Oldsmobile goes as well. The Big Block 455 4BBL V8 were great 👍🏾 😊 😌 Power Plants under the Hoods of these Rides were Amazingly Awesome. Which they should’ve let remain under the Hoods of their Rides. Along with Pontiac Bonneville, Grandville and Parisienne.of which GM let go of the Oldsmobile and Pontiac.

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  11. mick

    No engine pics? Sketchy . . .

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  12. Dave

    Someone should save this car. It looks solid. Won’t take much to bring it back. Yes, belts, hoses and fluids and likely a carburetor rebuild. After that, someone will have a comfortable cruiser.

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  13. Duane

    If the main and rod bearings aren’t already gone because of the Buick lubrication system, the valves and pistons are hammered if the owner didn’t use only leaded premium gas in the high compression engine.

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  14. Richard Stotelmeyer

    I love this car and the others like it. It’s like piloting an Aircraft Carrier down the road in comfort. Plenty of room for People and Stuff!

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    • Roger

      Didn’t mean to hit report , I agree with ya

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  15. darrellMember

    how can i get in touch with the owner

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  16. DarrellMember

    im trying to reach out to the the 1970 buick owner

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  17. DARRELLMember

    is this car still for sale if so let me know my email below

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