Diamond In The Rough: 1937 Diamond T 212D

'37 Diamond T

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This is a short and maybe sweet ad if you are looking for a patina-ed Diamond.  Listed here on craigslist and sitting somewhere in Illinois is this 1937 Diamond T 212 D priced at $4K or best offer.

'37 Diamond T left side

There is said to be an early 60’s six cylinder engine that does not turn over in this truck.

'37 Diamond T rear left

We don’t know how long the Diamond T has been sitting in Illinois in this condition.  We think that whomever picks this truck up will probably use it for parts or will drop some other power-plant in. The owner says to call or text with any questions you may have.  What would you do with it and at what price-point would you pay to own this canvass?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Stephen

    Gotta love those fenders, definitely worth getting driveable in any form…

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  2. Jason Houston

    There used to be a pickup one of these sitting abandoned in Tonopah, Nevada.

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  3. randy

    I’d say fix it up and use it in the next fast and furious movie.

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  4. Dairymen

    Drop a 7.3 ford powerstroke in it.

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    • Wayne Thomas

      No matter what, it’d have to be a turbo diesel engine. That would surprise a lot of people. Classic looks combined with modern power. No where to go wrong….unless you’re a purist. But this truck is beyond Amelia Island.

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  5. randy

    I was thinking a Nissan Skyline engine!;>)

    Or a 3.5 Turbo boost engine.

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  6. Sukey

    All Diamond T’s should be saved

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  7. HoA Howard AMember

    And last, but certainly, not least, the Diamond T. This will be a tough one to restore. Diamond T’s were the “Cadillac” of trucks. They were the most stylish trucks with fancy engine turned dash boards, chrome hubcaps, almost unheard of features for a truck, and the price reflected that. Almost twice the cost of similar trucks of the era made them rare. Being removed already, someone grabbed it. I owned a ’49 Diamond T 201 pickup for 30 years that I found in a junkyard in S.Wis. in the early ’80’s. It was a 1 ton model, and was clearly over-built. Diamond T, like many other trucks of the time, was an “assembled ” truck, meaning it used all aftermarket parts and was “assembled” at the Chicago factory. Probably a Hercules motor, Dana axles, A.O. Smith frames and McLaughlin cabs.( like the Federal). This will most assuredly become a “resto-mod”, mostly for it’s styling. Good luck to the new owner in finding a grill ( Diamond T’s trademark). Diamond T was bought by the White Corp. in the late 50’s and the name was changed to “Diamond-Reo” in 1967 ( REO was another White product, and were made until 1974). Again, thanks Robert for featuring these important trucks from our past. They helped build America. My pickup looked like this, and I’d still have it today if it wasn’t for a nasty divorce ( are there good divorces?) in 1999. http://www.desertclassics.com/image23/DiaT49pickup201bw4.jpg

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    • geomechs

      Hi Howard. Diamond T’s might have been the Cadillac of trucks but I’m sure glad Cadillacs didn’t ride like Diamond T’s. I think this truck is a reasonable candidate for restoration. After seeing some of the projects that are going on around here, I have to say that this is very worthwhile…

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    • Keith IH

      Thanks for sharing your info, memories and the photo of your former truck – beautiful. A couple of years ago at the Autorama show here in Detroit, a couple were showing their tastefully done resto-mod Diamond T. If I recall correctly, they had installed a late model Cummins Diesel into this truck. It looked amazing! They use it to haul a fully restored canned ham trailer. Found a photo of that truck . . .

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      • randy

        It really is depressing to see how our automotive industry has let us down.
        What a great old truck, decades old, and nothing today comes close to it’s beauty.

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  8. Bob Sutherland

    Does anyone know if this truck ever sold or if it’s still available? I would like to possibly buy it.

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