Diamond T Trucks

Best Looking Pickup? 1948 Diamond T Model 201

C. A. Tilt was the gentleman who founded the Chicago company, Diamond T, which made some of the most beautiful trucks maybe of all time. He reportedly said many times, “A truck doesn’t have to be homely.” That’s certainly… more»

Low Mile Beauty: 1940 Diamond T Pickup

There are pickup trucks and then there are Diamond T pickup trucks.  This extraordinary example of a 1940 Model 201 typifies what pride Diamond T owners have in their trucks: The strong, clean lines, quality materials, and a non-nonsense… more»

Sitting For Decades: 1948 Diamond T Model 201

Most of us have been sitting around too much the last couple of months, just imagine if you’ve been sitting around for decades like this 1948 Diamond T Model 201 pickup has been? You think you need work! This… more»

Very Rare 1940 Diamond T Pak-Age-Car

There are rare and desirable vehicles, rare and not so desirable vehicles, and we have all seen rare and valuable vehicles. This very rare 1940 Diamond T Pak-Age-Car probably falls somewhere in-between for most people. It can be found… more»

Rockin’ Roller: 1949 Diamond T Model 201

We have seen a few 1949 Diamond T Model 201 pickups here at Barn Finds over the last few years and they’re always interesting. This project pickup can be found here on craigslist in the Chatsworth, California area. The… more»

Five Window COE: 1949 Diamond T

This 1949 Diamond T cab over truck is a project that’s ready for completion, with the seller opining that it could be finished off as a car hauler or with a custom pickup bed. Vintage COEs are seemingly always… more»

100% Original: 1949 Diamond T Model 201

Update 12/3/19 – After getting bid up to $29k, this Diamond T is back on eBay with the option to place a bid or buy it outright for $26k. Why the discount? From 11/16/19 – I can’t get enough… more»

Yellowstone Rescue Rig: 1938 Diamond T Bus

This 1938 Diamond T Rescue Vehicle is something a bit unusual, but we’ve become used to our readers spotting the unusual. Barn Finder Tyler brought this one to our attention, so thank you for that Tyler. You will find… more»

Vintage Fire Truck: 1936 Diamond T Fire Truck

Here at Barn Finds, we’ve seen a few firefighting appliances appear over the last couple of months, and this one is a beauty. This 1936 Diamond T 221D is in largely original and unrestored condition. You will find it… more»

Hercules 6 Equipped: 1949 Diamond T

This 1949 Diamond T truck immediately caught my eye for its handsome design and bent windshield design. The Diamond T lineup was often celebrated for its handsome looks, as competing trucks from the likes of Mack were simply designed… more»

Family Jewels: 1936 Diamond T

You know that you’re in for fun when you read the ad for a vehicle and under color they have replied with “rust color”. This rust-colored Diamond T truck is advertised for sale here on eBay. Located in Santa… more»

High Style Ranch Ride – 1935 Diamond T Deluxe

Called “the Cadillac of trucks,” Diamond T’s were known for their stylish design inside and out. The color combination of a bold red body with dark fenders might have graced a high-rolling Cadillac or Packard of the day. This… more»

Diamonds are Forever: 1947 Diamond T 306 Truck

Diamond T trucks were known for their styling and features and were often called the Cadillac of trucks.  This is a very original old Diamond T is on its third owner. It’s said to have only 10,000 miles, but… more»

Salvagabili-T? 1947 Diamond T

When I saw this very rough looking but still beautiful Diamond T for sale on craigslist in Casa Grande, Arizona, I immediately thought of Howard, and wondered what he would have to say about this somewhat beat up and… more»

Bargain Diamond? 1949 Diamond T Model 201

Widely considered the “Cadillac of pickups”, Diamond T pickups are typically not inexpensive. Or, usually they aren’t, this 1949 Diamond T Model 201 seems like a relative bargain. This solid project pickup is on eBay with an unmet opening bid… more»

Motorcycles Included: 1933 Diamond T Pickup

This old truck listed on eBay is neither a barn find or a survivor, but it’s just too cool to pass up. The double cab is rare. The truck is not original, but has a more modern, recently rebuilt engine and… more»