Diamond T Trucks

Two-Fer: 1937 Diamond T Model 80 Plus Parts Truck

In the 1930s, Diamond T was considered the “Cadillac of trucks”, while the company proclaimed “all truck, from the ground up! as a foil against competitors that simply appended a pickup bed to the back end of a passenger… more»

Nebraska Vehicle Hoard Auction!

Rob van Vleet has hauled heavy scrap metal around the Midwest and Rocky Mountains for his entire life. Visibility is good out there on the grasslands. Rob spotted a lot of trucks scattered over the prairie pastures, and somehow… more»

Aristocrat of Trucks: 1937 Diamond T 80 Deluxe

Diamond T, founded by Charles Tilt in 1905, was manufacturing passenger cars until a customer asked for a special delivery vehicle in about 1911. Cobbling up a truck cast its fortune in a different direction, and from then on,… more»

Restomod Camper? 1947 Diamond T Bus

Diamond T Company was an American truck manufacturer that also had a brief run in the automobile business. There isn’t much info out there about them being in the bus business, too, with the seller suggesting this example may… more»

Gear Jammer: 1956 Diamond T Cab-Over

Do you know what a gearjammer is?  How about Red Sovine?  Ever seen the movie Convoy?  Who was the Snowman?  All of these are references to one of the most American professions ever: the truck driver.  During the sxties… more»

This Bud’s for You! 1937 Diamond T

Diamond T was a storied U.S. brand that built commercial and military trucks, although they tinkered for a while producing automobiles, too. From 1905 to 1967, they assembled all sorts of vehicles for a variety of purposes, including the… more»

Rough Gem: 1937 Diamond T 80 Standard

Diamond T was one of the most storied manufacturers ever to grace America. The company was founded in Chicago in 1905 by Charles Tilt. Its logo was drawn from his father’s shoemaking company: a diamond with a “T” in… more»

Massive Truck Hoard in Nebraska!

There’s massive and then there’s massive. This upcoming auction in Nebraska claims to have near 1,000 trucks up for grabs (with a few interesting cars sprinkled in) and based on the photos, there’s no reason to question those claims…. more»

I’ll Make It Fit: 1948 Diamond T Hot Rod Pickup

The early 18th century English poet Alexander Pope once wrote that “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”  This may be true, but if we modify that quote for the world of hot rod building it would read… more»

Best Looking Pickup? 1948 Diamond T Model 201

C. A. Tilt was the gentleman who founded the Chicago company, Diamond T, which made some of the most beautiful trucks maybe of all time. He reportedly said many times, “A truck doesn’t have to be homely.” That’s certainly… more»

Low Mile Beauty: 1940 Diamond T Pickup

There are pickup trucks and then there are Diamond T pickup trucks.  This extraordinary example of a 1940 Model 201 typifies what pride Diamond T owners have in their trucks: The strong, clean lines, quality materials, and a non-nonsense… more»

Sitting For Decades: 1948 Diamond T Model 201

Most of us have been sitting around too much the last couple of months, just imagine if you’ve been sitting around for decades like this 1948 Diamond T Model 201 pickup has been? You think you need work! This… more»

Very Rare 1940 Diamond T Pak-Age-Car

There are rare and desirable vehicles, rare and not so desirable vehicles, and we have all seen rare and valuable vehicles. This very rare 1940 Diamond T Pak-Age-Car probably falls somewhere in-between for most people. It can be found… more»

Rockin’ Roller: 1949 Diamond T Model 201

We have seen a few 1949 Diamond T Model 201 pickups here at Barn Finds over the last few years and they’re always interesting. This project pickup can be found here on craigslist in the Chatsworth, California area. The… more»

Five Window COE: 1949 Diamond T

This 1949 Diamond T cab over truck is a project that’s ready for completion, with the seller opining that it could be finished off as a car hauler or with a custom pickup bed. Vintage COEs are seemingly always… more»

100% Original: 1949 Diamond T Model 201

Update 12/3/19 – After getting bid up to $29k, this Diamond T is back on eBay with the option to place a bid or buy it outright for $26k. Why the discount? From 11/16/19 – I can’t get enough… more»

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