I Didn’t Think They Made These: 1933 Ford Limo

Of course, Ford didn’t make a 1933 Vicky limousine, this is, as you probably suspected, a kit car. But it’s actually a modified one of those; the kit car manufacturer didn’t make them either! So if you are interested in a, dare I say relatively practical but old-looking car with a spacious interior, here you go! Thanks to Barn Finds reader Darrun for sending us this unusual find! It’s listed for sale here on eBay where the buy it now is $5,600 and is located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

So what’s the “barn find” factor about this car? It’s actually been sitting in storage for the last 8 years, and during that period the original builder passed. It’s actually his son selling the car now. According to him, the build has had $20,000 spent already, which I can believe easily since the base kit (without the stretch) goes for over $10,000. I wonder what the plans were for the interior?

That’s right, as you can see from this shot, the front interior is literally a blank slate. Totally. As in there’s nothing really there.

The rear is pretty much the same. What would you make it look like? What would you do with the extra space and length?

The seller believes this is a 305 or 350 small block Chevy. The deterioration of the paint in the front has me worried about the paint prep or storage, however there are lots of shiny parts here. It is nice to see the new master cylinder. Underneath the front end is some nice looking Mustang II front suspension, and to be honest from what I can see, most of the work that’s been done so far has been done pretty well. Of course, it’s always difficult to pick up where someone else left off, but it might be fun to try. What do you think about this “never been done” limo?

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  1. boxdin

    No back doors?

    • jw454

      There is one rear area door on the passenger side.

      With all the stuff that goes with this creation, it may not be a bad deal. There’s quite a bit of work to go but it’s a start if this is your kind of project.

  2. Wade Anderson

    Dark red interior leather digital gauges plush carpet dark moroon
    Body dark cherry fenders shiny almost stock looking wheels

  3. Fred W.

    The car has nice lines. You would have the only one at cars and coffee for sure.

  4. Mark S

    I’d cut out the extension and start over. Then I’d make it into a hot rod.

  5. David

    Ford did make a limo, or Town Car as they were also known. Limousines were chauffeur driven cars, not today’s stretched party cars. They are rare but we have one at the museum, https://www.calautomuseum.org/.  It's not much longer than a regular Model A but has a glass screen between the driver and other limo bits.

  6. Steve R

    No thanks. More trouble than it’s worth, even if it was free.

    Steve R

  7. DrewP

    Digital gauges…..what year is it?!

  8. Coventrycat

    Sure beats seeing a Hummer or Expedition stretched to stupid lengths. It’s cool, if someone wants to put the money into it.

  9. DrinkinGasoline

    Done up Gangster style for Proms, Weddings, BarHops, etc. Once finished and out on the streets, it would speak for itself. Imagine being an Executive being picked up at the airport in this Livery !
    You would be overbooked well into the future with this limo.

  10. Joe Haska

    As the owner of a real Model 40 Ford (33 &;34 Fords) for over 50 years, I would have no interest in a plastic kit car Limo, that is suppose to look like a 34 Ford. I agree with Steve, way more trouble than it’s worth! But it isn’t the first , I have seen another one that is an actually running car. Also, David is sort of right about Ford building one, if memory serves me right, it was called a Brewster, because that was the coach company, that made it. It was not uncommon starting in the early 30’s for Ford (and other Manufactures) to farm body building out to other company’s, Ford used Briggs, Murray, Brewster, and several others for their wood station wagons and sportsmen, Fischer, was a coach builder for G.M originally. This is from my memory, but if you check it out, its in the range of close to the facts.

  11. Mark

    Old keystone rims

  12. BHB

    The Frame!, The Frame! Tell us about the all important frame!!!

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