Diesel/5-Speed: 1990 Land Cruiser

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Before everyone gets upsets, please let me explain. Normally we wouldn’t feature a Land Cruiser from the nineties here, but this one is different than any other you are going to find on our shores. See, it has a diesel engine and a five-speed transmission! Toyota never imported them like this, but someone has already done all the dirty work to get this one over here and make it legal. It appears to be in great condition and the odometer is only showing 81k miles. Take a look here on eBay and then let us know what you think.

Toyota Diesel

I’ve been thinking about picking up a Toyota Tacoma as a winter driver, but it’s been hard to find a low-mileage one at a decent price. Apparently those things run forever, so I can only imagine how much live must be left in this diesel engine. I’ve said that a Mercedes 240D could be a life car, but perhaps I should taken a look at one of these first! This one hasn’t even been broken in yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if it carries the next owner a couple hundred thousand miles.

Land Cruiser Interior

The interior looks good so the trip should be a pleasant one. Having the steering wheel on the other side may be strange at first, but I’ve driven a right hand drive car and it wasn’t too hard to get used to. Perhaps this could be the perfect winter vehicle for a rural postal worker up north? I’d probably lose all of the aftermarket additions, keep up on the maintenance, and just drive it!

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  1. Dave Wright

    There is no work to do for import…….it meets the 25 year rule…….

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  2. Bobsmyuncle

    Why the apology? Real car guys like it all, if it’s interesting let’s see it. If they complain they probably just don’t really ‘get’ it.

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  3. PeteMember

    Right hand drive will be interesting?

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  4. Paul R

    A lot of money for Right hand drive.
    A good weight loss deterrent, it won’t do well at a fast food drive-thru.

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    • Dan

      It’s doable, I did it in my (lowered) Aristo. Helps if you have a friend in the passenger seat though.

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      • ydnar

        In the very short time I was a cop, I pulled over RHD Mini 4×4 farm truck. I walked up to the “driver’s side” and there sat a beautiful lady, and no steering wheel. That was strange. I let them go.

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    • Francisco

      RHD is a great asset if you frequently have to drive your mother-in-law to her appointments. You get to drop her off in traffic!

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  5. Mark Radell

    If it wasn’t for the right-hand drive it would certainly be something worth considering. However….

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  6. gerryMember

    That’s a $14k (retail) truck all day long here in Japan with similar specs and mileage
    So unless he spent 10K+ for Shipping and some brake pads and rotors you could probably do this yourself for much cheaper.
    RHD is really only and issue at drive through and toll gates (we have the same problem here with LHD drive cars) and if they did not put US or LHD spec headlights it can be a pain for on coming traffic and being able to see at night
    That color gray is as common here as it was the most often used.

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  7. Audifan

    So far nobody has flashed their lights at me driving my 1990 Toyota Century in So.Cal. The lights are nice and bright and I can hardly tell that they are for LHD traffic. In worst case scenario one could put a piece of black tape over the “triangle” in the glass.

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  8. BMW/Tundra guy

    Love the diesel aspect! I know their gas engines will go 400K+, from personal experience, with proper maintenance. I cannot imagine what you would expect out of a diesel! Price seems steep to me!! Especially with the RHD drive option.
    If someone can get the seller down to earth pricewise, and can deal with the RHD aspect, this is a “lifetime” vehicle!!! To rich for my meager budget and RHD would fry what’s left of my brain!!!
    Darn nice ride though…………………

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  9. Warren

    Standard fare in Australia, in this spec.

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  10. juan

    I sold mine in October, same engine/trans, it had 330000 km and (al least) it will run for another 600000, with little mantienance they run forever, very comfortable ride (it doesn´t have independent front axle) and unbeatible in off road, the only reason I sold it was because I needed a smaller SUV.
    There´s Fun Club of HDJ 80 worldwide.

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