Diesel Dually What? 1952 Buick Roadmaster

Have you ever found yourself with a load of parts and a rusty old car and wanted to combine them? Well that may very well be what happened to this 1952 Buick Roadmaster. Sitting on a truck frame with a Cummins Diesel engine to propel it, you can now officially say that you have seen it all. It is unclear how far along this project is, but it certainly is an interesting project to say the least. I am guessing that for the asking price that this Buick is ready to drive. For those of you wanting a Mad Max themed classic, this Buick is available for $19,500. Check it out here on craigslist out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Thanks to reader Ian C for this wild submission!

Inside of this wild mash up of parts you will find a rather comfortable looking interior that someone at some point put some work into. There is fresh carpet, a reupholstered bench, and a clean and rather fancy looking door panel as well. There is quite a bit of stuff stored in the back seat, and there is a slew of wires hanging from the dash as well. I am not sure what the state of this Buick is, whether this is an old picture and the wiring has been finished, or if there is still more work to be completed on this custom. The Cummins engine is from 1993, but beyond that brief statement, little other information is given on this Roadmaster.

With loads of surface rust, this Buick is a rather unassuming looking car until you notice the wheels. I have no idea what the situation is with the dually rear wheel set up, as the skirted fenders almost appear to fall in between each tire. I would probably ditch the dually set up for something that would be less conspicuous. From what can be seen, the body looks decent with no apparent rot, dents, or dings. This would be a great classic car tow vehicle for those that have a vintage camper, or a classic race car. Or perhaps leave this Buick as is, and nick name it the “Radmaster” in its Mad Max appearance. Either way, would you entertain this Buick as a future project?

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  1. Dave Mc

    Make a great field car, er truck?

  2. Mark S.

    Interesting concept. Looks like the rear wheel openings might need to be altered for clearance to me. With the 1 ton suspension, I’ll bet she’s a pretty rough ride.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      I agree, but you’re right, as stiff a ride as it must be, maybe that rear axle doesn’t move up and down much. It is too close, tho.

      • Mark S.

        She might scrape a bit w/ a couple of yards of sand in the trunk.

  3. L.M.K. Member

    It looks ashamed…

  4. classic Steel

    Its sad how inbreeding has affected intelligence in society 🙁

    Sad destruction of a car …..

  5. KSwheatfarmer Member

    I don’t usually play the what I’d do with this if I owned it card, but why not today. Remove trunk lid,install goose neck ball,hook up the trailer and haul a few old cows to town.Would assuredly get the boys attention at the load out dock. Grabbing attention is what this thing is all about.

  6. CanuckCarGuy

    Neat concept if one or both donors were too far gone. Something Disney-Pixar should incorporate into their “Cars” movie franchise, as a cousin of ‘Mater’ the tow truck….call him ‘Redneck Robbie’.

  7. Don Holt

    Just because you can does not mean ya should .

  8. C.Jay

    I wish it was a wagon. I would like it a lot more.
    But why on a 350 (Ford?) frame with a Cummins (Dodge engine)?

    • Walter Joy

      The one ton first generations were 350s for Dodge. D350 and W350 for 2 and 4wd

  9. Dirk

    I actually kind of like it, but not for $19 K.

  10. Rube Goldberg Member

    April Fools!! This be a “Roadmasher”, fo’ sho’. I hope the whole day has oddballs like this( hint, hint) I like it, now if we could just get flames out the 8 port holes, we’d be in business.

    • Rod K

      Best April fool’s joke yet.

  11. jdjonesdr

    What an abortion. If it wasn’t so expensive, I’d buy it.

  12. Jay E.

    Took me a minute to wrap my mind around it. But once I did, WOW, I love it. I’d own it in a hearttbeat.

  13. Dick Johnson

    Finally, a weapon against rude parking lot racers, a.k.a., Iowa Blue Hair crossover pilots. Love it when they park the wrong direction in the angle parking lanes. My motorcycle is no threat to ’em. Stephen King’s book ” Buick Eight” has nothing on this beast.

  14. JW

    Interesting and kind of cool.

  15. Alex

    I would own this car. For one reason how often can you drive a classic car that can bet any of the new one’s. And then if they did it right you can start to roll coal. I would drive it to church and sit here with my brother and see if we can get it stuck in the Georgia red clay.

    • Joe Howell

      When it comes to parking lots and bad drivers I miss my old Army truck. A 1958 Deuce and a Half. With a huge logging chain hanging from the wench on that massive bumper no one dared pulled out in front me :) Way back then you could get a case of beer and couple of friends and driver around for fun and not be in a lot of trouble like today. I don’t drink anymore and my Silverado just doesn’t command the same parking lot respect :(

      • grant

        Lol winches go on the bumper. Wenches go in the cab.

      • Joe Howell

        LOL Grant. Wench for winch must have been a Freudian slip. Thinking of old girlfriends and a case of beer.

  16. Joe Howell

    I love it. Roadmaster Redneck style.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      The Big Bopper meets Larry the Cable Guy,,,

  17. Miguel

    I just have one word.


    • John

      Why not? :-)

      I don’t usually care for the “name your body” on the 4wd chassis of choice. This one ticks all the right boxes for me. Other than the duallies, it’s not as in your face as most and I’d love to use this to tow our camper. Talk of the campground!

  18. Troy s

    With the popularity of diesel pick ups these days I am actually not surprised at this build really. If you don’t mind the smell from the big cloud of smoke pouring out of the exhaust or the “clack clack clack” from under the hood this one has your name on it. Differant.

  19. Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

    I like it, ride height is right and it looks tough. I’d change out the wheels for 3/4 ton wheels dodge makes a nice looking Chrome wheel on the 94 model year, you’d have to change out the front hubs and spindles though to make it work but at least it solve the duelly problem at the back. As for ride pull out some of the leaves in the back and go to 3/4 ton coils in the front, the fact is the cumins engine ways 1150 lbs and the trans weighs 800 lbs so you do need some suspension that will handle all that weight.lastly I’d paint it white over Aqua green to match up to the interior, why go to all that work and leave it looking shabby. The truth be told I’d have started with a 3/4 two wheel drive truck chassie in the first place it would have been easier to fit in there.

  20. Fordguy1972

    It’s a lot of money for a car (rig?) that will only appeal to a very few, in my opinion. There are probably quite a few guys who would like to have it, but for $19 large? That will thin out the herd. I’d be surprised if this Buick sells for anything north of $8,000.

  21. OlderisBetter.

    If the fender clears between the tires, leave it be. If you don’t want smoke and noise, get a Prius. Since I live in the Valley of the Sun, would not even have to paint it!

  22. Robert White

    That sure is bad weed their smokin’ in NC, man.


  23. Vegaman_Dan

    Extend or flare those fenders to cover the duallies and I am oddly okay with this one, especially with a gooseneck hitch in the trunk.

  24. Ron

    Second car to drive in high school. It was my late fathers big ride before he
    bought a 1957 Ford “500” that shut down my new 57’Chev. 283 with a Duntov.
    This buick sure does have nice chrome for its age. Have a 50 Super that just can’t find the teeth for the grill. Cost a fortune to fix the oroginals.

  25. Gay Seattle Car Nut

    I’m all for diesel engine swaps for vintage cars, trucks, and other road vehicles, but what the hell?! A 1952 Buick Roadmaster *dually*?

  26. Ken Member

    What did that poor old Buick do to deserve such a punishment?

  27. T C

    This is Mad Max all the way. I’m in.

  28. stan

    I don’t know why this thing is drawing me in kinda like flashing red lights at night draw drunks to them…but dam I like it

  29. Catherine Horsfall

    LOL! Love it! Not all artists create paintings and sculptures.

  30. 65mpala

    Crack pipe for sure! Sacrilege.

  31. PatrickM

    Don Holt, I agree completely! This car should never have been put on a 4 WD truck frame! If I had time, money,,eyc., I’d pull car off, find a decent frame and do it up back to as completely stock as possible. But, yes, a few modern upgrades…brakes, suspension, etc. Even a good stereo without getting too loud. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Btw, truck frame could find a good body and go from there. Time, money, etc.

  32. Charles W Tillinghast

    Well sometimes it’s just wise to leave well enough alone

  33. Buckshot

    Now you’ve got a car that isn’t worth $19.50 to me.

  34. Ponyman1


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