Disco Inside: 1968 Chevrolet P10 Camper

I’m not exactly sure what the seller means when they state in their ad that there’s a disco inside this step van camper conversion. Are they referencing the ’70s styling or do they mean that much like disco, the inside of this camper is dead? Well, regardless of what they mean by that statement, this camper is actually kind of cool and would be a fun rig to cruise the country in (after a complete overhaul of the interior that is). You can find this interesting camper here on eBay in Saugerties, New York with a BIN of $6,500 or best offer.

Every time I look at the front of this thing, I can’t help but think of the classic pompadour hair style. This is the first time we’ve seen a step van used as the base for a camper conversion, but the boxy shape of the P10 really well with the flat-sided camper body. With the over-cab sleeping area and the cutout in the back, there’s no denying that this is one unique rig.

Speaking of the over-cab area, there’s some serious water damage to the wall paneling and ceiling that will need to be dealt with. From the look of it and from the what the seller states, the whole area will need to be gutted and redone. Personally, I would want to remove all the old paneling anyways to install modern insulation and paneling that isn’t from the 1970’s. But, if you have fond memories of disco, the paneling might be selling point that’s hard to part with.

It’s going to be a big project, but this could be a fun project to undertake. The seller claims that the engine runs great and that they just completed a 10 mile drive in it without any issues. It would be wise to go through the engine, cooling system, electronics and brakes before venturing out on any longer journeys though. So would you keep the “Disco” interior or update it with modern camper components?


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  1. Mike

    All it needs is a parachute in back to complete the aerodynamics.

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  2. txchief

    The crapper is frightening. As for whatever else went on in that thing…brown chicken, brown cow, brown chicken, brown cow….

  3. Ken

    Thankfully, the limitations of the internet prevent us from being able to smell the interior of this thing.

  4. jw454

    $6500.00! Are you kidding me? By the time you get it livable you’d have twice that in it. You could pick up a pretty decent camper for 12~13K.

    • duaney Member

      Yea, but it’s one of a kind!

  5. JimmyJ

    Go in there with a black light you’d probably never re-enter without a hazmat suit!
    U couldn’t give it to me

  6. Dan

    A 10 mile drive? Take THAT Charles Lindbergh!

  7. Dolphin Member

    This thing makes a barn door actually seem aerodynamic.

  8. Alan (Michigan) Member

    There’s an extra zero on the ask price….

    • Rob S.

      There’s TWO extra zeros on the asking price!

  9. Bobsmyuncle

    A drive across country would leave the passenger with a heck of a crook in their neck.

  10. Dave Mc

    I don’t think an rv junkyard would put that in their lot.
    “Free” wouldn’t get rid of it.

  11. Nrg8

    10 bucks says seller gets horrible lung infection that will take him to the hospital from the 10 mile drive from all the mold spores blowing around the cabin area. Like ffs clean that wet bath up. That shat will kill ya.

  12. Derek

    Better get that thing back to the circus before they notice it’s missing.

  13. fahrvergnugen

    Hope it comes with training wheels. One good corner and that thing looks like its gonna roll.

  14. crazyhawk

    If this van’s rockin’, call 911 ’cause someone is going into convulsions from air-borne poisons….

  15. Madmatt

    Seller mentions “bagging”this thing….??–why..?
    I think there are a whole lot more pressing issues
    like the leaky roof/walls,and massive mold/mildew
    issues.We own a 67 p1600 step van,and I can say that
    it is a “brick”in the wind at 55 mph,I can’t imagine how
    this would handle in windy conditions….?
    This could be really cool if mostly gutted and modernized,
    Might be worth $1g,..We have a 72 Revcon w/great running Olds455
    we’d be happy to get $2g or less for,but it needs a lot of work too!
    I would be shocked if this sold for anything close
    to what seller is asking…..but it does have lotsa “PATINA”…LOL…!

  16. Ben T. Spanner

    Assets: A) The 120 volt wall switch trim plates just aren’t available anymore. B) That color cooking appliance hasn’t been available for decades. C) Great exterior “styling”.

    Liabilites: Everything else.



  18. TriPowerVette

    Gut it, put in a bunch of freezers, paint it up, and put in a good sound system, then sell ice cream from it.

  19. newfieldscarnut

    science project

  20. Gay Car Nut Seattle

    This would make an awesome restoration project, or even a restomod. I’d restore everything that can be restored to original. I’d also upgrade the engine from whatever the standard engine was, possibly a 5.7 litre V8 gas engine, or possibly a small 3.9 litre Cummins Diesel.

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  21. Bill McCoskey

    A quick primer on building an RV: These were built from the floor up. They create the entire floor assembly, even the vinyl flooring goes out to the edge of the platform. Then they install the pre-assembled/finished walls on top of the floor panel. once the walls are in place, they install the pre-assembled roof panel in place [usually a one piece roof]. That means the interior white ceiling panels actually are on top of the wall panels, all the way out to the outer edge where the edge finishing channel is applied.

    I’ve repaired these things when they were involved in accidents with trees or low bridges. The structural parts are all wood, covered with ribbed metal outer panels. In order to repair this RV’s rotten roof and walls, the entire roof MUST be removed and a new one created. The whole roof. Same with the damaged walls. Trying to cut & splice in wood pieces will result in a serious lack of rigidity.

    To fix what I can see in the way of water damage, will require the total disassembly of everything in the interior, removing the entire outer metal skin, then making & replacing the 4 wall assemblies and the entire roof assembly. 400+ man hours of work, plus materials.

    Note the use of white Styrofoam insulation, the type that likes to “Squeak” when it moves. This type of insulation is hydroscopic – it likes to retain water when wet. All of that white insulation is likely wet, so it needs to be replaced too.

    I’ll pass on this one.

    • MrBZ

      You’re so right, Bill. I did RV repairs too, and the interior rebuild might be the easiest part of the work needed here. Likely a full framework rebuild required, so you better be one hell of a fabricator!


    Best offer? You give me 500bux…and I take it off your hands.

    Just ask all these EDM dj clowns you fist-pump to…who would be
    nowhere if they didn’t sample it. Apology accepted.


  23. carsofchaos

    We now know the origin of the Hep C outbreak here in NY. This thing is a rolling “Patient 0” but so ugly that it’s kinda awesome.

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  24. SMIFFY

    It’s now ended up in England and up for sale on EBay, currently at £1280 reserve not met.

  25. Kitsch and Sink

    You’ll be pleased to know that this is now in the UK and about to undergo a conversion and restoration!

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