Disco Purple: 1979 Chevrolet Corvette


Corvettes have always been nice looking machines, but with so many around they can start to blend in. So, what do you do to make yours stand out? Well, you could spray it with bright purple metal flake paint! That’s what the owner of this Corvette did after having it for 15 years. They then kept it for another 20 years so the paint must have brought some excitement back. This thing only had 60k on the odometer so even without the wild paint, it would be worth a look. It’s located in Mahopac, New York and is listed here on eBay where bidding is currently at $5,800.


Seventy nine wasn’t exactly the best year for the Corvette. Well, for any car really. New emissions and safety requirements had taken the fun out of most vehicles. Luckily Chevrolet had a few tricks up their sleeves though. The base 350 put out less than 200 horsepower at this point, but you could check the L-82 option box and get some extra grunt. This was accomplished by raising the compression and adding new pistons and a freer flowing exhaust.


The seller has done all the worked needed to make this a dependable driver. The brakes have been gone through and the engine serviced. A new battery and rebuilt rear-end went in too. The interior is original and looks very presentable. The underside also appears to be rust-free, so I can’t find any reason to not want this well-optioned Vette.


The paint was done in 1994 and it is either a plus or a minus depending on what you’re into. As the seller mentions, it would cost a pretty penny to get a paint job like this done today. Metal flake jobs require lots of coats and a lot of sanding. Even though I love original paint on most cars, I think this was the perfect way to dress up what some would consider a slightly boring Corvette. Fix that cat and the a/c and you would have one heck of a cruiser!


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  1. RikK

    Ah… Memories of another purple Vette long ago, leggy blonde’s under the moon and the spoon, champagne & ludes, hitting the 95 back to Greenwich w the top down, pedal to the floor & our hair whipping wildly!

  2. Mia

    Oh my god, I want this. Just for the fun of it!

  3. American_Badaz

    The boat style flake works well on this car. I would throw a set of rally wheels on it and call it done!

  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Well, not my style, and the color makes me understand the low mileage, but speaking of Hot Wheels.

  5. Alex B

    Pimp my Corvette! :D

  6. Rock On

    This car is sitting on the optional factory aluminum wheels. Proper for the year and much lighter than the standard rally wheels.

  7. 68 custom

    looks more like new wave metallic pink to me, I am not a fan. to bad it otherwise looks like a nice vette, the seats look awesome, L-82 is a bonus, factory alloys are better than rally wheels. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. JCW Jr.

    Kinda like my ex-wife. Not bad to look at, just do not want to have it.

  9. Franklin Amiano

    Actually,Metalflake Corp. called this color “Brandywine” I say it’s Magenta.

  10. Ron E Bee

    it’s so obnoxious i love it, needs some “period correct” custom wheels and that thing would really pop

  11. Dutch 1960

    Easy to find in a parking lot, that’s for sure.

  12. Nova Scotian

    …and don’t forget chrome side pipes to add the bedazzled look. I would love to have this.

  13. Len

    I’m not a vette guy even though Dad has one, but I really dig this car. If I had some spare change, and a place to keep it, this would be one of those things that ya just “had to have”. Besides, the wife loves these old school metal flake paint jobs. I would tell her it was for her.

  14. Coventrycat

    If a real life Barbie comes with the car, I’ll take it and change my name to Ken.

  15. Rick

    Put some Redlines on it, stick it in a blister pack, and you’re done.

  16. Myron

    Depending I would not pay more than $8,000 to maybe $10,000. The only really nice thing here is the new paint. The interior is that of a daily driver, some parts a faded and others stained. The engine compartment hasn’t even been detailed. There are some vacuum tubing not connected. The brake master cylinder’s cover hold down clamps are not holding down the cover indicating that they have either checked the brake fluid level or worse off had to add brake fluid.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Not sure on the new paint. Sounds like around 22 years ago. I own a 72 but I still like these newer rigs. They can be purchased pretty reasonable. Good eye on the MC cover, did not see it in the link. I have to add a little brake fluid to mine at times. Easier than finding the leak. Have a Great Thanksgiving, Mike.

    • moosie Craig

      E-BAY ad states that the brakes were worked on,pretty thoroughly.

  17. Len

    10-4 on the redlines and blister pack.

  18. Paul R.

    Back in the 80’s I painted a 66 vette candy red with a metallic gold base coat.
    The car owner stopped by late one evening just as I finished spraying the gold base coat. He loved it so much he said leave it gold and don’t spray the candy red top coats. I wet sanded and cleared it.
    The gold metallic actually didn’t look that bad… But remember this was the early 80’s!

  19. Len

    My dad had a 70 cuda with that same gold candy red combo. Had to have it redone 2 times from the sun fading it out. The Cuda is back to original plum crazy now. He eventually grew up and realized his error. What a car too. Has a sound like no other I’ve ever heard. I live about 2 blocks from his house and on a saturday afternoon I can hear him pull it out of the garage and drive down the street with it.

  20. Ck

    I love the metal flake on this vette .Ohh who am I kidding I love metal flake on pretty much anything. A few weeks back I was out in my Deuce an a Quotaa.We were stoped at a red light and comming the other way was a gold vette like this one .This thing had so much metal flake in the paint ,it literally blinded us when it went by LOL .It was way kool.

  21. scooter8

    …………diamond in the back sun roof top. diggin’ the scene with a gangster lean…….

  22. Steven Visek

    Malibu Barbie, your car is ready.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

  23. Mark S Member

    Now that is one fugly colour, I don’t mind the metal flake but just about any colour would be better. My brother had a brand new dodge custom street van back in 1977 it was paint from factory black with gold metal flake. I’d have to say that that combination would have looked very good on this car. JMHO. Oh Jammie fiber glass bodies don’t rust.

  24. leiniedude leinieduede Member

    Barbie did buy it, for $8,600.00. 26 bids.

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