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Do You Call This MGA Complete?

'59 MGA

OK folks here we have an 8 word, one sentence craigslist ad. Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri is this 1959 MGA Coupe which is sitting in Taylor, Missouri priced at $6K.

'59 MGA complete engine

The engine is sitting in the engine bay with the twin SUs in place. The heater air intake hose is missing and maybe the bonnet (hood) support as well? We don’t know if the engine is locked up or not?

'59 MGA complete int.

The seats are where they were designed to be. The radio is in place which is pretty rare. What’s going on with the hood (roof)?

'59 MGA complete rear

This MGA Coupe is garaged with what appears to be a collection of other cars. We don’t know if other units are available or not?

'59 MGA complete

Here is the text from the craigslist ad verbatim: “This Texas car is all original and complete.” What’s your definition of a complete 1959 MGA Coupe? Maybe the right fender, the windscreens front/rear, right headlight and trim and side-curtains are included? Is the, what appear to be, 2nd bonnet cover in the background of the 1st image included?  So many questions, so little time.



  1. Avatar photo Franke Paige

    Maybe the seller will transmit every detail through thought, that or they just want you to call them and ask questions, banana hamack

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  2. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    complete pos and gone in 60 seconds

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  3. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Yep, “flagged for removal”. We know that a lot of students don’t get much teaching in Composition nowadays, so maybe Franke is right, he just thought the details about this car would be transmitted through brain waves.

    And it looks like he never got the concept of the word ‘complete’ either. Even though it’s a ’59, which was the year MGA I owned way back when, it’s best that CL listings like this be held to a higher standard than 8 words, most of which are wrong about what he’s selling.

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  4. Avatar photo Mark S

    The fact is my interest in British sports cars has grown a lot since I have been following Barn Finds. The car in this thread is a very cool style and year of which I would like to own some day, but not this one it look like as big of a POS as the two Porsche turds in the thread above. Just another lazy seller who won’t dig his car out of the $hit pile and clean it up a bit, oh and maybe take a few more pic’s. When you present like this you leave the impression that you got something to hide.

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    • Avatar photo Michael Rogers

      A Coupés have roll up windows.

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  5. Avatar photo Francisco

    We know he drinks Folgers coffee.

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  6. Avatar photo cory

    Most likely a scammer with stolen pictures. Way too common these days

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  7. Avatar photo Larry

    Well I can see people would rather spout their mouths off rather than bother picking up the phone and calling me or emailing me to inquire about the car. Granted may be I should have mentioned in the ad that I have the parts available to make the 1959 MGA Coupe complete as I have 15 racks (4 shelves high) full of 1956 thru 1962 MGA Coupe and Roadster parts available.

    I have invited several dozen folks to come up here to view the MGA collection but it seems folks would rather spout their mouths off than to come up here to see for themselves the 1956 thru 1962 MGA Coupes and Roadsters which include Twin Cams, MK II’s and MK II Deluxe Roadster and all of the MGA parts that are available.

    And Cory for your information the photos are on my memory card which is in my camera-just so you and everyone else knows that they are not stolen pictures.

    And Mark S, the 1959 MGA Coupe is not in that building anymore, it is in the warehouse along with the 32 plus MGA’s.

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  8. Avatar photo Larry

    more pics

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  9. Avatar photo Larry

    more pics of parts

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  10. Avatar photo Larry

    more MGA’s

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  11. Avatar photo Larry

    1962 MGA MK II Coupe-partially restored

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  12. Avatar photo Larry

    1960 MGA Roadster

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  13. Avatar photo Larry

    MGA roadster doors, bonnets and trunk lids

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  14. Avatar photo Larry

    1959 MGA Twin Cam Roadster

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    • Avatar photo Muz

      Larry, is the Twin Cam for sale?

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  15. Avatar photo bcavileer

    Well now, quite a hoard there. Wish i were closer. Love the coupes, I think the roof actually compliments the body style. The offered car is a little rough though I have started with less.

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  16. Avatar photo Larry

    more MGA parts

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  17. Avatar photo Larry

    1962 MGA MK II Deluxe Roadster

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  18. Avatar photo Muz

    I think Larry has quite comprehensively shot down in flame the “expert” commentary on the Coupe for sale…..

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  19. Avatar photo Larry

    1958 MGA Roadster

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  20. Avatar photo Larry

    bcavileer, delivery to your home is available

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  21. Avatar photo Larry

    1959 MGA Twin Cam Rolling Chassis

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  22. Avatar photo Larry

    1960 MGA Roadster-2

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  23. Avatar photo Larry

    1939 MGVA Right Hand Drive Tickford Cabriolet

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  24. Avatar photo Larry

    1939 MGVA Right Hand Drive Tickford Cabriolet-1

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    • Avatar photo Larry

      Evidently I am not allowed to post anymore photos to prove that this is not a scam, so this is an open invitation for anyone that wants to come up and view the 1956 thru 1962 MGA Coupes and Roadsters, plus the 15 racks of MGA parts

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      • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

        Larry, I promise you, if my travels take me anywhere near St Louis anytime soon, I’ll take you up on that offer. Someday I’d love to own a coupe…that roofline is gorgeous! And thanks for filling in the details!

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  25. Avatar photo Larry

    you are welcome, Jamie

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  26. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Larry, your photos show that you have a very big group of MGAs and MGA parts. It looks like you would be a good source of cars to R&R and parts for these cars.

    I’m not sure why your listing for the ’59 MGA was flagged for removal, but it might be because you said that the car is “original and complete” when it’s actually missing some important components like a front fender, the windshield, and the backlight. The front bumper might or might not be there, but you can’t tell because there’s something blocking the view, and the lighting isn’t very good.

    So I don’t think you should be too surprised that people will doubt that you are a serious seller. The last thing I would have expected would be to see that you own a warehouse full of MGAs and MGA parts.

    I’ve said this on BF before, so this is just a repeat:

    We are constantly surrounded by marketing, in all kinds of media, every day. I think it’s true to say that most people have pretty high expectations for how convincing all that marketing will need to be before they part with their hard earned cash. I think those of us who read Barn Finds religiously every day and make comments on here are no different.

    You have a treasure trove of cars and parts. I’ll bet you could sell a lot of them if you marketed them well, with lots of good photos taken in good light, preferably in natural light, and with detailed, accurate descriptions. I wish you well with that.

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  27. Avatar photo Larry

    Thank you Dolphin for your comment. The more darken photos were taken when the cars were in another building before they were moved to the warehouse. Unfortunately the other building didn’t have very good lighting. The photos of the parts were taken in the warehouse and in some places in there, the lighting isn’t much better. I also have another building in which there are more MGA’s.

    No doubt I should have stated in the 59 MGA Coupe ad that I have the parts to make this car complete, but thats what happens when one gets in a hurry.

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  28. Avatar photo Larry

    For those of you that are interested in older MG’s, I have a 1939 MGVA Right Hand Drive Tickford Cabriolet also

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  29. Avatar photo Larry

    Plus I have a 1951 and 1952 MGTD Roadsters

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  30. Avatar photo Muz

    Larry, could you advise if the Twin Cam is for sale, and I’d also like more details and photos if possible on the VA Tickford.

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    • Avatar photo Larry


      Send me your email address and I will send you complete details and photo sets of the 1959 MGA Twin Cam Roadster and the 1939 MGVA Right Hand Drive Tickford Cabriolet

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  31. Avatar photo Larry

    Yes, both the 1959 MGA Twin Cam Rolling Chassis and the 1959 MGA Twin Cam Roadster is for sale. For details and photos of each including the 1939 VA Tickford, send me an email at collectorcarsandparts@yahoo.com

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