Do You Feel Lucky: 1978 Dodge Magnum

If you’re looking for a late 70’s ride that’s a little more obscure than a Chevy Caprice or Ford Crown Victoria, this Dodge Magnum, for sale here on Craigslist in Hamilton, Ohio, might just be what you’re looking for.

Introduced in 1978 and discontinued in 1979, the Magnum was Chrysler’s short-winded effort to produce a more aerodynamic car that would be more competitive in NASCAR racing.  The Magnum saw limited success in racing though, and was famously described by Richard Petty as being “undriveable at 190mph.”  The Magnum never met with great success as a race car or as a street car, and Chrysler gave up on it after just two years in production.

The seller claims this car has fewer than 18,000 miles and based on the condition of the upholstery, this claim seems plausible.  The car is said to have been sitting inside for 29 years, and while there are some dents on the left side of the car, the limited photos don’t show any other cosmetic issues or rust.

I don’t remember seeing a Magnum on the streets recently, and given that these cars saw a short production run, I’m guessing there aren’t too many out there today.  This car appears to be in a great state of preservation, and with a little bit of love and body work it could be a great driver or show car.  While the white vinyl top and baby-blue paint wouldn’t be my first choice, I suppose there’s something to be said for originality.

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  1. David Zornig

    Worth every penny.
    I even like the color which most won’t.
    Too bad it hasn’t got T-Tops and a console shift.
    Still a great time warp piece though.
    The only new car I ever almost bought.
    I wanted to order one, but the dealership tried pressuring me to take one from stock so I walked out.

  2. Bob C.

    Looks like a belated response to the GM Colonnade cars. By this time they went to the smaller platform for 78.

  3. JC

    I’m lucky I haven’t seen one of these garbage cars for more than 30yrs!!! LOL.

  4. David Frank David Frank Member

    It looks like it could be a great deal. Speaking of Richard Petty and the Magnum, check this out.

  5. Nick

    Clean car. If the mileage is true, could be a very nice car for someone who likes them. You just have to find that someone. The sunroof is a very rare option.

  6. Tim S. Member

    Nice, relatively inexpensive way to own something different. I don’t dream of owning one, but I’d buy it, pull out the dents and take it to as many shows as I could just to spite the “crush everything after 71” crowd.

  7. 71FXSuperGlide

    Seeing some bubbling under the vinyl along with the body damage.

    Even though not my cup of tea, a cheap way for someone to get into the hobby, given the vehicle age.

  8. Vance

    I never knew anyone that drove these cars that were normal They were always driven by people who definitely marched to the beat of a different drum. I.don’t mean that in a mean way, it was just an odd car. Not really fast, not really sporty, just really blah. It really was an afterthought car.

    • Miguel

      What I remember about this car is the one I bought in Florida for a friend.

      He had to get me to the airport for a flight and within 10 miles of buying the car the driveshaft fell out of it.

      I have heard from other people it is a common problem. Bad U-Joints I guess.

      I didn’t buy another one after that.

  9. Seth KARPEN

    Had a 1976 dodge magnum

  10. Pete Kaczmarski

    I love my ’79 Dodge Magnum GT….drive something different to car shows.

  11. Rustytech

    This would be a nice first collector car. The baby blue looks good though it wouldn’t be my first choice either. A friend of mine has one in black with red Corinthian leather, bucket seats, and t-tops. It is a 400 ci. car. Kinda looks like Pete’s pictured above, but without the stripes. They were smooth cruisers.

  12. Steve A

    It has 18K miles???? Isn’t that some kind of record for these things? It’s gotta be on it’s last leg then. LOL

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