Docked For 10 Years: 1967 Amphicar 770

It’s a car! It’s a boat! Actually, this 1967 Amphicar 770 isn’t a particularly great one of either of those, but the mere fact that you can drive into a lake or pond and then motor away (albeit slowly) is so cool Amphicars have a cult following now! This one can be found for sale here on eBay. Thanks to Matt W. for this dripping wet find that can be found in Charlton, Massachusetts !

I’m not really sure what got into the Germans that designed the Amphicar — those vents in the rear deck normally hide a Triumph-built four-cylinder that was pretty much adopted straight out of the Triumph Herald/Spitfire range. Not the engine I would have chosen, and I’m a Triumph nut with over 10 on the property (and another one coming next week…but that’s another story).

The seller tells us that it has been in storage for 10 years and we can see why in this picture. However, there’s some good news — there are some patch panels and new panels that come with this car. Not everything that you will need, but it’s a start. I wonder if anyone makes performance propellers for Amphicars?

This is a rebuildable original engine per the seller. It’s certainly easy to get parts for.

This is where you would typically find that engine. Does the rust scare you too much, or are you interested in this amphibious find? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. jw454

    At this point, one would have to agree, it’s not “Amphibious”. More “stone like” I would say.

    I like these cars though.

  2. Adam Clarke Adam T45 Staff

    With the number of these that are for sale at present, it feels like more of these have surfaced (excuse the pun) than were actually built.

  3. John m leyshon

    Still have no idea why the Howell’s ,Ginger, Mary Ann and the professor chose Gilligan and the Skipper for a 3 hour tour ! They could have bought one of these…One of life’s mysteries….

    • Mountainwoodie

      Thurston and the Missus would have sunk the Amphicar with their girth….and of course Ginger and Mary Ann would have had to sit on the Professor’s lap………..thats why!

  4. r s

    Patch panels? As though this thing is EVER gonna float ever again? LOL
    Of course, Speed Racer drove his Mach 5 UNDERwater. I saw him do it in a few episodes.

  5. Ginger bread

    Is there a parts blue car in garage?

    The rear rust makes one wonder did the boat go in salt water?

    Did the professor take the apmphmobile out picking up chicks while on the island and secretly return hoping to catch ginger with his rod and reel ?

    We may never know?

  6. Adam Wright

    My 356 is being painted in Charlton, I asked my friend if he knew this car, he said he did. I’ve always wanted one of these. I remember reading a review of the Amphicar when I was a kid, it read that it didn’t make a very good car or a very good boat, but man are they cool!

  7. Dave Mc

    I probably wouldn’t buy a rusty amphicar.

  8. Howard A Member

    If only it were fiberglass. This would make Phil Swift a wealthy man.

  9. leiniedude Member

    I bought a barn find Ampicat from my Bil years ago, he was a farmer and it was in his barn. Anyway that was a land and water vehicle also. After getting it running I HAD to get it in the water. Launching into a small river, water started gushing in from every where. The four of us did save it. Forty some years later I am still laughing!

    • Moparmann

      You made me snort my drink!! 🙂

      • leiniedude Member

        Thats what this place is all about to me Moparmann! Memories! Take care Brother, Having a Leinenkugels for the both of us now.

  10. Kiwi Glen

    Hi Jamie,

    You comment that you have 10-11 triumphs. It would be cool to have them listed under your name in the header such as

    73 spitfire restored
    71 herald in bits
    69 GT6 ready for paint
    68 Vitesse waiting for engine rebuild

    Just adds that extra factor

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Glen, a long time ago we did some “what’s in our garage posts”—it was a lot of fun! The short list right now is:
      1956 Standard Vanguard Sportsman —great driver condition
      1963 Triumph Italia 2000 GT — driver that I’m going to improve, owned since 1987
      1963 Triumph Herald 1200 convertible—wife’s car, currently on lift awaiting new brake hoses, driver
      1965 Triumph 2000 Estate —long term project that I’ve agreed to sell as-is back to the friend I bought it from 13 years ago
      1967 Triumph Spitfire — driver
      1969 Hunter (TR6 based kit car) — project
      1972 TR6 — given away but not delivered
      1973 TR6 — almost finished
      1971 Spitfire — restored
      And several parts cars….and I just bought a garage find Triumph that I will be writing up next week!

  11. C Body Fan

    It looks like someone drove it in salt water….for quite a while.

  12. Alexander

    Kiwi, they do that over at the Triumph Experience online forum. I’m sure he’s a member there with all his requisite info like VIN, color, status. Not needed for Barn Finds. Not enough real estate on screen for that!

  13. Al Thompson

    I think I’ll take one to Catalina. What do you think?

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