Done Right! 1955 Chevrolet 210 Gasser

While the seller maintains that this “gasser” based on a 1955 Chevrolet is “fun to drive”, I can’t imagine many folks putting this cool monster of a car on the street on a regular basis (feel free to disagree!). It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in La Verne, California. Bidding has risen to $15,600 but has not yet met the reserve. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Larry D. for alerting us to this find!

This picture really highlights the altered wheelbase of the car (obviously reflected in its name as well). It looks like a lot of effort went into this 12-year-old build to recreate the type of car you would have seen in the 1960s and 70s. The seller describes the paint as an 8 out of 10 and that there is no rust on the body shell. The lettering certainly looks good from the pictures and is very period in appearance.

At first, when I saw this picture I thought the car was being sold as a roller! The fuel tank and battery have been relocated frontwards, while the engine now occupies part of the passenger compartment. More on that later!

The seats are “bomber-style” buckets and appear to have been fabricated with as much care as the rest of the car. I can see why, despite the seller maintaining that the ’55 is fun to drive, it has only been driven a “handful” of times since being completed — I can’t imagine the seats being very comfortable with no padding or upholstery.

A nicely fabricated tunnel covers part of the engine, which features a 400-cubic-inch block and mechanical Hilborn fuel injection. There’s a Currie 9-inch Ford rear end in the back with 4:88 to 1 gears. The seller notes that the Halibrand wheels should be bead-blasted due to surface corrosion. Overall, this car seems to have been really nicely constructed and if you are looking for a classic “gasser” that can be street driven if you really want to, there are probably not much better cars available. What do you readers think?


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  1. doug

    It’s NOT a gasser, it’s an altered.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Boy, a guy misses ONE term and he’s taken to the woodshed about it. Yup, my bad! ;-)

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  2. BA

    I’m guessing your in the hot seat when driving this and with no A/C (I’m pretty sure) would make it unpleasant here in Florida except the winter time here would be a blast heat your hot toddy & win red light drag strip money!

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  3. SMS

    No times listed in the ad so it was not good. Not a track car. Not a street car. Not a parts car.

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    • B302

      Add on eBay states it is street legal.

  4. Steve R

    Where is the 4spd shifter located?

    Steve R

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    • Howard A Member

      You can see the shift knob next to the drivers seat.

  5. Howard A Member

    1st of all, it’s very cool, a little different than most altereds, but someone did their homework, and stuck a ton of money in this. 2nd, they never said it was driven on the street, just “a blast to drive”, which clearly is 1/4 mile, and I bet it is fun. 3rd, they claim wheelies into 3rd gear, and that would be accurate for an altered. They are “altered” to get more weight on the back tires, hence wheelies were essential for traction. I think there’s a fine line between “gassers” and “altereds”,,,either way, they are a handful, and aside from top fuel ( which is getting awful stale, heck, they hardly torch a motor anymore) these are the most fun to watch.

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    • Steve R

      This has never been on a track. The second that tech opened the door they would fail this car. There is no separation of the engine from the drivers compartment or functional roll bar. It’s built car shows, not the track.

      Steve R

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    • B302

      Add on eBay states it is street legal.

  6. Morley Brown Member

    I like it and I would drive it on the street, What is it with you whiners about AC. This is not a commuter car. Just get back in your Prius and give the rest of us a break?

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    Bomber jacket and full flight gear required

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  8. Troy s

    Not too sure about having those “stacks” right next to me while driving it around on the street,?!.
    Sure looks like a 60’s wild ride from the outside, a race car not a street machine, and yes air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, heater, defrost, comfy seats, etc. are useless thangs in a car like this. Just dont like the stacks in the cab.

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      I agree if done right the stacks should be out the roof

  9. Tort Member

    Not that it matters but it is a 150 not a 210.

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    I bid 31.000 still not at reserve
    Definitely need your fire suit

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  11. 1st Gear

    In what universe are you in where this is a “gasser”? This ride does have a few aspects of a gasser, but this thing is nothing but a altered. Pure and simple. Sorry if anyone had their feelings hurt.

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  12. Anthony vanderpool

    It would make a good 1/24 scale kit
    Revel or
    Monogram accepted it

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  13. Johnny C.

    Say what you will, this thing is bad to the bone!! No A/C? Really? That’s your comment? Loud? A hand-full to drive? Dog-gone right! This little Altered has ‘most every box in the COOL department checked off… I’d drive it every chance I’d had! I’m surprised some one didn’t complain that it doesn’t have a bunch of phoney baloney billit parts or a crying doll! Put on your big boy pants and drive a real Hot Rod! Did I hurt your feelings? TOUGH!

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  14. moosie moosie

    I was surprised when I saw the pictures and noticed the artwork on the lower part of the front fenders and saw the executioner, it’s the same as my tattoo. this car if we’re an NHRA legal car is an altered due to the engine set back, in one of the pictures I believe I saw C/Altered .

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