1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS With 2,387 Miles!?

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Does less than 2,500 miles on a 1967 Camaro sound too good to be true?  Well, that just might be the case with this “super rare” RS/SS.  Later in this post, we’ll be sure to investigate the seller’s claim that “this might be the lowest mileage of any 1967 Camaro.”  In the meantime, you can learn more about the car by visiting its eBay auction here where bidding is currently at $20,222 but the reserve price not met.  This car is no stranger to auctions as it was purchased by its current owner at a Barrett-Jackson auction in April 2018.  It is located in Bay Shore, New York and is also offered for sale locally.

I must be honest and tell you I took the post’s cover photo of this car from Barrett-Jackson’s website, whereas the picture above is from the current eBay listing.  As you can see, it isn’t nearly as glossy.  There are a couple of identifying features that I used to match the current listing with the Barrett-Jackson listing from when the Camaro was sold at last April’s Palm Beach auction.  First, the original dealer decal is still present on the back of the car (Moore Chevrolet in Ottawa, Kansas) and second, there is a small dent on the rear passenger side corner just above the bumper.  And when we get to interior photos later in the post you’ll see more unique attributes.  Reported to be completely original, the bolero red paint still “looks good” despite a few chips and scratches.  The seller reports it still wears its original redline tires and if the mileage claim is true, that’s not a complete surprise.

Here is another picture from Barrett-Jackson’s listing from last April.  The first thing to jump out at me when looking at this photo and the one provided by the current seller on the car’s eBay listing is the poor condition of the console cover.  Is the cracking and fading the result of poor storage conditions?  For a car that’s been hardly sat in, I would expect things to be much more pristine on the inside.  You’ll also notice two small rips in the driver seat fabric and some staining visible in the carpeting on the driver side.  And to continue to beat a dead horse, it appears the pedals show more wear than one would expect to see from a car that’s barely broken in.

This close-up photo of the engine is also from Barrett-Jackson’s listing.  The car is reported to possess a numbers matching 350 L48 engine paired with a 4-speed manual transmission and the seller offers plenty of documentation with the sale.  Things look clean underneath the hood but there is rust in various places throughout the engine bay.  If this truly is a sub-2,500-mile car then it is a bit of a shame its previous owners didn’t store it in better (less damp) conditions.  And if indeed it was stored in a damp place how did the tires manage to survive so well?  I’m also surprised the Barrett-Jackson listing makes no mention of mileage, but perhaps that information was taken down due to the listing being expired.  The eBay seller is actually a friend of the Camaro’s owner and he or she mentions the reserve price is “very fair.”  If the mileage claim can be proven what price would you pay for this RS/SS?  Do I hear $30K?  More?

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  1. Moe Fitzrodss

    Car is amazing.
    Center console? Well my thinking is someone touched up with lacquer paint at some point. No prep. No clear.
    Sunshine ate it up. Not counting being open and closed.
    Just a guess. Your thoughts gentlemen?

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  2. Moe Fitzrodss

    Car is amazing.
    Center console? Well my thinking is someone touched up with lacquer paint at some point. No prep. No clear.
    Sunshine ate it up. Not counting being open and closed and cleaned.
    Just a guess. Your thoughts gentlemen?

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  3. IkeyHeyman

    The B-J site says the car sold for $36,300 at auction. Don’t know about the mileage claim but the guy says he has documentation, so there you go.

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  4. RoughDiamond

    That sure is a beauty. That L-48 became somewhat of a desirable engine option in the ’69 Camaro and was rated at 300 HP as opposed to 295 HP for the ’67 and ’68 model years. All the documentation is certainly present. That is a later Hurst shifter though which is a good thing.

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  5. IkeyHeyman

    I was thinking that with additional expenses (shipping to Long Island, taxes, title, insurance, etc.), this guy has at least $40K in the car and would probably be thrilled to get $30K and take “only” a $10K hit for buying a car whose value decreases every time he gets behind the wheel.

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  6. Lroy

    The car needs a good dusting at least. If this was my car there would not be a spec of dust any where and I would keep it in one of those inflatable bubbles. The only way any of my big ideas would work is.. if I also had the same car with lots of miles that I could drive the way these were ment to be driven.

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  7. sparkster

    Really a no frills kind of Camaro , No power brakes , No power steering. No air conditioning Too low of mileage to really go out and enjoy it. Doesn’t Barrett Jackson charge a 10% buyers fee atop of the $36,300 he paid for it ? I’ve heard it’s much better to drive the Camaro you own rather than having just sit in your garage

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    • John T.

      $33,000 selling price (hammer price) plus 10% buyers commission ($3,300) gives you the total purchase price ($36,300) paid by the current owner in April 2018. Bidding as of 7PM today (Friday) is up to $27,600 with the reserve still not met but the eBay auction is not scheduled to end until Tuesday afternoon (February 19) so there is nearly 4 days of bidding remaining. I strongly agree with the author that it is a shame the car was not stored in better conditions and as a sad result because of the fact that the appearance does not justify the claimed incredibly low miles in my opinion the seller will be lucky to get his or her money back on what would otherwise be a fantastic first generation Camaro.

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    • Nate

      Final price listed on BJ site includes buyer’s premium. Winning bid on this care was $33k with $3,300 buyer’s premium. If I could afford to buy this car, I’d drive it all the time. All. The. Time.

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  8. Somer

    Interesting how there is no picture of the odometer now. Mileage has stayed the same the whole time since B-J auction ?
    For sale locally but he won’t say how much (disclose reserve)?

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  9. slickb

    I know I just posted this but these cars are cool and this one is the exact drive train and model as ours. just a different color and a couple tens of thousands of miles differences. fun cars no doubt

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  10. Ted

    Just looking at the driver’s seat should sway anyone from believing this car has travelled 2500 miles. Unless some porkyass person sat in that seat daily in a garage pushing the pedals and leaning on the console while making car noises I’m calling bs here. Telltale sign of this being less than what is said about it is the numbers that barrett ripoff got out of it, 36K is beater money for the clearing house. Cool car nonetheless.

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    • Matt

      First thing I noticed was the seat, no way the mileage is that low unless someone got it it 10,000 times to drive it a quarter mile at a time.

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    • MrF

      Executive time?

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  11. Spanky

    I could care less about mileage claims it is not a hemi cuda. I really like the RS/SS especially the 69. It obviously it was a low cost go fast. 36K is a good price for a survivor with the important right options it does have. Ebay bidders seem to agree,

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  12. DannyMember

    The car is nice, but no way is it a low mile vehicle. I have purchase 20 survivor cars with less than 20,000 miles on them over the past 15 years.
    I know what I am talking about.
    What do the pictures tell us about this car? Just look at these areas and make up your own mind about it’s probable miles.
    Just look at the clutch peddle. Also check the air cleaner intake for sandblasting around the inlet area, are you seeing what I am seeing? How about all these areas? The belts, clamps, spark plug wires, under hood insulation, carpet, driver’s seat, rear package shelf, and paint on the steering wheel. Look under the ignition lock cylinder for wear from the other keys dragging along the dash paint while driving. Look at the exhaust, fan belts, paint, grille, wheel well openings, windshield and everywhere driving will effect the car. It all shows wear on this, claimed to be 2,000 mile vehicle.
    I hate it when people claim low miles and then spend all their time deflecting the obvious signs of high miles. You could excuse a couple of things having wear, but no way could the whole car have wear and scars, unless it had lots of miles.
    Great car, but this person is just waiting for a lawsuit if they think for one minute, this car is a low mile survivor.
    Lots of luck. Would anyone here really be fooled into thinking it has that low miles? If any of you do, please contact me, I would like to sell you a bunch of stuff, (Brooklyn bridge).

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  13. Mountainwoodie

    Up to 28 grand. I know life takes turns but I wonder why its being flipped so soon after it was bought….. . Seems like if you got your hands on just about anything that was OEM and such low mileage you would just drive it and wait. I mean even if it has 40 K on the odometer it’ll bring more money down the road. After all, they aren’t making them anymore.

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  14. Will Fox

    I have to agree; the wear and ‘suspect’ signs here and there do not equate to the reported low mileage. NOS redline bias plys are’t impossible to find, but given the mileage, shouldn’t these have flat spots from sitting the majority of it’s life? And given it’s lack of options, that should keep the price at least lower than a better equipped RS/SS. All I see is $30K…MAX. But then again, I don’t speak ‘bow tie’.

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  15. James Smiley

    I can’t buy into the fact that this car technically doesn’t have enough mileage it for it’s first oil change I also believe if it is an rs/ss package that is truely that low mileage who ever buys this car is making out better than Jesse James believe me if I could afford it I would but not at 30g maybe 25

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  16. 433jeff

    Never ever use it put it back in the temperature controlled bubble.

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  17. Paul

    Someone added the rear spoiler, they where not a factory option on 67 camaro’s.

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  18. Karl

    I thought the 350 ci SB came out in 69 how could a 67 have this engine?

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    • Paul

      The 350 was introduced in 1967 on the Camaro and came with a 4bbl (295 hp) on the SS cars. This is a rare car if it’s real but I don’t believe the mileage claim from the pictures. I had a Tuxedo blk 67 RS/SS 350 4 spd and wish I had kept it.

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  19. Comet

    I’ll see Danny and raise him one missing left front upper control arm rubber flap.

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  20. Edward

    102,500 miles. Now it all makes sense.

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  21. joeinthousandoaks

    The BJ listing doesn’t say anything about the engine being original. Odd that the Ebay listing does now. Again, there is no way the car has original mileage. Documentation mentioned on Ebay seems to point to the auction paperwork only.

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  22. stillrunners

    Wait….getting some popcorn…..shouldn’t those Red Lines be getting some dry rot by now….?

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  23. JoeNYWF64

    Hose clamps been replaced with non stock ones.
    Never seen a pcv valve mounted like that!!
    Wrinkles in lower driver’s seat may mean it’s been recovered – original vinyl is VERY thick.
    I don’t think it should be sitting that high in the back.
    I’ve never seen a fuel gage pointer so far to the right when turned off on a 1st gen, even with extremely hi mileage!
    Possible problem with passenger side headlite cover.
    Gas cap worn so much that it’s not tight enough/won’t seal in proper
    12 oclock position?
    Odd someone would order console or RS or 12 bolt rear before they would order
    power steering!

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  24. John C.

    Back to the tires, the valve stems (if they were never changed) should snap off the second you try to bend them over to the side, if they don’t crack off they should/would have cracks in them wide enough to stick a screwdriver blade into. Not sure if tires had the date code on them back then but that would be another thing to check if they do.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Easy to swap out valve stems, and advisable too.

      Just changed them on my ’75 Vette. All you have to do is break the bead seal on the outside, and then reinflate after the swap. Really, no big deal.

      The tires should be totally dry-rotted unless the car has been very well stored. The rest of the car doesn’t indicate that!

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  25. matthew Debrick

    My first car was a 67SS Camaro Blue( Not RS/SS ) with the 350/ 295. Like a DUMB ASS KID I rolled it in Sept 74! When I bought it it had chrome reverse wheels in Oct 1973 and quickly put on Cragar SS wheels, Holly 4 Barrel, Hooker Headers, and changed that Muncie shifter out to a Hurst ( Was tired of having to crawl under the car to deal with it stuck in first and reverse). Are these the standard hubcaps? Were the rally’s the upgrade?

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