DP Motorsports Kit: 1982 Porsche 911

The letters “DP” represent a powerful combination in the air-cooled Porsche world. DP Motorsports is known for building some absolutely wildly powerful air-cooled models, accentuated by the variety of air dams and scoops that made real-deal DP cars so slippery in motorsports settings. Of course, these enhancements made their way to the masses in production cars, typically with just the aerodynamic upgrades versus the bodywork and a modified engine. This 1982 911 cabriolet has the rare DP body kit but retains a naturally-aspirated flat-six. Find it here on craigslist in the Bay Area for $59,000.

Now, while most of us don’t give a hoot about a body kit, there’s some real provenance here if the aero enhancements are truly real-deal DP parts. The seller claims this 911 was a demonstrator, of sorts, brought into the U.S. with all of the DP goodies already installed to show dealers what it could be like to sell a customer all of those pricey upgrades they didn’t really need. In this photo, you can see just how deeply flared the rear haunces are, and how the elaborate rear spoiler helps to accentuate those lines. The wheels appear to be real-deal Fuchs, but I can’t quite decide how well they work in this application.

The interior is in fair condition and offers some pretty solid clues about what we’re dealing with. The “935” nomenclature is clearly not accurate, but I have a feeling DP was just using the same side sills no matter the model and trying to avoid the cost of manufacturing a completely different set of body kit components just to have it say “911” versus “935.” Or, alternatively, if the seller’s story holds water that this was a demo car, DP likely didn’t care what it said inside the door frame – they just wanted dealers to stop dead in their tracks when they saw the wide stance, Slantnose front end, and gigantic whale tail. This model appears to have factory sport seats as well, along with a fire extinguisher that is a common fixture in vintage European cars.

The engine is run-of-the-mill SC, which is hardly a bad thing but may be disappointing if you were holding out hope that this would be a cheap turbo swap project car. Well, it’s not cheap, and if the engine is original, it’s even more desirable. I’m not sure whether the price should drop at all, as the seller claims it runs and drives. There’s no rust and it has a clean title, so combined with its intriguing provenance, this DP Motorsports 911 convertible checks many of the right boxes for the seasoned air-cooled collector. Do you think the DP / body kit connection should drive a better price?


  1. Euromoto Member

    Now maybe I’m wrong, but I think the SC cabriolet body was a one year only offering in 1983; the first cabriolet from Porsche in 25 years or something like that. So I question whether the 1982 dating is correct. This one is quite ugly in my opinion, typical 1980’s excess. Hated it then, hate it now.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      There were a lot of good looking kits out there but this DP isn’t one of them. The back is fine but it looks like they farmed out the front fenders to one of the ” exotic” VW kit makers. You’re right on the Cabrio body but I can’t remember when they came out either.

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  2. greg v

    That’s quite simply awful. Even for the 80’s.

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  3. Malcolm Boyes

    All that and you can’t close the “frunk” hood? Dont take this for a test drive like that or you maybe be a faceful of the Porsche badge. And yes, 83 was the first year for the “new” cabriolet. I remember the legendary Pete Zimmerman who took care out our cars converting his wife’s 82 Targa into a cabrio..much better looking than this IMHO.

  4. FrankD Member

    Something is wrong with this DP modification. I seen and drove one years ago The rear fenders look odd unless this was a real early kit. The rear does not flow correctly over the wheels wells into the rear spoiler rear engine cover area.

  5. FrankD Member

    I think the issue for me with the looks is this is a convertible. The first DP935 I’ve ever seen.

  6. chrlsful

    much rather the (2nd gen) 928 no matter the enhancements. And a better buy as well. A porche made w/mericans in mind (frnt 8, H2O cooled). Even if given this car (to keep) would be a whale tail removal…

  7. douglas hunt

    def needs some wider rear fuchs for those giant rear flairs ……
    and while I am a big 911 fan, I agree whole heartedly, a nice 928 is what gets me going the most

  8. Frank Marzetta

    I loved the 80’s but not this part of it. Throw it back.

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