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Drivable Project: 1964 Chevrolet Corvette

Don’t let the raw appearance of this 1964 Chevrolet Corvette in Summerlin, Nevada fool you; this classic has a boatload of new parts installed, far more than wheels and tires. Interestingly there is no mention or depiction of the motor on this specimen of America’s Sports Car. It could be a Peugeot turbo-diesel! Whatever it is, it’s in “running condition.” This half-baked project car seeks a new owner here on craigslist. For $26,000 you can buy the privilege of taking this one across the finish line. Thanks to Matt R. for spotting this partially bloomed desert flower.

Through dust, cracks, and imperfections, the Sting Ray cockpit beckons, especially that white cue-ball shift knob! No one will suspect that this faded body hides completely refreshed front and rear disc brakes, a new “super deluxe” front suspension and nearly everything in the braking and suspension systems rebuilt or replaced, front and rear. The seller does include a “frame rail repair kit” with the sale, which is either a plus or an omen depending on your perspective.

A list of parts that have *not* been installed includes the gas tank and sender, carpeting, and one side mirror.

Ouch! Well, it couldn’t all be good news. Clearly, the current owner is more of a mechanic than a body man, and I can respect that. Personally, I’d like to see something structural here, even for transport by the trailer, and reasonable assurance that the birdcage and undercarriage look better. Also that’s the only shot of the engine so take a close look! What would you like to see before spending $26,000 on this half-baked Sting Ray?


  1. flmikey

    One of the picture shows a giant hole in the frame…and I didn’t know they made frame repair kits…you learn something every day…the seller must be asking what he or she has in it…I recall what someone on this site said one time…”the rust you see is usually only the tip of the iceberg”…hard pass….

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    • Terry

      They repro almost every nut and bolt for that car.

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      • ACZ

        Nuts and bolts are not the problem here.

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  2. Chuck

    How in the Hell did those a pillars get that rusty??? Only thing holding them up is the roof. If this were a convertible the windshield would be in your lap! I like the C2’s but would run away from this one & get a tetanus shot.

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  3. MattR Member

    One of the pillars on my truck rusted bad when the door seal gave out and started collecting water. It was on the passenger side and I didn’t notice it until it needed to be repaired which was a good time. No excuse here though being on the driver side. :)

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    Cut the price in half and it might be worth it. As is not worth the money. You’re not talking repairing that rusty steel but replacing it. Lot of work, lot of money.

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    • PatrickM

      I think there are one too many zeros in the price tag. A bunch of work left to get this one back on the road and I don’t have the time, money, etc.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Ouch! Another frame, even a performance one could be sources, but those pillars will take a bunch of $$ and time to fix. Not a good subject IMO for anyone other than a C2 Corvette expert.

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  6. 370zpp 370zpp Member


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  7. Paolo

    I would also carefully check all the paperwork, title and serial numbers on this pile. This one sets off my alarms.

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    • Paolo

      It looks just like a stolen car in a stash house. That place is unoccupied, no one lives there. It’s empty. The neighborhood seen out the garage door looks okay. I’d talk to the neighbors.
      Maybe I’m completely wrong and this just happens to accidentally be the worst, most sketchy ad for a Corvette ever.

      No way, just no way on this one.

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    • Paolo

      Wait a minute. I just realized that there are at least 2 different locations used here. It’s like the seller is moving this thing from abandoned house to abandoned house. The place with the gravel driveway looks like the crummier neighborhood. The second street scene looks a little better but the garage looks like an abandoned foreclosure. The wind has been blowing dust and trash in there on the floor. That place has been picked clean. Nobody cares about that place or that car. It’s a total disaster.

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  8. daniel wright

    I do not know if Corvettes of this era have what is called a Bird Cage but this car is more rust than metal. This is a parts car and nothing more.

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    • JohnD

      Well, they do have them, or at least this one did. Agree on the parts car call . . ..

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  9. Carmanic Daren Stone Member

    Having resurrected a wrecked, arson-damaged C2, what I’d like to see for $26 large is another car altogether.

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  10. BA

    I don’t understand the concept of not showing important items they say were replaced or even a picture & description of engine & then ask someone to show up & give them 26 grand! I wouldn’t waste the gas to drive across town to see it with this listing.

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  11. piston poney

    it might still be worth it, if it was a split window it would be worth it 100%

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  12. Turbo

    As my dad would say: “overpriced at free.”

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  13. John Smart

    This car has extreme problems. Plus, it is a ‘64 coupe which is at the bottom of the value scale. Keep looking!

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    • dogwater

      BS Johnny boy the 64 is the first of the big back window they are as good a value as the 65 66 67 yes this car is toast not worth there price but it still a c2 sorry

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  14. benjy58

    Junk run away unless you need a parts car.

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  15. Don Sicura

    Get out the scuba gear cause you’re gonna be underwater on the day you pay for it.

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  16. ACZ

    This is a POS! This car had probably spent most of it’s life driven in Michigan winters, not Las Vegas. That is pure salt damage. What little metal a 64 has in it is all gone. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a rust hole in the side of the engine block.

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  17. Al

    Is it April 1st already?

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  18. John

    If one were to buy this car, is one obligated to take the whole car or is just taking the VIN plate sufficient? Wait, it DOES have a VIN Plate, right?

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  19. cav427

    Yeah, all you need to do is a little bondo work and spray it with some duplicolor! Very constructive comments by everyone here!

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  20. Bill Voss

    The bird got out of this bird cage. OUCH. big time money to fix this.

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  21. Gary Rhodes

    Wow, what a rust bucket. The “A” pillar, frame, looks like rotted sills at the drivers left foot, and that’s only what is visible in the pics. This is a Ohio/Michigan car. My buddies mom had a 75 coupe green/green 350/auto she drove every day, rain, snow, everything. She had the frame replaced once that I know of, she loved the car and used it. We live 50 east of Cleveland Ohio so you can imagine. It was the only Corvette I ever saw with snow tires on it. Run fast and far, far away from this one, not even a good parts car.

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