Drive By Sighting In Western New York

From Reader Mark S – My sister Nancy being a photographer was out looking for old barns to take a snap of, here in Western NY. While traveling through York, NY she came across this small collection of old trucks. No for sale signs or information, just a lot full of trucks. Here is what my sister emailed me about them: “Saturday as we drove down Route 36 and got into York….there they were, a whole lot full of old, rusted vehicles. We pulled in and walked around taking some photos.  No idea of ages of these things but it was sure fun to see them.  It is right at the intersection where the York school is located”.

It sure would be interesting to know what the story is behind this collection of trucks. I’d especially love to know the history of the Twin Pines Dairy truck. What a great looking rig.

As you can see, these trucks are all in pretty rough shape and have clearly been left outside for more than just a few years. I’ll let some of our truck experts out there identify the years, makes and models of the various vehicles captured in Nancy’s photos.

We need to thank Mark and his sister for sharing this sighting with us. These photos turned out great, so props to Nancy for some fine photography work! So, what you think of this sighting? Will you be heading out to York to track these trucks down?

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  1. Skorzeny

    To let these just sit and rot is such a shame…

    • Yoppo

      It’s New York. They are rotted from Salt and probably beyond help long before they wound up there.

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very sad to see those old relics sit outside and shiver. I hope someone comes along and rescues them. As far as trucks are concerned, I’d have to say that there are (3) ’38 models although the one missing its grill could be a ’37; there wasn’t a lot of difference between them. A Mack and a very rusty Divco. I’d love to have them at my place…

  3. Sundaydriver

    That Twin Pines truck is sweet! A quick search on the intertoob sez they were Detroit based and had some affiliation with Milky the Clown.
    So cool. Hope someone saves it.

    • Neil

      What would be of equal interest would be to know: “This Route Owned By” The name has been removed, but it would be a hoot to be able to contact him, or remaining family members , to find out the story behind it. Some guy made his living and probably supported his family from the route. I’m sure it meant a lot to him at the time.

    • James Tomlinson

      The Twin Pines truck came to our house back in the ’60,s & ’70’s.
      I have thought that a Stand And Drive would be a great service vehicle.

  4. Howard A Member

    I think a Divco, properly updated, would make a great shop truck for BF’s. If doing so, get one from down south, as trying to find a decent one from the north, is like finding a low mileage UPS truck, won’t happen. These led a rough life, worked everyday, and eventually, became tool sheds out back. A little research yields, Twin Pine Dairy Farms, is an outfit in Detroit, still in business, which would explain the rotted condition. How this truck got to NY is anyones guess.
    Geomechs didn’t say, but those rusty trucks are Chevy’s. I think the Mack has the little doors in the hood, and the Acme truck has a neat history. This one is from the late 20’s, early 30’s, and Acme saw a lot of action in WW1. They boasted 6 cylinder power, when most had 4 cylinders. They were a casualty of the depression, going out of business in 1931. Sadly, with the exception of the Acme, next stop for these is probably the crusher. Thanks for the truck pics!!!

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. I guess I should be a little more alert when I post something. Sitting on the edge of the bed with one eye shut while watching Hogan’s Heroes with the other is NOT conducive to intelligent commentary. Yes, they are Chevy’s. There was a guy just east of us who hauled grain with one right up until he retired in ‘69. A farmer on the other side of Sweetgrass, along the border road bought the truck at the farm auction and still has it today. I always chuckle at the cable hoist. Actually, if I drove a truck with a cable hoist I swore at them.

    • Todd

      I saw the Twin pines dairy Divco at Autorama 2009 Cobo hall Detroit Mi. Paint is different

      • Nick Tisch

        I took first place at Cobo in Detroit. I bought out most of the NOS stock in Ohio to finish it.

  5. luke arnott

    Someone local to me in the UK has imported a Divco like this one.The engine is shot and it needs FULL resto.Yours for $10,000!

  6. Lana

    Frank Rose Jr.
    PO Box 143
    Piffard NY 14533-0143

    He would answer any of your questions and give very detailed information on each one of these old trucks and MANY MORE..

  7. John Member

    Yup, had a 67 Divco that I/we drug home from Deleware, gave it complete
    restore, used 300 Ford instead of the worn original engine. Changed the pig in the rear end so as would do 65 instead of 45. The transmission died after a year so changed it out w/Automatic which was an option. Used in my business
    for 5 yr’s, sold it to a fellow in the Outer Banks, made a little money on it. It was a tough truck. Learned to drive on a Divco truck in the 50’s. Wish I still had it.

  8. Frank Hill

    These trucks are located on the South East side of NY Rt 36 in Greigsville, NY near the intersection of NY Rt 63. There is a ‘Valeo’ Gas Station on the corner. Next to the gas station going east is a red barn selling burgers and shakes. I believe this is the owner of those trucks.

  9. Nick Tisch

    Yes, the Twin Pines truck was out of Detroit. If you can locate a route number, located under the side windows and front middle roof area above the windshield, I can look up the owner and his address and phone from that era. My dad was a T/P milkman, and I have the personnel directory for all employees. Twin Pines was bought out, and all the dairy’s are gone.If you look up Twin Pines on the internet, you should see my restored Twin Pines truck.

  10. Catie H

    Frank Hill is right. I have pictures of these same trucks I took last fall. We drive by them on our route to and from the Carlisle car shows. They are a fairly recent collection because we have been travelling that route for many years and this is the first time we have seen them. It is possible they were elsewhere on the property and have just been relocated. I think there is truck shop behind them and they belong to them.

  11. Patrick J

    I think I know where these are. I’m from Ogdensburg, NY. A friend and I stumbled upon them while hunting down some vintage snowmobile “barn finds” down in that area. Lots of rust but still fascinating to stop and see them. Was back in 2012 or so. There’s more than what’s in these few pictures though. I peeked in the windows of the garage doors and there’s more trucks inside. Appears to be their shop / restoration area. The whole place is like an old truck stop / diner of the 30’s or so. No one in sight to talk to though, at the time. Thought about that place on occasion since then, but couldn’t remember where it was. Thanks readers! Keep it coming! If I can find the pics that “I” took at the time, I’ll post them here.

  12. Dave Henry

    Unusual to see a green Twin Pines truck. I only remember tan colored ones here, in Detroit. Twins Pines was a family owned business and sponsored “Milky’s Movie Party”, a two-hour kid’s show on Saturday afternoon. Milky did tricks with the kids in the audience and they yelled “TWIN PINES!” instead of abracadabra to make the “magic happen”.

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