Driven Daily: 1978 Chevrolet Blazer Cheyenne

It’s amazing to see certain vehicles that pop up for sale at a high frequency achieve wildly different results from one week to the next. The Chevrolet K5 Blazer is a terrific example, as there are typically more than a few for sale at a given time across various mediums. So what is it that helps one example out-shine another in terms of the sale price, especially when we’re not comparing a low-mileage specimen to a driver? Well, that’s when the math gets a bit murky, as it’s all about how a buyer feels about the vehicle in question. In terms of the K5 Blazer listed here on eBay, it could be the clean condition and the claims of zero rust anywhere.

It’s interesting – I don’t think this is a particularly striking example but bidding has already cleared $18,000, well on its way to $19,000. The bodywork is decent; the paint shows plenty of swirl marks as to be expected for a truck this age. However, the paint also looks to be original, so to find a truck this age that doesn’t appear to have any major dents or cosmetic flaws – and obviously, no rust – it’s not surprising that bidders are hungry. Original black paint vehicles that have been used and not simply just locked away for long-term preservation are bound to show a few flaws, so the honest appearance of this truck is likely driving some bidders to push the price higher.

The interior is exactly as you’d expect for a slightly better-than-driver example, with tears in the driver’s seat and saggy map pockets. What’s curious about this cabin is the color of the upholstery is still quite deep and doesn’t show much in the way of sun damage. Similarly, the seat cushioning must still be decent given the buckets don’t appear to be overly flat or otherwise suffering from cushioning collapse. Still, the interior has held up well overall for a truck that the seller claims was used as a daily driver! This is perhaps the most shocking aspect of the listing, as its minor flaws notwithstanding, this Blazer is far better than you’d expect for a truck used daily.

The back seat looks practically unused as well. Moving on from the interior, the seller confirms the running gear is in good order, with a 400ci V8 under the hood that “….runs and drives great.” Mileage is said to be correct with 117K on the clock, and the engine and transmission is numbers-matching to boot. The lack of rust can be attributed to the Chevy being a California resident since new, and while there are a few details that could be improved here, the strong bidding makes a lot of sense when you consider how many things are right about square-body Blazer.


  1. Maggy

    Real nice truck but if I was the seller I’d source a drivers seat cover and foam as it looks really bad with a great looking solid truck that everything else looks nice. I had an 80 and it was a great driving truck especially through the snow but rotted away about as fast as a Vega.I like this truck and curious to see what it goes for.imo.

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  2. Art Engel

    Looks pretty nice, but being it’s 4WD and I live in Michigan, I could turn that thing to dust in a couple rust belt salty winters, or at least ruin any value it once had.

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  3. George Mattar

    The only REASON this old goat has no rust is because of California climate. Here in northeastern PA, where I live and the roads get a healthy dose of salt, gee, the idiots are salting right now, this thing would be Swiss cheese. Why people pay tens of thousands for these old piles of GM crap is beyond me. The fuel mileage is terrible, these things eat suspension parts like Rosie O’Donnell at a free buffet and in a strong cross wind, you hold on for dear life. I just don’t understand how people waste money today. Interesting how these things sell for insane money, yet even in summer, I never see them being driven.

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  4. Shuttle Guy

    Love it! But like Art Engel, I’d hate to see come to Minnesota unless it got parked in the winter.

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  5. Old Man

    I drive my 79 K5 daily. 79k original miles. Still has the original R12 in the A/C.

  6. Steve R

    Sold with a high bid of $20,355.

    Steve R

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    • Shuttle Guy

      That’s about right. It’s a nice SUV.

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