Driven ‘Round The Block: 1972 Triumph TR6

We’re told that the last owner of this 1972 Triumph TR6 drove it around the block once in a while for the last 17 years (it only covered 1,765 miles during that period)! It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is being auctioned at no reserve, with bidding up to $3,350 as I type. It’s located at a used car dealer in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

If you have read Barn Finds for any length of time you know I’m the resident TR6 fan, having owned several (I still have 1-1/2). By being arguably the last of the popular traditional British sports cars it has a certain air of nostalgia while still having amenities like roll-up windows, comfortable seats and handling that can make anyone feel like a vintage racer. This one has it’s share of dents and bruises but also has signs of care.

Be warned about these areas of rust in the rear apron, though. That rear panel is actually a fairly complex 3-layer piece (I’ve repaired one by drilling out the spot welds and starting over) and while it’s possible to complete a temporary repair easily, to do it correctly and separate the layers is not a job for the meek. But do you really need to repair it perfectly for a driver?

The interior is pleasingly unaltered and one of the previous owners left the center console alone and installed an aftermarket radio in the glove compartment. Unfortunately it’s non-operative, but since I think the TR6 with the stock exhaust system has one of the most pleasing exhaust notes in the world I wouldn’t bother fixing it.

There are a few soft spots in the frame and what could be a u-joint clunk (or it could be the dreaded broken differential mounts), so plan on spending some time under here. Wait a minute — if there’s a known u-joint clunk that means the car can actually drive! That’s correct — at a price point (at the moment) where most TR6s don’t run and are complete rust buckets, this potential project actually runs and drives!

Some good signs under here. The engine has probably been rebuilt at some point as it’s painted blue instead of black. The alternator looks relatively new. The fact that the thermostatic switch is still in place on the upper radiator hose (and that green hose might actually be an original one!) tells me that few things will have been “buggered up” under here.

This shot of the simple front suspension also shows me that there have been some parts replaced or rebuilt, such as the brake calipers and some of the suspension components. The fresh grease around the top of the trunnion also indicates that someone has maintained the car, at least lately. So what do you think — look like a project for you? Feel like some wind-in-hair motoring?


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  1. BarnfindyCollins

    Hey Jamey, I like the title on this story, as I’ve been ’round the block a few times with TR6’s and Triumphs over the years. Whew!! I can smell those gas fumes now…Back to the car; looks like an unmolested example other than a cheap and cheerful respray of the correct color and decrepit aftermarket top. Hopefully with it hailing from The Roadster Factory home state, it got some parts and advice over the years.

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  2. TimM

    Great little car I wouldn’t mind owning one of these!! A buddy of mine had one in high school and we had a blast in that car!! One of the last great sports cars from Britain!! A gem!!!

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  3. ccrvtt

    There was one of the same color parked in an alley a few blocks from my daughter’s house in Indy. I volunteered to take Chloe the wheaten terrier for walks just so I could check it out.

    On the second or third cruise by I realized the extensive perforations on the rear deck lid and down the sides precluded ever saving it. Not worth mentioning to my wife, even if I just wanted to piss her off.

    This car looks like it has possibilities and who doesn’t want a TR6?

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  4. Billieg

    I bought the wife a TR6 in the mid 70’s. Great little car and a lot of fun to drive. One day she calls me from the local store which is 1/2 mile away and says the car stalled and won’t start. She walked home since I was busy. After work I went to the car and it started right up. I drove it home only for it to stall as I pulled into the driveway. I let it sit for a half hr and it started right up. I then headed down the road and it stalled right at the store.

    To make a very long story short, I replace all kinds of electrical parts, carbs and a bunch of other stuff but it kept stalling. I sold it for peanuts and bought her a 914. The guy who bought it brought it back about a week later running fine. He replaced the little switch in the back that cuts off the fuel if you get hit in the rear. A $12 part…..

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    • Doug

      The Brits drink warm beer because they have Lucas refrigerators……..

      I’ve heard that Joseph Lucas invented the intermittent electron.

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  5. Bob

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