Driveway Find: 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS

Chevy decided to spice up their full-size cars in 1961 and came up the Super Sport or SS option package. It was so popular that it became a series of its own in 1964. This well-used example from 1966 continues to carry the SS torch for Chevrolet but will need a complete restoration. Located in Long Beach, California, the seller is firm on his price of $11,000 here on Facebook Marketplace.

Five years before this car was built, Chevrolet started to expand its full-size performance offerings with RPO-240, the Impala Super Sport Equipment package which provided SS emblems on the decklid and rear quarter panels, full wheel covers with simulated knock-off centers, an SS emblem on the dashboard and a passenger side grab bar. Bucket seats and a console would come along as well. They were muscle cars in 1961 but got tamer as time went on and eventually could be had with a six-cylinder engine, for which there were few takers.

In 1966, the Impala SS accounted by a sizeable portion of production at more than 119,000 units, both hardtops and convertibles. This fastback is a one-owner car and the seller says it’s complete, but clearly needs a lot of work. It doesn’t run and likely hasn’t for a while. The 327 cubic inch engine (or so the fender badge says) has been partially disassembled although the block remains in the car along with the Powerglide automatic. The claimed mileage is 10,000, but more likely 110,000 or simply a placeholder number.

The photos give the impression the Impala has been sitting outside for a while and the California sun has been baking the black paint job. The only rust that we can see is on the hood where your hand would grab to close the lid. There might be more to be found if the undercarriage or trunk were shown. The black interior is also past its prime given that the front seats and carpeting have taken the brunt of the sunlight, although the top of the back seat is also cracked.

It’s likely this car was once nice enough to command what some of them do today or $25,000, according to Hagerty. I find it interesting that the seller says “his loss is your gain” with his price of $11,000. If this is a one owner car, then it only sold for about a third of that new.

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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    These are great looking cars,but I can only imagine what
    you’d have into this after you were done restoring it.
    Our neighbors went to the San Francisco boat show,& came
    back with a new boat,& a new ’66 Impala.It was a deep red,& always
    sticks in my mind as one of the nicest cars I’ve ever seen.

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  2. JW454

    Hum… How do I say this?…. 11K? You have got to be kidding.

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    • Bob

      I agree, you can ask anything you want,, Good luck

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  3. Moparman Member

    This car has some desirable options, but in its present NEEDY condition, and with the seller’s firm price, (IMO) it will remain FIRMLY parked in his driveway!

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  4. George Mattar

    Bad case of get rich and not lift a finger. Most ugly year between 61 and 69 Impalas. $1,500.

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  5. NovaTom

    11K firm? Or in other words – he really doesn’t want to sell it.

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  6. ACZ

    The only value this vehicle has is by the pound at the scrap yard.

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  7. Steve Clinton

    ‘Have a seat and I’ll take you for a ride.’ (in more ways than one.)

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  8. michael m

    Has everyone gone crazy or am i just to old to catch up to todays Bull S#%T? I see rusted out junks everywhere and they want outrageous prices for them, its crazy. I am 65 y/o, so when did down right ( RUST ) become patina? When they describe the condition of the vehicle its always, ( it has nice patina on it ). I guess they wouldn’t say it has nice rust all over it.

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  9. Larry

    Not sure a 327 looking closely has 283 heads 327 heads had double humps but in this shape what does it matter 11 grand a joke !

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    • dennis

      The casting marks (peaks) here were on the 327 250 hp. The double humped marking were on the 327 300 hp and higher. The 283 just had a rectangular mark with no peaks/humps.

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    • DJ

      This is a 283 block for sure. The 283 has a small vertical rib on the front of the block, in this photo right under the hose, that no other small block has.

  10. Mark

    When looking at ads such as this from across the U.S. we need to keep in mind that pricing is relative. This car is in Long Beach which is in the top 50 most expensive cities in the country to live where the cost of living is 43% higher than everywhere else.

    However, condition knows no borders.

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    • ACZ

      A car is only worth what it’s worth. It doesn’t matter where it is. A piece of crap in Boston is worth the same in Seattle.

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      • Mark

        On paper, yes… reality no. The average price of a home in Long Beach, CA. is over $800k. Go to any realtors site….I randomly picked two homes sold on the same street in Long Beach…..both 2 BR and 1 bath. One sold for $438K and the other for $615k. Think the owner of this Chevy is of the same mindset as you when he posts a car in a local Facebook Marketplace ad there?

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  11. deak E Stevens

    What is it with these people,$ 11,000 dollars for a pile of junk. It will cost another$ 20,000 to get it back in shape.i know that Donald Trump got our economy the best it has ever been, but remember bisen is in office now and you should save your money because you know economy is going to hit the all time low before he’s through.

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    • NovaTom

      Let me upvote your comment before it gets deleted.

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    • nycbjr Member

      Keep dreaming

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      Your comments are YOUR opinion, but political banter has no place on this site. There are plenty of places which love such diatribe, but this is NOT one of them.

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  12. Grid Michal Member

    Michael M: I’m 11 years older than you and my patina–yes, most of my body, too–looks similar to that SS. I seriously doubt our funeral home will give my significant other $11,000. for me, especially since I prepaid the service years ago.I’ve watched some of these offerings and am left wondering where people got that much discretionary income that they can throw it away on rust held together with paint. Is there a needier car at their home? Is there the thought of a frame-off restoration? More questions than answers…

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  13. HC

    I paid $6k for a 64 Impala SS a few yrs back and was in way better shape than this one and was a year model. At $11k asking price anyone will be underwater in no time believe me and be lucky to get $25-28k in the end. Its worth a third of what hes asking if that.

  14. jerry z

    I’m guessing tje car will be sitting there yrs from now. $11K! Keep drinking the kool aid.

  15. Roger Haslag

    I am interested in this car but not at that price and without seeing it first. That was my first car when I turned 16.

  16. HC

    This 66 is way too rough to justify this asking price. Engine no matter what it is is partially disassembled. If its an SS it should be a 327. Interior is gone. Who knows last time the engine even turned over. The 64 Impala SS i got for $6000 at least urned over and ran after i added another carb. This one is too far gone for the asking price. Maybe he just doesnt really want to sell it.

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