Drop Top Wildcat: 1962 Buick Invicta Convertible

Sleek and stylish, this 1962 Buick Invicta convertible is a real head turner. Boasting a Wildcat “445” and a drop top, we don’t know if it gets any better than this Buick when it comes to American convertibles. Priced at $8,900, we are already dreaming about cruising around in this Buick next spring. Find it here on craigslist out of Houston, Texas.

Under the hood of this Invicta lurks the 401 cubic inch nail head V8 named the Wildcat 445 for its 445 foot pounds of torque it generates. The Wildcat looks pretty clean, though we may opt to paint the valves covers. Around the Wildcat, is a beautiful, quite possibly flaw free engine bay. With no evidence of any kind of corrosion, this Invicta is just about clean enough to eat off of.

Taking a peek inside of this lovely Buick reveals that this interior has been reupholstered with a velour type of material, versus a more typical woven fabric and vinyl look. Although we aren’t the biggest fans of velour, we appreciate that someone put forth the effort to keep this Buick in good shape. The lovely lipstick red exterior is gorgeous, with wonderful reflective qualities.  There appears to be no damage of any kind to the exterior, and even the chrome has a wonderful luster. We would love to have further information on this Invicta  to know if it has been restored completely, or if it was a relatively solid project beforehand that needed only minor work.

Powerful, luxurious, and likely fun as all get out to drive, this Buick Invicta would be a great cruiser for the local car meets, and parades. Would you cruise in this drop top?


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  1. Anthony

    Nice ride…..

  2. ccrvtt

    A guy in my high school took his mother’s identical car and put the most severe rake on it I’ve ever seen. I always thought she must’ve been royally pissed but he drove it that way for the better part of a year. Most tolerant mom ever.

    Nice car. Best door handles ever made.

  3. Rustytech Member

    Now that’s my kinda car! Big, red, and the top goes down, can’t get any better than that. Needs an OE interior kit for sure, but this price you can’t go wrong.

    • Frenchy

      I owned its twin in the Navy during Vietnam era
      Towed my jaguar race car across country and was a frequent traveler up to San Francisco (fromSan Diego)
      $12 recaps lasted a little over 12,000 miles

  4. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Awesome! Back when front and rear bumpers actually meant something.

  5. DrinkinGasoline

    While the majority of poster’s “got wood”,….sorry, this is too funny…..the seller saw you coming from miles away. There are many examples in the Buick Club of America Registry…This one is lofty to say the least. Arguing with opposition is senseless, therefore… I abstain….

  6. DrinkinGasoline

    Although the rims look slick, they are far from correct. I have 4 complete sets in the garage but would not apply them to the vintage for a restoration. Nor would I install either of my set’s of Kelsey-Hayes wheels.

    • JCW Jr.

      In 1971 dad bouvht a 62 Wildcat 2door 401 Automatic. Red interior with Buckets/floor shift and console. Black body with a white vinyl top. Nice 200 dollar car. Friend of mi e had a 67 fairlane GTS 390 from a 25mph. start he would only best me by less than a car length on a 1/4 mile straight road we used as a drag strip. Could actually watch the gas gauge drop doing this. I think 62 is the best looking full size Buick of the 60’s. Wish I had that car today.

  7. Glen

    This is nice!, and with the screaming red paint, you won’t lose it in a parking lot!

  8. Woodie Man

    Well leaving aside the cholo-ization of the interior, if this was on the west coast I’d definitely look at it. If DrinkinGasoline knows of some less expensive and more OEM versions for sale in the Buick Registry….I’d love to see ’em/

  9. CaCarDude

    Oh yes, I would be a player to cruise in this big Buick, being they only made 13,471 of this Invicta model in 1962, I would think this one is somewhat rare. I think his price is fair as compared to other ragtops of this vintage, I would definitely do the interior (legendary) back to OEM and detail the body/paint and drive and enjoy.

  10. Vince Habel

    It won’t fit in my garage. Guess I will need to rent one that it will fit into.

    • Palandi

      it’s worth the extra rent, Sir.

  11. Richierich

    Learned to drive on one just like this, only was blue, friends wanted me to drive always. Cool car .

  12. Nova Scotian

    Ya nice car for sure. Not a fan of no head restraint seats, nor 3point seatbelt delete safety equip. As testified via collisions that equates to a dead stop from forward motion.
    Still, very cool machine, top down cruising is the best way to go.

  13. Steven

    This Buick isn’t any ol’ Barn Find , accept very likely that it had come out of someone’s garage.. To clean to had been in a Barn and besides no for sale price on it

  14. Brad

    The choice of upholstery materials are blasphemous, compared to the rest of the car. Tres goche. Otherwise, a really nice car that I would mind to have in my garage.

  15. Woodie Man

    and tres gauche too!

  16. Rolf Poncho 455

    A very nice car just I don’t like soft tops

  17. Pete

    I have seen a hell of a lot worse for sale. For the money asked I think it would compensate for the custom interior. I would go back original with the interior. You would pay at least double that for a 72 Skylark in that condition.

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