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Dusty 1962 Chrysler Newport

1962 Chrysler Newport

Chrysler use to build some incredibly handsome cars! Take this ’62 Newport, even though it’s sitting in a barn with a thick layer of dust, it’s still a great looking machine! If you’d like a closer look, you can find it here on craigslist in Potter County, Pennsylvania and priced at $6,000.

Chrysler Newport

According to the seller, this is one of just 1,700 Chrysler Newports built in 1962. Of course, they also claim this find has hardly any rust.

1962 Chrysler Newport Engine

The engine is the 375 horsepower 440 V8 and is claimed to have less than 10k on it. There is no mention of if the engine starts and/or spins. The odometer is showing 59,000 miles, so if this is correct, the car was parked fairly early in life. The transmission was recently rebuilt and there is a new torque converter included, but not installed.

Chrysler Newport Barn Find

This is all you get to see of the right side and no images are included of the rear of the car.

Chrysler Newport Interior

The owner says the interior is great, but looks seriously dirty in the pictures.

1962 Chrysler Newport Interior


There doesn’t appear, from what we can see in the images, to be any cuts or tears in the seats, well at least the portions we can see. The owner says there is a new front and rear end, there aren’t any other details given on this subject.  Nor are there any details on what they mean when they say, the owner is aggressive to sell. What is this ’62 worth to you? If you are close to this garage, maybe it’s worth a look? If you stop by, please let us know!



  1. Avatar photo jeff

    If you’re aggressive to sell, aggressively splash a little water of those fenders, aggressively run a Dust Buster over the seats, aggressively put some wheels on it and maybe aggressively move the crap from in front of/leaning against the car before snapping the pictures. Expecting very high prices while expending zero effort is kind of a pet peeve of mine. Come on, at least take the rag off the carb and install the air cleaner for the picture.

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  2. Avatar photo Dirty Dingus McGee

    IF it’s a 440 in it, that’s from a later model, earliest being a 1966 vintage. Original would likely have been a 361.

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    • Avatar photo duster dave

      It looks like it has a R/B stamping pad it may have been ordered with a 413 4V. It is a 4V moter though. if its a L/B is most likely a 383. Ive never seen a 361 4V. And correct the 440 came out in 66.

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  3. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    They call Potter County God’s country.

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  4. Avatar photo Mike D

    I am a bit of a skeptic.. the car supposedly has 59K miles on it, BUT it has a 440 in it with only 10K, and the tranny has been rebuilt.. ( supposedly hasn’t been driven since the 440 transplant? ) all that work, and it only has 59K? I agree that the seller should have taken more pics, or even pulled the car out of the garage It has potential, good luck to whomever buys it

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  5. Avatar photo Rick

    Always like canted headlights. Bet this was one of the last so equipped, the only others I can think of with canted headlights were the 58-60 Lincoln and the ’59 Buick. Doing the brakes is always fun on these, think they still had dual wheel cylinders on the front.

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  6. Avatar photo Lee H.

    If this car had the right engine, and hadn’t been monkeyed with, it could have been a nice everyday driver.

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      What stops this from being a decent everyday driver?

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  7. Avatar photo Bob

    Interesting that nowhere is it mentioned that this is a four door sedan. I normally ignore craig’s list advertising as it usually contains either ignorant sellers or those that are trying to deceive potential buyers. Based on the pictures, this car is over priced.

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  8. Avatar photo Eric Sturgis

    Where to start…. Well lets start with the engine compartment. It’s black. It would be white if the car was born white (looks like it was) All mopars are painted the same body and engine compartment. Black is a GM thing. Second, it’s got the correct power steering pump on it. I doubt it’s a 440. It’s most likely a 361, but it could be a 383 or 413. But I really doubt it. If that motor was replaced with only 10k on it why the hell is it sooooo greasy? Another GM thing I think. Ok I’ll stop bashing GM. The seat cloth is not correct for 62. It’s close but not right, I’d guess the car has 159k on it and the seats were redone at some point in the past 15 years. They made 54,813 4 door sedans and a total of 83,120 Newports for 1962. If you count Newports, 300’s and New Yorkers (all are almost the same with minor differences unless it’s a 300H) They made a total of 128,921 of these things. It’s not rare. At all. The car, if it runs, if it has the correct 361 motor in it is about $3000. This is my all time favorite car, I even own a 2 door HT and it was in better shape and documented 79k I only paid $1800 4 years ago. If you search for one you can find a much nicer one for $6000. Watch the trunk floor, inside floor, cowl and trunk lid seal channel for rust through. In the “rust belt” the front fenders and rear quarters tend to get rust if driven in the snow too. Good luck.

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