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Dusty But Not Rusty: 1966 Ford Mustang GT

All good things must come to an end, and after 30-years in the possession of one owner, the time has come for this 1966 Mustang GT to head to fresher fields. The good news is that apparently, this is a Mustang that’s dusty, but not rusty. Located in Shepherd, Texas, you will find the Mustang listed for sale here on eBay. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $4,825, and with the reserve having been met, the car is not far from moving on.

Once the Mustang had been rolled out of the shed and given a quick wash, it really doesn’t look too bad. The owner states that the car is 95% rust free, but doesn’t mention where in the remaining 5% of the car that there might be rust. It does look quite promising, but there are some other mysteries to deal with. As you can see from the photos, there are a lot of external trim and chrome items that aren’t attached to the car, and it isn’t clear whether these are included in the sale. If they aren’t, the new owner will need to source bumpers, tail-lights, a  grille, and a number of other items. The supplied photos don’t help in this respect.

The mysteries continue inside the Mustang. The car was originally ordered with the Pony Interior, but just what components of this are still present is unknown. The original wheel is still there, although it is cracked in several places. The floor console is also there, and the owner says that he does have the seats. But as you can see, there is precious little else that is present. Reproduction items are available from various sources, but it would be nice to know exactly where to start. It also appears as though the Mustang was fitted with air conditioning, but just what components are present is also unknown.

It’s under the hood where things start to get a little bit strange. The Mustang was originally fitted with an A-Code 289ci V8, and an automatic transmission. The car is a roller, with no engine or transmission. Now, this is where things start to shoot off on a bit of a tangent. The owner actually does have the original engine, but it appears that it isn’t automatically included in the sale of the car, but that the owner is willing to discuss its inclusion with potential buyers. That’s one that has me scratching my head a little bit.

If this Mustang GT is as solid as the owner indicates, then it really does represent a good potential starting point for a restoration project. There are a lot of unknowns about what is actually present on the car, and the situation with the engine is a bit unusual. Hopefully, the owner is willing to be flexible on the engine, as it would be very nice to see the car returned to its original state.


  1. Steve H.

    “I have the engine and we can discuss including.”

    Wait, what?

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  2. OhU8one2

    Either sell the car with original engine, or I myself would walk away. Seller’s pricing schedule is socially wrong. Who buys things like this?

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  3. Bob McK Member

    I bet someone will buy it… Strange as it is.

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  4. socaljoe

    What makes him think this car is a GT? I see trumpet exhaust but no photos of the item that actually can be verified as GT

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    • Robs66GT

      I can’t answer your question, but you might ask the seller as it appears you doubt him. Granted there are a lot of fakes out there, but from the few photos there’s supporting evidence it is a GT and none I can see to the contrary: A-code VIN, disc brake pedal pad, fog light switch hole in dash, trumpets, absence of (noticeable) holes in quarters for ornamentation or in rockers for moldings.

      I agree with the others on the engine situation, and no, this isn’t my car.

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  5. Retired Stig

    This “the engine and gearbox are optional extras” routine shows up rather often in BF articles, and truly is strange. Why on earth would the seller not include them, especially given, at least in this case that they are quite ordinary?
    And what buyer doesn’t want the original parts? I suppose if the buyer’s intent is to hack the car up into a restomod, custom, or race car it makes sense to want just the shell, but in this instance its puzzling. It seems so off putting to me.

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  6. Ben

    Remember when looking to buy old cars many times you are dealing with eccentric people or people who have o love for cars and want to make the most money they can. I’d walk away from this.

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    SMH. You guys said it all. pics of a dirty car. the deal with the eng is nuts. Why did this guy waste his time? Stilll its up to almost 5 k?? Go figure. Good luck to the new owner. No charge to come look at it??? geez

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  8. Bill

    I’ve heard it all now…..good luck with the fruitcake seller.

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  9. p t cheshire


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