Dusty Duo: Rambler and Country Squire

Dusty Duo In Iowa

When you have a family, sometimes you have to make compromises. For many of us that means selling our two seat sports car and getting something more practical. Well if you have the space and the means, I think I’ve found an option that would be fun without being too impractical, just buy this dusty duo from this Iowa barn. Sure the Rambler Coupe isn’t a sports car, but with some work it could be a fun two door with space to take the kids for a quick trip to the store. And when you need more power or space for the whole family, just jump in the Ford Country Squire. Both cars have been listed on craigslist, so find the Rambler here and the Ford Wagon here.

1961 Rambler Coupe

Out of these two, the Rambler actually seems like the better buy. It looks complete inside and out, plus I don’t see much in the way of rust. It will need a good bath to know for sure though, as the thick layer of dust does a good job of hiding imperfections. The seller doesn’t provide any information about why it was parked, but claims the motor is free and the body is solid.

1967 Ford Galaxie Wagon

While I like the Rambler’s condition better, you are getting a lot of car with this Galaxie. It has the big 390 V8, which was rated at 315 horsepower. The only problem is that this one’s engine is in pieces and looking rather rough. If it isn’t seized, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put back together and get running again. Seeing as this is the 9 passenger model, you might want to think about doing a few engine upgrades to make up for the added weight of carrying the entire family! So would you give this pair a home or will you just wait to get something fun when you no longer need a mini van to haul the family around?


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  1. Mike d

    I would love the Country Squire.. I had the 67 Ranch Wagon, and I so regret getting rid of it this would be a perfect combo, looks to be fully equipped . What a looker it would be with shiny paint ( is it the dust/dirt that is making it look dull?) a question would be is why the head was taken off. dark tint for the windows, radials would make the ride smoother No doubt everything underneath would need to be replaced duals with glasspacks or flow masters would have a mellow sound .. and as I have stated in other posts, at a Ford Show, it would be a good bet that this would be the only one there . this car in pristine shape would garner a lot of attention . any of the big wagons body parts are interchangeable if any need to be replaced, the Galaxie and LTD front clip are interchangeable . maybe tweak the 390 for passing and on ramp acceleration . I think it would be a fun car to work on, and to drive!

  2. Robert R. Member

    Josh, Robert R. here again. Once again these are finds of mine that I passed along to you I believe?

  3. jim s

    the wagon is interesting, seller states no rust but i see rust in photos. same seller has a T-bird for sale. interesting finds.

  4. Robert R. Member

    FYI, Josh my email was sent to you: ’67 Galaxie Station Wagon 22k original miles, 56K ’61 Rambler, ’31 70 Brougham, ’63 Grand Prix
    Wednesday, April 1, 2015 8:58 PM. If you happen to find them as well, my mistake.

    • DT

      I just want my Barnfinds sticker for my car

  5. Woodie Man

    Well if the head is off perhaps the pistons are seized.In any event I think he’s asking to much for a car that will need a couple of thousand dollars in engine work not to mention what else. Passed on a Country Squire in Huntington Beach for 7500…..and it ran and was complete

  6. charlie Member

    I had a ’69 Ford wagon with the 302, it was absolutely reliable, plenty of power to go 75 all day with the family and luggage (no AC though), only got rid of it when reverse (automatic) would not engage (could have been as simple as linkage) but sold it to a guy who only had to go forward where he lived and where he worked, and wanted a tank to drive into Boston every day. It was not as rust prone as contemporary GM and Chrysler products were and you could fold down the seats and put a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood in the back.

  7. Chip Hemenway

    Let’s see, missing panels on right side, wrong tailgate and the engine was torn apart many years ago. No way does it only have 22K original miles unless someone was racing it from the factory and blew the engine. $6,995 for that? Have fun getting it unless you find someone with more money than brains.

    • Mike d

      I see what you mean by missing panels.. and, a way around that would be to remove all the wood ” siding” and not replace it How is it the ” wrong” tailgate? I will be open on that, cuz I don’t notice anything wrong with it . there are no decent pics of the interior ( ie pedals) not being on the road since 72 could explain the low mileage , I too question why the heads were taken off. Body parts for this car would be easy to find. If I had the $$$ I would jump on it.. but, I don’t.. we both know they will put a high price on it and expect to get talked down . I was in H.S. when these came out, and everywhere you turned you saw one

  8. DT

    A Coupe and a 2 door sedan are two different things. OK now I feel a little better,gettin’ that off my chest.I like both of these cars, I wouldnt even consider the Ford. But the Rambler is pretty cool,when is the last time you saw a flathead with a spin on oil filter?Im not too sure about the mileage claims,but you can tell these have been in that shop for awhile.The wagon is messed up but fixable,And would look great restored.I think the Rambler could be made to shine and simple to work on. prices ; Rambler is OK,Ford is too much

    • Mike d

      yes, DT, that grinds my gears too.. and they will also say two door hardtop when they mean sedan. one would think that when they advertise a car they would get the terminology right ( not just these)

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