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Dusty Garage Find: 1962 Corvette


This seller really doesn’t give us much to go off of with their Corvette. They state that it’s an original Corvette that’s been in storage for the past 10 years and that it ran before being parked. The odometer shows 74k, but who knows if that is correct. It looks to actually be in nice shape, but with an asking of $35k it really should be. It would also be nice to know a bit more about the car’s history, condition and what parts are included. If it’s solid and can be made to run with minimal work, it might actually be a great buy, but that’s a big if. You can take a closer look at this Vette here on eBay in Tallahassee, Florida. So do you think this one could really be all original?


  1. 70kingswood

    The alloy wheels, Offy intake, Hurst shifter and center hung Holley carb makes it look like an old hot rod and not that original. looks like it is in good shape though!

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  2. Righteous Bob

    Seems he is trying to hide the front section of that left front fender, price is right though, but the timing is bad $$$ NONE

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  3. CelestialGryphon

    I’m going to run for CinC. My campaign statement will be “America ran well when parked. Now, we’ve got some work to do.”

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    • Red'sResto

      Don’t know about this election, but Barn Finds is making America Great Again!

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    Does not seem like that bad of a deal compared to some of the others on here. Looks in nice shape and wouldn’t take to much to make a driver out of it and just enjoy it as is. To tell the truth if I had room for anther toy id jump on this. Looks to small to sleep in so that wont happen.

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  5. Rick

    $35k is cheep

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    • Bingo

      Then buy it. Heck, buy 2.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      That would be…..cheap. But when You’ve got 35k laying around, whats a misspelled word here and there, right?

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  6. JW

    If I had 35K laying around I might take a chance or wait until auction ends and make him a offer of 30K.

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  7. DrinkinGasoline

    The three current “Buzz Phrases” …”Ran When Parked”,”Rat Rod”, and “Patina”. The three actual meanings: “It broke so we parked it”, “It’s not all there”, and….”It’s Got Rust”.

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  8. Dan

    Scam. 0 feedback any fool can see it’s not original. Too vague in photos and description.

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    • Srt8

      Supposedly a member since 01 based on profile. It is possible that it’s a hacked acct though. Best way to find out is send an email with questions. If the reply is along the lines of; “thank you for you’re (I know the difference between your and you’re) inquiry, I am currently stationed overseas so wire me the $$$ and I will arrange shipping through my agent” or something like that then one would know for certain.

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  9. Alan Brase

    The seller is his own worst enemy:
    1. Incorrectly listed as to brand.
    2. start price low and should have a reserve. It gets a few more bidders to put it on their radar.
    3. Needs to have some one with knowledge give a written description.
    4. Include VIN, numbers matching and accurate descriptions including underside from lift
    5. Spend enough effort to air up the tires and roll it outside, so we can see what it looks like down the sides
    I’ll probably think of more later.
    The car looks pretty good, as much as we can see. If I spend even $10k on something, I will look very much closer.

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    • Mike D

      Al, also ” many parts available:” so in addition to the 35K you are spending if you want the” parts available” most likely key parts you will have to pay even more

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  10. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m with Alan,

    If you’re trying to entice somebody into spending 35K on your car, you should display better salesmanship. Poor photos and a one-sentence description isn’t going to get my $35,000.

    And frankly this type of thing is everywhere on ebay and CL. Who hasn’t seen the rambling, non-punctuated description in all capital letters? Or the photo set that omits the most important shot…that of the steering wheel as viewed from the driver’s seat?

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  11. Dolphin Member

    If it’s a 250 HP car, they have been selling at auction at a median of $63K recently. Even the 340 HP cars have sold for only $69K, and prices have been pulling back recently with the general cooling of values.

    This car could be OK if it’s as good as it looks and there are no serious problems in what you can’t see, which is most of the car. But what you can see will need attention to do decently at auction, so it’s not really that cheap.

    I would not be a buyer unless I lived close and could check it out myself—and also find out about those “Many additional parts [that] are available”, and what prices might be attached to them.

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  12. RoughDiamond

    That why 126 are just “watching” the auction rather than 1 individual actually buying the car.

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  13. moosie Craig

    This is the same Corvette as mentioned in the ad for the field Gremlin , Chrysler, Jeep ETC.

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    • moosie Craig

      Disregard my previous post, I am mistaken somehow. Sorry.

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  14. DRV

    Change the wheels and covers to stock and it’s pretty good looking driver. I am a sucker for pre 70s red interior . This interior looks correct and in good shape. The top adds 5 grand.

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  15. Rando

    Ran when parked. And not since then. And not now. What the heck makes people park a 62 vette and let it go? I know life gets in the way sometimes, but dang it.

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