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E-Bird Survivor: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

1957 Ford Thunderbird

Whenever I see a Thunderbird, I think of nice leisurely drives in the country side, but there were actually a small number of T-Birds built with a bit more performance than a leisurely drive would ever need. This car is one of those and no it isn’t powered by electricity, it’s actually an E-Code car. That means the 312 cui V8 has considerably more power than the 293 or the base 312. The additional power comes from the dual 4 barrel carb setup! This E-Bird is said to be highly original and can be found here on eBay in Henderson, Nevada with a current bid of $27k.

1957 Ford Thunderbird E-Code V8

Now before handing over your hard earned money for this Ford, I’d recommend taking a closer look at it in person. The seller claims it is an all original survivor, but a few things look off to me. The most notable issue is the shiny air filter cover. Besides looking brand new it also looks to be from a ’56. This ’57 should have a larger filter that is round. Pieces like this can go missing, so it shouldn’t be a deal breaker and I’m sure the correct style can be found, but it definitely makes a bit curious as to why the seller doesn’t mention it and what else may have been replaced already.

1957 Ford Thunderbird Interior

The interior looks nice, although there is another issue that could go overlooked with just a quick examination. Have a closer look at the dash, do you notice something? I didn’t catch it at first glance either, but then it hit me something was off. That dash pad is a cover and isn’t even properly installed, granted they never go on very well. It’s a small thing really, but it just makes you wonder what all the seller is trying to hide here.

1957 Ford T-Bird E-Code

If this one didn’t have the E-Code engine, I probably wouldn’t have given it much thought, but these are fairly rare. It isn’t one of the supercharged cars, but I think 270 horsepower is plenty! So do you think a couple small issues are enough to steer clear of this T-Bird or are they just that, small issues that can easily be fixed?


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Whenever I see a white T-Bird…..I think American Graffiti !
    “Rock-N-Roll ain’t been the same since Buddy Holly died”.

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  2. Leroy

    Is the front bumper supposed to angle down like this one does?

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    • boxdin

      And missing the upper grille trim?
      Is that a rust hole on the floor sprayed w undercoat?

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  3. Rick

    When I see the English language abused like it is in the description red flags go up.

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    • Jon

      Yes, someone needs to brush up on their English composition. …LOL… have never seen such bad grammar. I know I’m not perfect, but that was horrible.

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  4. Kevin

    I never understand why people will put so much effort into lying about a car. There are plenty of cues that this car isn’t all original. It is still a nice car, but it does need a little help here and there like the crooked bumper, missing trim, and the dash pad. Not all original, but a nice car.

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  5. JBones

    Inside the engine bay should match the outside color, plus it’s missing the stone guard trim on the fender skirts.

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  6. rbr

    Looks like somebody ran out of enthusiasm or moolah, mocked up what had been removed to move it on. Based on the bidding it well may be what is claimed just poorly presented. If you had to sell a car you had apart, would you mock it up, or show all the removed parts on the garage floor?

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  7. Rick

    Beware, folks. Seller wants full payment within three days. Good luck!

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  8. Roselandpete

    The horn button also seems to be missing but overall a nice car..

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  9. JW

    I hate those dash covers as they look cheesy, one came on our Mach1 and I suppose it was because it spent some of it’s life in Phoenix. I threw it in the trash and ordered a stock new dash pad from “Just Dashes” which wasn’t cheap $400 shipped but it sure looks a whole lot better. I agree with DrinkinGasoline American Graffiti for sure.

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  10. Bob Hess

    Door window seals missing on the windshield, missing parking lights, funky dash, black engine compartment (lots of that went on before “originality” came upon us), crooked bumper and missing grill trim. Not sure about this one….

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  11. Bob

    Wing windows missing and also two correct wheel covers and two incorrect.

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  12. Eric Dashman

    There is a lot wrong with this car. The fact that it’s the rare engine version and the numbers match has to be why the price is so high for a pretty worn and tattered car. The body appears to be okay (door gaps look even), but the engine has been removed at some point in order to have sprayed the compartment black (note the VIN plate numbers scraped clear of black paint). I think, given the crooked bumper and missing grill trim that there may have been some body work done that included pulling the engine.

    In perfect condition these early birds don’t go for much more than the current bid. For whatever reason they haven’t had the price appreciation that early Vettes have had. Yeah, the spelling and grammar are lousy and the bidding requirements almost paranoid in tone, but I don’t hold that against the seller. The car’s condition is the problem.

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  13. Steve

    Wow, it sold for $35K. Doesn’t seem to be in good enough condition, and so many questions about it for that kind of money. Must’ve been the engine version that brought that kind of dough.

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  14. HeadMaster1

    The twin carb seems cool, but wasn’t there also a factory supercharged version of the T-bird also???

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  15. Smitty

    292 cubic inches

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  16. nico

    an E bird..with original engine and data plate has its value..around 1700 made out of 22,000 or so 57s. in a restoration it will all be dis-assembled..and most all is replaced anyway..but major body issues, especially if frame/crash and major body panels will increase difficulty and cost..the front end is low..the bumper tilt is a concern. The air filter assembly is not a 56..no 2×4 then..it is an after market add…the original type is hard to fine and costly. $35thou is a fair price..If $80 to 100 thousand to totally restore it..it could be about a break even in a top sale..some “E” birds are much less. $50-80 thou.some much more ecen up to $200 thou for a perfect “Amos Minter car” !! A std bird tho is about 35thou completely restored.

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