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Early S Car: 1966 Porsche 911S


When Porsche introduced the 911 in 1963, it was much larger, more comfortable, and more powerful than the 356 it was replacing. While the 911’s boxer six produced 38 more horses then the old 356’s boxer four, Porsche realized it wasn’t enough for the bigger car, so they introduced a more powerful model, the 911s. This particular 1966 Porsche 911 was one of the first S cars to leave the factory and was rated at 158 horses. This early car has spent the past 20 years in a barn and it is now being offered here on eBay.


After pulling it from the barn, the seller set to fixing and cleaning it up. The interior was removed from the car, cleaned, and reinstalled. The seats and dash had to be redone, but were recovered in the correct materials. They were able to get the motor running with little effort, but decided to go ahead and rebuild it along with the transmission. The brake system and suspension have also been gone through and are in working order.


This 911 looks great and should be a blast to drive, especially with that extra 20 horsepower. The value of these early cars has skyrocketed in the past few years, but do you think the seller’s $89K asking price is on target or over the mark?


  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Looks like someone thought it was worth it…

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    • scot

      ~ yes it does. it appears to be very nicely refreshed. the seller understands and respects these cars. what’s that old saying…? a day late, $90,000 short?

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      • scot

        ~ hmmmmm….. in light of the later comments i ought to rethink, or at least defer to those with greater knowledge.

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  2. Connor

    Very nice looking car, I’m a big fan of the early Porsches and this one Is no exception.
    While most people I know wouldn’t like the colour of the interior, I think it goes quite well with the white paint.

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  3. jean Lecointe

    Few cars in the automobile history have achieved a nearly perfect design. The 911 Porsche is one of these as the Ciroen DS 19. All these designs get back to the midlle 50ies or early 60ies. I can’t help feeling sad when I see the design of the cars which are proposed to us nowadays. Unfortunately I cannot afford neither the 911 nor the DS19 and even less the nearly concept cars that are the actual design of today.

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    • Webby

      Nearly perfect? Not with the engine hung out behind the rear axle it isn’t.
      I do agree with you on the design of current cars though.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    An unrusty, first-year, black-plate California 911S sold quickly for $89K…..sounds like the buyer made a real good purchase and the seller got a quick sale but left left some $$ on the table.

    I’m guessing that 10 or 20 of these prime collectible early 911Ss could have sold quickly for the same price or higher before the market got saturated, they are that hot right now.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Commenter Mike Kuhn in the link says of the eBay car:
      “Funny how it doesn’t show the VIN at all.”

      And yet the ebay listing gives the VIN twice, once in the information panel near the top of the listing page as 305345S, and also in a closeup photo of the chassis VIN 305345S in the pictures section.

      I’m no expert on these early cars, but according to the website below that is a correct VIN for a 1966 Porsche 911S


      Hmmmmmmm……. I wonder what’s going on with Mike Kuhn and the seller.

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  5. TrickieDickie Member

    Where does the time GO? I was present in Santa Barbara summer of 1965 when the new 900 Series Porsche was introduced to the USA. As I remember it was a 912. The 911’s came just a bit later. This was at the National Porsche Parade. still held once a year somewhere in the USA by the Porsche Club Of America. It was an important enough event to have the whole Porsche family fly in from Stuttgart in their private 727, including the then head of Porsche Dr. Ferry Porsche himself. As an extra added attraction the family had seen fit to have a local Stuttgart brewery delivery many kegs of freshly brewed local beer to their plane at the airport and all that beer flew with the family to Santa Barbara,along with a lot of German sausage, bread and many tubs of German potato salad, all of which was served that night at a huge German hofbrau party/ They even brought along an authentic very loud leather pantsed German OOMMPAH Band. A grand time was had by all, and No beer was left over. What in introduction to the new 900 Series. BTW, the new Porsche was at first called the 901, but had to change that as the French Pugeot had a 901 model. I joined the first PCA club in this area in 1959 and remained a member for 35 years. I have had four Porsches.

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  6. rancho bella

    Did it mention anything original engine and trans?

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  7. bowtiecarguy

    ditto what kerner says: Buyer beware!
    Has reappeared with “updated” info, so it wasn’t sold.
    Knowledgable 911 guys (on their forum) have strongly worded things to say.
    356 guys (on their forum) also have warnings about the same seller.
    It would be a shame to spend that kind of money and then not be happy

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    • Dolphin Member

      Seller has relisted the car with the same VIN as in the previous listing, plus a corrected engine number and a direct response to a Mr. Krieger addressing some concerns, plus a reference to a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. However, the COA is not shown in the eBay listing.

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  8. jim

    very interesting car, but you would need to take expert in these cars for a very detailed PI before bidding. some the cars in the background of some of the pictures are also interesting. seller has a 1440 with 100% on ebay.

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  9. ConservativesDefeated

    Its a pretty car but being an early 911 guy I would tend too side wth those that know. The words on the 911S Registry are unambiguous.

    As for the differences in deco strips, dashboard inserts , speedos etc.there was some using of inconsistent left over parts by Porsche…but the particulars are better left to REAL experts.

    That said I think you would have to be suicidal to have the sort of reputation this seller has earned with folks in the fold……..

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