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El Rumblero: 1959 Nash Rambler American

1959 Nash Rambler Pickup

Here’s a vehicle that you don’t see every day – a 1959 Nash Rambler American that someone started to convert into a pickup! Listed here on eBay in Elmer, Missouri, “El Rumblero” is a vehicle that will have you standing out in the crowd at your local Cars and Coffee gathering. With a buy-in-now price of $3,500 and an unmet opening bid of $2,900, maybe there’s some wiggle room if a buyer showed up with a roll of $100 bills?

Roof Work

The bodywork that has been done so far actually looks pretty good, but there aren’t any photos of the bed. It would nice to know what’s left to do to turn what was once a very cool 2-door wagon into what will presumably be a very cool pickup. There will be some fancy fabrication work to do to make it a show-stopper.

Cut Floor

Even though this car/truck is supposedly a Tucson native and the seller says that there are “virtually no rust problems”, you’ll need a welder and a lot of skill, or least a lot of ambition to finish this project.

El Rumblero tailgate

Personally, I can do without the over-sized wheels, but it sounds like those don’t come with it anyway; it’ll arrive with a set of 15” Chevy rally wheels on radials. I’d sell those to offset the price of some AMC factory mags. You’ll also need to factor in the price of a new drivetrain which is El-Missing here. I’d look for an AMC V8 and 4-speed to sink into this truckster to make sure that it’s DNA-correct.

Almost Ready To Haul

This isn’t a project for the faint-of-heart, but it sure would draw a crowd once it’s finished. The seller has done some modifications to the suspension and obviously to the body so you’ll have to find a drivetrain, figure out how to put it in, finish the bodywork, sort out the interior, and then just ramble up to the front of the line at the next cruise event. Do you like the idea of this Nash pickup or is this project just plain loco?


  1. Avatar photo George

    Ai carumba! It’s an ElCaRambler!

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    • Avatar photo leiniedude Member

      Si , mucho coolo El Georgo!

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  2. Avatar photo DENIS

    I like it…I’m 3 builds behind and would still like to own it(a lot cheaper)

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    Nothing surprises me coming out of Missouri, I did think I had seen it all in the last 15 years then this shows up. Guess I will have to start hitting the country roads again.

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      Be careful, Elmer Missouri is in Northern Redneck country they shoot first because they know a lot of places to hide the bodies!!!! LOL.
      53+ years in Missouri and I still have not seen everything, you would be surprised what you will find in a barn or smokehouse down here. I have traveled from top to bottom and east to west in this state, and it still shocks me with some of the stuff I find!!!!

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  4. Avatar photo Charles

    Usually, I don’t like pick-up conversions. I love real trucks but most of the conversions look like crap! This looks cool! This car’s lines lend well to this sort of conversion. Finish the body work, update the chassis and brakes, paint it candy apple red, new low profile tires and wheels, and an LS small block under the hood!

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  5. Avatar photo fred

    This is actually a great idea and I can imagine what it would look like with proper body and paint work!

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      I most definitely agree. Whoever started this sure got the lines right!

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  6. Avatar photo fred

    Maybe something like this? (supposedly a factory pickup prototype)…

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    • Avatar photo Scotty G Staff

      Hey, nice find, Fred!

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  7. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Love it! I’m right with ya with the 401 four spd combo. I like those wheels on there though and I’m sure could be had with proper haggling.
    It changes the whole dimension of the car and it’s a major improvement over stock.
    Lots of work though, I’d give him his ask if the wheels were included.

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    • Avatar photo Joe Nose

      I think a 343 would be better. All the torque from a 401 would corkscrew the chassis, and regardless of the additional framing around three sides of the bed, I can envision the rear window popping out…

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  8. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Nice find indeed. Like the looks of it so far, worth the effort to finish it up and you will be the only one around

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  9. Avatar photo xroads

    I know this car and the builder. Kenny is a great guy, he has chopped thousands(really) of tops. He has a good eye for proportions. He chopped my 50 Ford. I’ve attached a picture of a 62 Chev he used to drive and my Rambler. I really need to buy this one.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      The ’50 Ford is a perfect, timeless design that needs nothing. This is one of those tragic examples where the more you add, the more you take away.

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      • Avatar photo xroads

        Thanks, he really nailed the look.The paint job is mine, a driveway job. Kenny did the chop including the garnish moldings.

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  10. Avatar photo xroads

    Here is his 62

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  11. Avatar photo xroads

    And my Rambler, could I paint it up to match?

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      That would make a cool pair to have! Let us know if you do it!

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  12. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Normally, I’m horrified when people take a nice car and do this to it, but this actually looks pretty cool. I don’t know about the fire-breathing V-8 ( I know, I’m getting old) as the old flattie 6, properly geared, would do just fine. Apparently, this has been done before, with some really cool results. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/3f/9d/41/3f9d411777542ea035c83d58a25adf4b.jpg

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    • Avatar photo leiniedude Member

      Nice looking rig Howard. Euro job? Great looking wheelie bar. She must hammer. Take care. Mike.

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  13. Avatar photo cyclemikey

    Looks like it’s using a narrowed roof from a 61-64 Ford pickup, unless I’m seeing things. It actually looks pretty good there, too!

    This is a cool project for someone with time on his hands and welding talent. Like Howard, I think I’d dial back on the big-V8 power urges and fit something with a little more balance.

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