Elegant Longroof: 1965 Mercury Colony Park

This nine-passenger 1965 Mercury Colony Park oozes quiet elegance, something that may be missing from today’s SUVs. I don’t mean to keep harping on SUVs but they basically replaced station wagons so they’re an easy target. This beautiful, luxury wagon can be found posted here on craigslist in Grants Pass, Oregon and the seller is asking $12,900. Thanks to Gunter K. for sending in this tip!

I’m watchin’ you! I love the emotionless shark eyes (headlights) on the 1965 Mercuries. I’ve had a 1965 Marauder on my master wish list for a long time, too long, but a Colony Park wagon would do just as nicely if not more so. The price on this one is well within reason according to Hagerty which lists a #3 good condition car as being worth $17,700 and a #4 fair condition car is valued at $13,900. When you add 15% for air-conditioning, this car could be a good buy.

This is a fourth-generation Colony Park and they were made for the 1965 through 1968 model years. I really like Ford and Mercury’s sharp, literally, new designs for 1965. They were full-sized station wagons so you won’t find a Mercury Bobcat Colony Park, although they had a woodgrain version as did other lines. This car appears to be in great condition with just a bit of minor rust in the right front door and tailgate.

This red interior is gorgeous and it looks like it’s in nice shape. Our own Montana showed us a ’65 Colony Park a year ago here on Barn Finds but they don’t show up too often. I don’t see many flaws inside this gorgeous car and I love seeing power windows in a car of this vintage, or any vintage. From the headliner to the seats and even the seat waaaaaaay in back, they all look great.

The engine is a Ford 390 cubic-inch V8 which with the two-barrel carburetor would have had 265 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. A four-barrel gave buyers 300 horsepower and there was an Interceptor version available with 330 horsepower. The 390 was the only engine available for the 1965 Colony Park. It’s hard to tell from the two engine photos what it looks like overall, but it sure looks clean in the photo above. They say that this one is a strong runner. Good buy or good-bye?


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  1. jnard90 jnard90 Member

    This is one awesome beast. Family friendly yet menacing at the same time.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      That’s a great way of putting it, jnard90!

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Just to nit pick I’d say the mini van replaced the station wagon, and the SUV replaced the minivan for the most part. I do love the dead eyes on this car, that interior is special also.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      You’re probably right, Bakyrdhero, that’s a very good point.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    We were a sensible four-door-sedan kind of family growing up, so I didn’t have any experience with wagons of the era. But today I find them interesting and cool. This looks like a well-preserved example. Like other full-size cars of the 60’s and 70’s, this sure has presence, especially in the higher trim level.

    I’m wondering about this conversation in 1965…. Dad: “well Mom, I say we go ahead and splurge on the fancy Colony Park, okay?” Mom: “let’s do it. But I want the one with the red interior.”

    Good job Scotty.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Thanks, Bob! We never had wagons or two-door cars either, other than a couple of Pintos that my dad had for company cars after a run of giant Chevrolet Bel Airs in the 60s and early-70s.

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  4. Butch Smith

    I recently commented on another car the other day (Renault 16), and my love for some French cars. This wagon represents my other love. Growing up in 60’s Wash DC burbs, our family truckster was a ‘58 Plymouth Custom Suburban. Pretty much all my friends and neighbors had station wagons. I’ve owned several wagons over the years and currently own a 2wd Ford Flex. It’s the closest thing to the American station wagon and hell, Ford stopped making those, too. One of these days, US car makers are going to wake up and debut a new and innovative new family car, the Station Wagon! Wood grain and all! (Please please, pretty please??)

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  5. WayneS

    Too bad it is a salvage title. That leaves a whole lot of open questions not answered.

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  6. Sam Shive

    What a beautiful wagon. I’d love to park it in my drive way. I had a 72 Montego wagon that would keep the front wheels up for 660 of the 1320, and I had a 73 Marquis wagon that would run mid 13’s . Loved Both Of Them. This would be extra sweet between the 2002 F-150 and the 2019 F-50 that sit outside now.

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  7. BigBlocksRock

    The headlights almost look like an afterthought or designers originally wanted hidden lights but changed their minds.

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  8. FarmerBoy

    Oh man! If I had a place to put that wagon, I’d be on the phone now. I learned to drive in my Mother’s brand new 65 wagon. Hers was black with a tan interior and the Interceptor engine. Mom taught me (Dad had no patience for me) and I even took my drivers test in it. Parallel parked too. Brings back a lot of memories.

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  9. rick

    A “73 Marquis wagon that would run mid 13’s”????
    A “72 Montego wagon that would keep the front wheels up for 660 of the 1320”.?????
    Sounds like someone has been hitting the spiked eggnog a little early today.

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  10. Timothy Rudzinski, Sr.

    My dad bought a ‘58 Ford Ranch Wagon and a 1963 Country Squire. The ‘63 was my start for being her caretaker. My car interest was led by a station wagon when I was twelve. I’m sorry they’re not produced anymore. That Merc is really nice!

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  11. Steve Clinton

    I know I’m being picky, but that swooping ‘wood’ paneling always looked out of place to me. IMHO, it should have gone straight across from front to back.

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    I worked for a Pontiac dealer from 72-82 and my demo was almost always a Bonneville wagon. I would rather have one than the suv breed that now abounds.

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  13. TouringFordor

    I love the wagons. I’ve had four Ford wagons, a ’65, ’82, ’83, and ’84.

    The interior is nice, but not pristine. Tear in the driver seat, headliner, and a door.

    In Ohio, a salvage title means it was totaled by the insurance company. It can’t be driven, other than to meet with an inspector. If it passes inspection, it gets a Rebuilt title and is legal again.

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  14. rick

    ” salvage title”. The warranty plate on the drivers front door B pillar looks like it has been painted over. And that funny bend to the driver’s side front bumper worry me. In person inspection needed. But all in all, it’s one great looking wagon!

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    • Charles Carlini

      i own this wagon, and i can asure everyone on here with negative coments about the salvage title, that this car was never damaged, it bonged to the ecology center in southern california, which is a recycling company, and it’s not totally underdtood, why it has a braned title, there is no frame damaege, or body panel replacement, i’m guessing a possible theft recovery, or abandoned,,, who knows, it dosen’t bother me, at the least,, i own a b9fy shop, and put it on my lift, and noticed no demaged areas at all! this car @ 12.900 is a gift,,

  15. RG in PDX

    Second that: about the Ford Flex. We love our Ecoboost Twin Turbo V-6 (except the 17 mpg around town). Closest thing to an old school station wagon we could find. Great road trip car.

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  16. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Sales update, someone must have grabbed this Merc, the posting was deleted.

  17. Charles Carlini

    The data plate was never painted over, nor is the front bumper tweeted, bend,,

  18. Charles Carlini


  19. Charles Carlini

    The data plate was never painted over, nor is the front bumper tweeted, bend,, due to all the nagitive comments, I’m posting this to let everyone know this car was never in an accident, or totaled due to flood, fire, or anything of that nature, it was most likely a theft recovery, no frame, or body damage!

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