Elvis’ Shooting Brake: Intermeccanica Murena GT

One of only eleven built, this Intermeccanica Murena GT is a rare and unusual classic, even more so for the fact that it was owned by Elvis Presley. Packing a factory Ford 429 V8, as well as air conditioning and 4 seats, this lengthy shooting brake has styling that is very reminiscent of its time. Thought to have covered only 2,200 miles in its lifetime, this may easily be the nicest surviving example of the 11 that were built. This rare and unusual machine can be yours for the asking price of $375,000! Take a look at this oddity here on craigslist out of San Diego, California. Thanks to reader Jon H for this unique and special find!

The lengthy, yet sleek, shooting brake design has a masculine retro flavor that only seems fitting with a Ford big block under the hood. With enough room and seating to comfortably fit 4 people, this Murena is quite posh for its styling, space, and power options. Packing a Ford 429 high power V8 with an automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, and air conditioning, you can easily ride in comfort with this shooting brake. With enough torque to get rowdy on the streets, this Intermeccanica has a certain refinement to it that seems to offer some class and sensibilities.

Unfortunately the seller did not provide photos of what I would imagine to be a posh interior, or of the engine bay. The exterior shots reveal nice paint, and what appears to be an arrow straight body. It is unclear if this car is completely original, or if it has been freshened up at some point in its past. Although if this car was truly owned by Elvis, it would be easy to understand it as being original, as most would take great care of any car previously owned by “The King”. Looking over Elvis’ past, it is clear that he had an appreciation for cars. Reviewing his own stable, and reflecting on the movies he made like “Viva Las Vegas” reveal that he was a car enthusiast just like the rest of us. Could you envision yourself driving this Murena GT with some blue suede shoes?


WANTED 1966 Ford Fairlane GT $ Speed 390 s code, must have good body, can work on Engine if needed, probably going to put a litte Contact

WANTED 1974 AMC Gremlin Looking for decent condition preferably stick Contact

WANTED 1970 or 1071 Ford Torino squire wagon Looking for nice car ready to drive. Might consider rust free car to build. Contact

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  1. Metoo

    Nice unique car. But I just don’t have 375k in my change jar.

    • stephen coe

      Shooting Brake fancy word for poorly built Station Wagon

  2. Bill

    Cool car, but for the money, I’d rather have a 2005-6 Ford GT.

  3. HBChris
  4. Mike

    Was on BaT over a month ago.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Yeah and the price has gone up $25k since then!

  5. Pa Tina

    I think he called it a “Shootin Brake”

  6. glen

    So many things I would buy ahead of this, …so many.

  7. dan

    Elvis had poor taste in cars…….

    • Pa Tina

      And snacks, and clothes, and sunglasses, and…

  8. Vegaman_Dan

    That is… certainly a different approach to a vehicle design.


  9. George Hemenway

    It looks like the Monkeymobile.

    • TBall

      George Hemenway – I was soooo thinking the same thing! Remove the hardtop, replace with a convertible – throw in a Pontiac grill and new intake/exhaust system and were there! Hey hey we’re the Intermeccanica’s….

      Besides, with all there is to love about Elvis, his sense of autorama is not one of them.

  10. fahrvergnugen

    Strike One: miserly pictures.
    Strike Two: Elvis ‘who’? Presley or Costello, or the plumber from Murphy Brown? (ok, that might have been Eldon, but anyhow). No last name mentioned.
    Strike Three: $375 large on craigslist? Seriously.

  11. bog

    Anyone else notice that in the craigslist ad the owner calls it a SIX cylinder ? It really does fit the Ford/Ghia/Intermeccanica designs of that period. Wish I had a picture of the late Mr. Shinoda’s take on the special Torino that was streamlined and fitted with the BOSS 429 Hemi to take on the Superbirds @ NASCAR. Even more so, the German Ford Taunus redone by Ghia into the OSI. The front is also much like the Fiat/Ferrari of ’67/’68, which I still kick myself for not buying when I lived in Germany at that time…

  12. Del

    What is a “Shooting Brake “????🤣

    • bog

      Del – in Europe, particularly the British Isles, the term “Shooting Brake” is used for what we call station wagons. Some are 4 doors, many are 2 doors, as the cars are smaller. Someone else probably knows the history better, but they are usually hunting cars. Room in the back for a dog or two and one’s shotguns.

      • Peter

        Yes Bog you are right. Good break down in Wikipedia of the many meanings and derivations for this. Derivation generally accepted as a 19c term.
        I have come across the term ‘Brake’ for carriages in ‘The Go-Between’ , a novel by L. P. Hartley published in 1953. The character Leo noticed some brakes outside to take him or family somewhere. Wiki believes it also relates to breaking in horses or perhaps replacing them to cart shooting parties, guns, ammo and their tuck across the hatchs or wealds to shoot.I think the beaters have to walk?

    • rod444

      Two door long roof wagon usually with higher trim level.

  13. John

    Elvis made good music. But he purchased ugly cars. Can’t like this one – no need even to try. Its proportions are wrong in so many places. It looks like one of those dune buggies that was built on an un-shortened VW pan. Its just wrong.

  14. OA5599

    Since Elvis shot his Pantera,

    No doubt he shot his Shooting Brake.

  15. angliagt angliagt Member

    Anyone know just HOW MANY cars Elvis owned?
    Many were bought as gifts.

  16. RicK

    Shooting Brake was originally a horse drawn wagon of sorts, that the wealthy in Jolly Olde England used to travel around on their estate (with their hunting party) for the purpose of hunting birds and small game. Somehow the term morphed into what a station wagon car (2dr or 4dr) was called in England in the 20th century

  17. Rex Kahrs Member

    I gotta call BS on this thing. If it really was E’s car, then why not sell it through Sotheby’s or Mecum or BJ? Fahrvergnugen is right…few photos and a CL sale for a car at 375K? He deserves all the goofballs that will come over for a look!

    • carsofchaos

      Totally agree Rex I was about to say the same thing. Who tries to sell a $375k car on CL, the “I’ll give ya 25% of yer askin price” site.

  18. Maestro1

    Very poor selling job. If you really want something unique there are other options.

  19. Chuck

    For that kind of money I’d want his ex or Lisa-Marie to verify this was his. He did own some nice rides but somehow I can’t see him in this

    • jesus bortoni

      For this kind of money, I’d want his wife too. Well…
      maybe not.

  20. Steven Visek

    At first I thought that CL listing said it was $37500, which I think would be a good deal. But with the extra zero….I will pass. Cool car though.

  21. RDGRNR

    This one is for Leno

  22. TR

    Obviously the designer Eldo hooked up with the Volvo 1800

  23. Ikey Heyman

    For that kind of money, it should include Elvis – or whatever is left of him.

  24. Rodent

    Anyone watch the video? Why does the valve cover say Ford Industrial? A junkyard medium duty 429 maybe?

  25. Mark

    Anyone know what chassis its riding on? Looks as long as an extended cab Silverado. Lop off a few feet and it would raise the cool factor.

  26. Steven

    Kind of reminds me of a hard top monkeemobile..

  27. Will
    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Thanks Will!

  28. Joe Haska

    This is wrong and strange on so many levels. If you looked at all the cars that Elvis supposedly owned, it would tae forever, actual ones he did own, not so long. From all the comments, I seriously doubt there is a real buyer, for this car, at that price!

  29. bog

    Last night, for the heck of it, I “googled” this model. In the “images” section, it shows this car (or one the exact same color/missing grill) with the the hood and front fenders all in primer grey. Thought the passenger fender of the car for sale, just in front of door looked “off” to my eye. For those interested, the “Indra” and “Italia” models look, shall we say, “prettier”.

  30. gto4ever

    If I had a vintage monkeemobile, oops, I mean a Intermeccanica Murena GT of that value, would I list it on C/L. Uhh No. Just sayin. Cool find though. Love to see all the potential buyers that show up for that

  31. T Mel

    Elvis bought so many cars I don’t know if anyone could say how many, but they weren’t all ugly. Here’s one:

  32. Dirvid Member

    He drove a bmw 507 while stationed in Germany. Nice!

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