Engine Delete: 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE

Bidding for this 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE is already north of $50,000 with the reserve unmet. It is missing its original engine and transmission but otherwise appears quite original. The interior is in far better shape than I expected, and the seller describes it as a “functionally solid” example without much in the way of rust. Find it here on eBay and located in San Marcos, Texas.

The seller is not being overly sale-sy when mentioning that the 250 GTE, long one of the “affordable” classic Ferraris, is quickly skyrocketing in value (well, at least until the next recessions hits.) There was a time you could scan vintage classifieds ads and find one of these for relatively few dollars compared to other models. Those days are gone, and even without an engine, collectors are hungry for these 2+2s.

The interior really is the bright spot for the next owner, as it is largely all there. Sourcing spares is always one of the challenges for the vintage Ferrari restorer, and this 250 GTE thankfully comes with numerous original components. The seats look good enough to use as-is, though it appears the rear bench has gone missing. The dash and door panels look relatively healthy as well, along with all glass and console pieces.

Finding a somewhat correct engine will be a challenge, but in reading an old Pelican Parts forum thread, I was reminded of an owner of an extremely early 911 that tracked down the original, matching engine for the car that had been sold decades earlier – so anything is possible. The circle of vintage Ferrari owners is tight-knit, so it’s worth posing the question as to whether the engine’s whereabouts are known.


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  1. Bill OBrien

    My neighbor is a hoarder and has one of these in original condition, he also has mazerattis and other strange italian cars. I know he has a spare engine for a 63. being like he is, I doubt he will sell one but ya never know!

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    • Gray Wolf

      Now everyone will be searching high and low for this high price “Vega”! Let’s kick it up a notch and have a big blower sticking out of the hood! If you going to piss them off, go big!!!🙀

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  2. misterlou Member

    I liked how this owner lipsticked the LS they shoved in their car.


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  3. Michael

    As this is known as the car to utilize for clones as when one wants to build a knock-off clone 250 GTO. The engine (if I remember correctly) is a 4 cam V-12 that is highly valued out of the car vs. the car as a whole. Just like the 330 GT 2+2 four headlight model. A friend/Ferrari collector purchased a four headlight car and removed the engine which was sold for twice what he purchased the whole car for. Then having a brain-fart idea, he removed the serial plate and sent the car to a wrecking yard and had the car cubed. Took it to a body shop and had the cube painted Russo Red. They then polished up the serial plate and attached it in the top center of the cube, placed a beveled glass on the top and bingo, Ferrari Coffee table. I have seen several examples of the same since his. https://carbuzz.com/news/the-ultimate-crushed-ferrari-coffee-table

  4. Will Fox

    Finding another V12 will be at least $30K itself. Beautiful, but you had better have deep pockets if you’re going to restore one of these.

  5. Keith

    I’m going to assume that anyone putting in a bid for over 50k for this car with no drivetrain is: 1. Has a replacement OEM drivetrain available for it or a connection to get one, 2. Is going to transplant another manufactures drivetrain into it, 3. Just has money to burn hoping they will find a OEM drivetrain for it…. Either way to me the only way I would place a bid on this car is if I had another Ferrari 250 GTE (not likely) for a parts car to make this car complete or visa-versa.

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  6. Keith

    Good luck finding the tail lights, shifter knob, or whatever else its missing for a decent asking price! $$$$

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  7. Keith

    This car is a high priced roller for a rich High Price Roller with money to burn! Sorry, just had to say that…..LOL!

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  8. Ralph

    If it was cheaper it would be cool to LS swap it and make all the Ferrari nuts wad their panties……but at that price, I’d rather have the 63 Corvette roadster posted underneath it, its prettier, the top goes down and it actually has a motor for about half the money, so far at least.

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  9. 8banger dave Member

    Can’t we just pop a Chevy 383 in it and call it a day? There, I said it.

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    • Husky

      Or a .318 Poly head? It’s has a price to be different.

      Perhaps a Mercedes 1960.s. 180 Diesel would be the best?

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  10. Jon G

    A friend of mine bought a 58 Chrysler 300 with a 392 hemi and was talking to a guy back east in the same club when the guy mentions he had the numbers matching engine for my buddy’s car. Then sends it to him free! Nothing is impossible!

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  11. Danh

    Don’t see the ashtray either. That’s a $1000 item by itself.

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  12. Pat Gill

    seems to have the transmission, not many people would throw away Ferrari engine so there will be one under a bench somewhere,
    I am restoring a very rare 1930, one of only 500 made motorcycle with a unique V4 ohc engine, I found two of these engines last year, they are too unusual to be thrown into the scrap,

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  13. Mike

    Love the patina on this. Maybe stick a coyote motor in it for a collaboration to heal the Ford vs Ferrari rivalry?

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    • KKW

      Better yet, drop a Ford 427 in it, the one that kicked Ferrari’s @ss back in the 60s.

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      • Keith

        ohhhhhhh SNAP KKW! That statement made Enzo Ferrari roll over in his grave!………LOL!

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  14. michael h streuly

    Bid is at 95,100.00 dollars and the reserve is not met yet. I would not give 95 cents for that junk.

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  15. Poncho

    Yeah…almost $100k for a car minus engine is a bit steep I would say. I think I could probably find a used Lambo or other Ferrari for that kinda coin that I could hop in and drive. Can you say 308 GTB and have money left for servicing, insurance, and gas?

    • Ralph

      In the 80’s a running one was a $15,000-$20,000 car…….

      Now its over $100K for a paperweight……

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  16. moosie moosie

    Get the Ferrari engine from yesterday (I think) and do an upgrade and have lots of money tied up in this sexy Italian.

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  17. Sarah_W

    This elevation of Ferrari’s so that a full restoration needed non-engine’d project like this has been bid to $95k is just plain silly. Same goes with Porsche rusted out hulks that go through the stratosphere! Dumb!

  18. Bl549

    I would’t give 50 grand for a car that looks like a Vega in frt.

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  19. Keith

    95k Plus! Wow! Goes to prove theres people out there who have more money than brains! Seller must be laughing his @$$ off!

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  20. Bill McCoskey

    While in the US Army, I found a silver version at a local Alfa dealer in area around Kafertal Germany in 1975. It had been traded in on a new Alfa-Romeo Montreal, and when I first saw the 250 GTE, it was sitting in weeds, having not been driven for months. I worked a deal on the car, grabbed it for a whopping $1,200 US Dollars cash.

    Sold it to a Army Captain about 3 months later for a whopping $1,800! I sold it because I was set to return to the USA, and it didn’t have an AS-1 windshield. A new correct US Spec windshield was a couple of grand from the Ferrari importer in New England, more than the car was worth! Of course these cars, in restored condition, are bringing in excess of $400K.

    My other reason for not bringing it back stateside, was because the Army would not pay for more than 1 vehicle to return with me, and I was already set to bring my 1-off 1956 Chrysler Imperial sedan, the specially-built vehicle for the Chrysler stand at the 1956 Paris auto show. It was assembled in France by FACEL, the shop responsible for The Facel-Vega cars. Of interesting note; due to the poor fuel quality in 1956 Europe, the Imperial’s 354 Hemi V8 had 3 headgaskets on each bank to lower the compression ratio!

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    • bog

      Always appreciate reading your comments, Bill. I was in Germany from ’67-’69 and then back and forth through April ’75. I brought over a brand new ’67 Fairlane GTA, and bought a lovely ’57 Fiat 500 for its great city gas mileage and a ’68 Lotus Europa for its handling. The Army brought the “hammer” down early in ’69 limiting one vehicle (running or not) per adult licensed driver, and that was that. No one wanted the GTA as it was automatic (and, frankly, a gas-hog in pricy German premium petrol !), so the others had to be sold. Lusted after many Euro-spec cars. Drove on the Autostrada near the Lambo factory and saw the then new Miura, and the prototype Montreal at the ’68 Nurburgring 1000K. In the PARKING LOT ! Many lovely memories !

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  21. Gray Wolf

    Good choice!!👍🇺🇸

  22. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nice survivor there.

  23. Del

    Okay. We acknowledge that we parted the car out.

    But still great value at 150 grand American.

    Come on suckers

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  24. t-bone Bob

    car sold for $135,000!

    I think the transmission is still in it. You can see the bell-housing in the picture of the engine bay and would the shift lever be present in the interior pics if the tranny was out of it.

    Also, you ca see the rear set in place, but very tattered.

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