Enzo’s Own: 1962 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

This 1962 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 has a couple of claims to fame. The first claim is that this car was actually the first 330 GT prototype built by Ferrari. That alone makes it a pretty special car. The second feather in its cap was that following its completion it was retained by the company for 2-years, and during that time it served as the personal transport for the legendary Enzo Ferrari itself. If you would love to own a car with a special place in Italian automotive history, you will find the Ferrari located in Saint Ann, Missouri, and listed for sale here on eBay. Of course, a special car comes at a premium price. The BIN price for the 330 GT has been set at $495,900.

Like any other car company, Ferrari is capable of producing cars of both beauty, and cars that are just plain ugly. A few days ago, I wrote about this Dino 308 GT4. It really wasn’t one of Ferrari’s best styling efforts, and values today reflect that. The 330 GT is an entirely different matter. While it shares the same seating configuration as the Dino, the 330 GT is a thing of beauty. It doesn’t matter what angle you view it from, the lines and shapes of the car do nothing but please the eye. The Light Ivory paint provides a pleasant change from the traditional red that is a hallmark of the company. The immaculate appearance is no real surprise, as the Ferrari has recently undergone a restoration that cost an eye-watering $220,000. The end result is a car that looks in as-new condition, no matter where you look. One of the things that sets the car off so nicely is the beautiful 15″ Borrani chrome wire wheels. With their deep lip, they manage to look both aggressive and stylish. Interestingly, while this Ferrari was built in 1962, it was first registered in 1964. As a result, it is actually titled as a 1964 model.

The interior of the Ferrari presents just as beautifully as the rest of the car. It is both stylish, but also practical. Various versions of the Ferrari 2+2 that have been produced over the years have always had a tendency to look quite cramped, especially the rear seat. In this case, the rear seat looks to be relatively spacious (by Ferrari standards), although I suspect that it would become quite uncomfortable over a long distance. The wood-rimmed wheel is beautifully crafted, and the black leather upholstery appears to be soft and supple. The gauges are large and easy to read, while the seats look like they would be supremely comfortable to sit in all day. I mean, if you owned this car, wouldn’t you want to sit in it for at least that long? Man, I’d be tempted to sleep in it!

Enzo himself once famously said that aerodynamics was for people who couldn’t build a decent engine, and great engines are really what Ferrari is all about. If you’ve never seen a Ferrari engine being built, do a search on YouTube for videos, because the craftsmanship that goes into them is mind-blowing. This engineering work-of-art is a 3,967cc V12 engine, which is fed by triple Weber carburetors. This beauty then feeds its 300hp to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission with electric overdrive. When it comes to restoration work, the engine hasn’t been spared. It recently underwent some maintenance work by a Ferrari specialist, and this work cost a cool $22,000. That was in addition to the original bill for the vehicle restoration.

The history and provenance of this beautiful Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 is not just hearsay, because the owner holds a significant catalog of documentation on the car. This includes a letter from Ferrari verifying its authenticity and history. In addition, the car is listed on the 330 GT Register and has also featured in a number of books that verify its history. All of that makes this a very special car. Even if it wasn’t special, it would still be a beautiful piece of machinery.


  1. MH

    Thats a pretty amazing car! What else is there to say?

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  2. Ken Wittick

    I could have sworn ,the name of this site was ” Barn Finds “

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    • Keith

      Aw it’s only half a mil…….

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    • jerry z

      It was pulled out of a really fancy barn!

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    • Llouis200

      No way this car was rat nested in so hole in the wall.

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      • Ken Wittick

        What ?

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    • Russell

      The “Barn Cat” that resides there is a Jaguar…

  3. Stangalang

    Guess I’ll bite the bullet…take one for the team and head to the bank. (I wish!!!) Gorgeous automobile though.

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  4. Gunner

    The beautiful example of automotive excellence and engineering at its finest set only to increase in its value.

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    • Jaker76

      Beautiful as long as one doesn’t look at the headlights. Down right homely from front view.

  5. Skorzeny

    Simply stunning. And guess what? No whitewalls or an automatic. Like a car should be!!!

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  6. DRV

    Whenever I see those seat frames I laugh because they are in my 1970 1800E from new.
    The 2+2 version is not my favorite 330 , but it would be fun for a night on the town!

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  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Beautiful car. Big problem is how many lifetimes would I have to save up to afford something like this?

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  8. Billieg

    Looks like a volvo to me…

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    • Steve R

      The Volvo could only wish to be so lucky.

      Steve R

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  9. Douglas Fournier Member

    Why do you show us stuff like this ???? Call Wayne Carini. Then show us more green 61 Imperials

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      If Wayne knew about it, it wouldn’t be on ebay, it would be in Monterey, CA right now!

  10. wes

    Wait, wait … What? …. they are selling this car on ebay? Why not Craigslist? Or paste a sign to a telephone pole?

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  11. Fogline

    Uh, eBay? If this was truly Enzo’s car, is this really the place to list it? And get the best price?

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  12. John

    Write up was like an ad.

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  13. Mark

    Beautiful car. Extravagant barn.


    That’s a pretty low BIN price, considering who owned it.

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    • DNC

      Agreed. Although I dont have half mil sitting around, I thought the price was reasonable.

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    I just emailed Wayne, so if its legit, it is not going to be around for long:0)

  16. Yale

    The thing is, this engine is not the one that originally came with this car. And in the Ferrari world that is a big no no. So the price they’ve been asking for the past two years they are unlikely to get. By the way, Enzo had quite a few cars.

  17. Scraper49

    I like the 308 gt4 better

  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Beautiful car I agree and priced really affordable in it’s world. Funny a good old Ford FE showed what a good American V8 could do…

  19. Fossil

    What, NO WARRANTY!!!
    I’m out!

  20. TimM

    It resembles the Aston Martin!! Great car though and not a bad motor!!!

  21. Bodyman68

    Ugly car and why ebay ? This is a joke for Barn Finds as we all know 99% of its readers couldn’t afford this car yet alone the upkeep on it . This car should be at Christie’s or some other rediculous auction house not here . This car should be in the Ferrari museum if it was Enzos.

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  22. Mark

    Clearly they are just testing the waters with this on Ebay. This car will end up on BaT or BJ.

  23. Monti

    Enzo owned Ferrari in the 60 ties, so pretty much every car was his.

  24. t-bone Bob

    car didn’t sell at $495,900

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