Estate Find: 1930 Cord L29

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When a seller lists a classic car for sale, and it receives forty-two bids in a few days, you can be pretty sure that people like what they see. That is the case with this 1930 Cord L29. It’s no trailer queen, but it presents beautifully for its age and would suit the buyer searching for a turn-key classic. The owner recently passed away, so it is being sold to settle his estate. If an older luxury car is on your radar, you will find this Cord located in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has hit $39,900, and with No Reserve to consider, a new home is mere days away for this head-turning giant.

This classic Cord has been part of the same family since 1963. The recently deceased owner inherited it from his parents when they passed away and has always referred to it as “Dad’s Cord.” He did his best to maintain the car’s air of luxury, and it presents superbly today. It isn’t perfect, but its combination of Salmon and Maroon paint with a Tan top makes it a distinctive-looking car. The paint has accumulated a few chips and marks, but its overall condition is more than acceptable for a driver-quality vehicle. It has a genuine sense of presence and is guaranteed to attract attention wherever it goes. There is no visible rust in this gem, and the seller mentions no problems within his listing. The panels are straight, with no evidence of dings, dents, or prior accident damage. The exterior trim is in good order for a car of this vintage, while the glass appears to be flawless. The wire wheels have been refinished to match the top, and the wide whitewall tires add the perfect finishing touch to this exterior.

The L29 was a groundbreaking production car. It was the first American car to be offered by a manufacturer with front-wheel drive. Its engine bay is occupied by a 298ci flathead straight-eight engine that produces 125hp. Those ponies find their way to the road via the front wheels and a three-speed manual transmission. At the time of the L29 release, New Era Motors had been working on its front-wheel-drive Ruxton model. However, Cord managed to beat them to the market by a few months. The Cord was considered underpowered, but it could still manage a top speed of 75mph. It is worth remembering that the company produced the L29 as a luxury model, not a performance vehicle. Therefore, its performance was considered more than acceptable for a car of this type. This L29 remains largely unmolested. The deceased owner has installed an electric fuel pump to improve reliability, but it is otherwise unchanged. The seller says this classic runs and drives exactly as it should and is ready to be enjoyed immediately. For a buyer searching for a turn-key pre-war luxury classic, this has to be a strong contender.

When the family took delivery of this L29 in 1963, its interior was serviceable but tired. The mother made slip-on seat covers in maroon, and they served faithfully for many years. The deceased owner decided to treat the interior to a complete refurbishment. He used the existing original upholstery as a template to have all new trim manufactured. It presents beautifully, with no apparent flaws or defects. The seats look superbly comfortable, while the carpet shows no evidence of physical damage or faults. The dash and headliner are equally impressive, and this interior appears to need nothing. There are a few aftermarket additions, but these don’t seem to detract from the overall impression that this classic makes. You would have to think that cruising down the road in this L29 would be a pretty pleasant experience.

This 1930 Cord L29 is a giant of a car, and it has a genuine presence. There’s little doubt that it would attract attention wherever it goes, and with only 5,014 examples being produced during a three-year production run, it is also a relatively rare vehicle. Its new owner could be pretty sure that they wouldn’t finish up parked beside an identical vehicle if they took it to a local Cars & Coffee. If you are searching for a turn-key luxury classic, this one is worth a closer look. However, I believe that there’s probably a little way to go before the hammer falls on this auction. If the bidding hits $60,000, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. It’s worth remembering that there’s No Reserve in play here, so if the final figure sits below that number, it could be a pretty reasonable buy. This is an auction that is probably worth watching closely.

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  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero

    I’ll state the obvious, this car is nearly 100 years old. Amazing

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  2. Evan

    I guess the reports of pricing dropping for pre-war cars are false.

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  3. Connecticut Mark

    My grandparents had a little radio that looked like this car with on ‘off switch was the start tire, could of been many other cars but looked like this.

    Like 3
  4. Dennis

    Absolutely fabulous automobile! When I was a little boy my grandfather had a ’32 Nash in a similar style, also with a straight eight. Cars of that era are a fantastic look into the past.

    Like 8
  5. Ken Carney

    Mark, I’ve seen those radios before. The
    left side mount was the volume and the
    right was the tuner. My in laws gave me
    one for Christmas in ’95. Mine was a 1928
    Lincoln Model L convertible limousine. The
    fit and finish were really good for what it was. I’ve moved a few times since then, and somewhere in that process, the car got
    lost just like the AM/FM cassette gas pump radio my late wife gave me for our
    last Christmas together. Didn’t know that
    an L-29 model was available though. I think they also made a ’31 Rolls Royce
    Phantom I roadster too. Almost bought
    one at a yard sale 5 years but passed on it
    not knowing if it would still work. Would start collecting them if I can find them.

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  6. Joe Machado

    This is Magnificent. At 16 years of age, I almost bought a 1924 Cadillac of this gorgeous cars size.
    Wow, I am in love, again.

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  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    What an absolutely perfect parade car! Fill it up with your spouse and friends and sell your Mary K products as you go down the parade route ;-)

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  8. Terrry

    Didn’t they make a longer version of this car called an “Extension Cord”?

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    • Lance

      There was another version with large rubber bumpers called the bungee Cord.

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  9. Al

    This car brings to mind, me speaking to the X-wife that I really wanted a Cord.

    Actually any Cord would satisfy my desire from the L30 to the Beverly. It would be a Cord.

    What did the X buy, a Honda, yes a Honda, Honda Accord. Thankfully she took it with her.

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    • MLM

      lol 😆

      Like 3
  10. Bunky

    Good one Terrry. So, am I the only one who has issues with the color?

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    • DavidLMember

      No you’re not. This would definitely be on my “Lotto Winner” car purchase list except for the color. Pepto Bismo pink is definitely not on my desired color list. The big question for me would be if this color is original otherwise I would be sorely tempted to repaint a more pleasant color (of course if I win the Lotto big cost would not be a problem.) Would love to have this.

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  11. Terry

    I also told my ex wife I wanted a Cord. An extension cord around my neck.

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  12. Howie Mueler

    Sweet!! $40,100 now.

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  13. Gerard Frederick

    Classic Americana at the top level.

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  14. Lou Rugani

    I’ve seen this great L29 in parades and car shows all over southeastern Wisconsin and once here on the streets of Kenosha.

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