Estate Find: 1968 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT350

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I believe that I possess a well-developed sense of self-control and can demonstrate great restraint when required. However, even I have my limits. If I owned this 1968 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT350 and had treated it to a total restoration in 2010, I would undoubtedly have clocked more than thirty miles in the past twelve years. That is the story behind this classic, and following the owner’s recent passing, it needs to find a new home. The Shelby is listed for sale here on eBay in Houston, Texas. The bidding has raced beyond the reserve and currently sits at $55,400.

The history of this Shelby is well-documented, with its original owner taking delivery of the vehicle in January 1968. It found its way to its last owner, a Shelby enthusiast, in 1995. They treated it to a cosmetic and mechanical refresh in 2010, and it saw little use before the owner passed away. The cosmetic refresh included stripping the panels to bare metal and returning them to a pristine state before applying a fresh coat of its original Highland Green. The car has been garage-kept since, and with less than thirty miles under its belt, the near-perfect presentation is no surprise. The paint possesses a beautiful depth of color and shine, while the panels are as straight as an arrow. There is no evidence of rust, and the seller doesn’t mention problems in their listing. The distinctive Shelby features like the spoiler, scoops, stripes, and badges are intact and in excellent condition. The chrome sparkles impressively, the tinted glass is flawless, and the stunning 15″ Shelby alloy wheels are in as-new condition.

The 1968 model year saw the GT350 receive an updated engine in line with regular Mustangs. The iconic 289ci unit was consigned to the pages of history, with a 302 now the motor of choice. This one is backed by a four-speed manual transmission and a 3.89 Traction-Lok rear end, which should effectively apply the engine’s 250hp to the road. While the GT350 wasn’t the most potent Shelby model offered in 1968, it could still storm the ¼ mile in 15.5 seconds. The seller indicates that this classic received a mechanical refresh during the refurbishment, but not what this process entailed. The engine bay presents as impressively as the rest of the vehicle, but we receive no information on how the GT350 runs or drives. We hope the seller is approachable because potential buyers may have many questions regarding the car’s mechanical originality and health.

When a car has clocked a mere thirty miles following restoration, it is never a surprise when its interior presents perfectly. That is the case with this GT350 because I struggle to find anything to criticize. The black upholstered surfaces show no wear, and the seat upholstery is as tight as a drum. The carpet is immaculate, the dash and pad sport no visible damage, and the faux-woodgrain trim looks crisp. The Shelby features its original wheel, console, and gauges. The original owner ordered this classic with air conditioning, a Sport Deck rear seat, an AM radio, and a tilt-away wheel. These features remain intact, and there are no aftermarket additions.

If this 1968 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT350 follows current market trends, the bidding should exceed $85,000 before the hammer falls. I’m pretty surprised that it has passed the reserve at such a modest figure. Classics like this GT350 leave me torn. Its new owner will have a stunning and desirable vehicle parked in their garage, which is a source of happiness. However, it is sad that its deceased owner never had the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Cars like this deserve to be driven, not hidden away in a garage. I hope the buyer drives and enjoys this classic because it deserves nothing less.

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  1. alphasudMember

    It’s a beautiful car. Highland green is a favorite of mine. Don’t usually comment on Mustangs but the Shelby models are special. I would also never bid on one of these without having a professional who really knows these cars and what to look inspect before bidding. So many have copied the build and passed it off as the real deal. Nothing wrong with a tribute but you don’t want to pay real money for one.

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    • Steve

      You are right on major points. Without the Shelby sequence number identified, or a Marti report with the listing, anybody even thinking about buying this without an in person inspection is asking for trouble. This could easily be a clone, and lacking either of these pieces of information on the eBay listing, somebody could easily get burned. Buyer beware.

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      • Howie

        Steve, they do have the VIN number listed, would that be enough to tell if its real?

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      • JohnD

        Just smells bad. Too few pictures. Info from a Marti report, but no report. Too cheap.

        Very little feedback and all from purchases. A local dealer I have never heard anything about.

        Then I go to the website associated with the email. Lots of nice cars, waaaayyyy too cheap. Finally, the background for these pictures is lovely. Nothing like the area listed as the location on the website. Nobody keeps nice cars in that part of town. Lots of sadness here . . .

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      • SirRaoulDuke

        Likely scam.

        I Google Street Viewed down that side street into the neighborhood, and I could smell the meth through my monitor.

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      • Raymond Devito

        This is number 0334 . First owner from Little Creet VA. 42487 miles in 1997. This car is a real 1968 GT 350.

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      • Craig

        Raymond. those pics are 5 years old from BaT. Also, still haven’t heard back from seller from request 3 days ago.

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  2. CadmanlsMember

    All I can say is wow, restored and not driven. Shame that owner never really spent any seat time in it. Beautiful looking car, with the market as strong as it is, should bring the family a good amount.

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  3. Jay E.Member

    I’m confused, why is this so cheap? Another listing has this type of car at 250K.Shouldn’t it have raced past 6 figures?.

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      @Jay E 250k is big block money. And what they might ask is not a reflection of market values.

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    • Alex Dunkle

      Glove box signed by Carol Shelby!

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      • Howie

        Alex, so many people have had their glove boxes signed, that now the rare ones are the ones not signed, you could mail your glove box door to Shelby for him to sign for a fee.

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  4. MikeB

    Ford had taken over Shelby production by 1968. This car was nothing but a regular Mustang with a very fancy dress up kit. I owned a 68 GT 350 convertible back in 70’s in this same green color. Drive wise it was nothing special.

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  5. Howie

    Nice, $68,800 now, should go much higher, only 4 photos.

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  6. Joe Haska

    It looks perfect to me. But what do I know, except if I was a player, I would do what most of the comments said. Make sure you do your homework, what ever that takes, before you hand over the cash. Buyer be ware!

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  7. Steve

    Stupid question: Is a 302 engine a bored out 289 or a different engine?

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  8. LoboMember

    Nice car hope it’s real.

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  9. Craig

    this car checks every box for me.

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  10. Craig

    I’m with JohnD.
    I sent the seller an email. will see…

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  11. Howie

    If you take the VIN number in the Ebay ad and Google it lots and lots of info. comes up.

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  12. Craig

    pics from bat 2017
    sold for 102k

    my guess is the hemi superbee is also a scam.
    listed on same links from ebay ad.

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  13. Howie

    I see now the seller has 0 feedback received as a seller.

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  14. Raymond Devito

    So J126789 0334 is real but this adds could be a scam. All right !!

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  15. joenywf64

    The 1st thing i look for on these cars is the ultra rare red light next to each of the roof scoops! The cops did not like those. lol
    I wonder if they thought of using these in “Bullitt” instead of the Mustang. The steering wheel would have to go tho.
    Oddly, ABC’s “the Immortal” tv show had the budget to use a Shelby like this! Go figure.

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    • Raymond Devito

      I believe the rare red light was on the first 200 cars .

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    • Craig

      this is a 1968. I believe the light in scoop were very early 1967s only. 1967s also were the last to have had the non-safety steering wheel

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  16. Craig


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    1967 was also the last year that they were “true” shelbys, built at la ex….typically they are worth much more

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    all the $ in the world for a ’68 gt350…

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  19. Craig

    was the auction removed from ebay? I can’t find it.

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