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Estate Sale Find: 1963 Chevy Impala SS

This 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS is a claimed estate sale find in Oceanside, New York, where it emerged from a garage in surprisingly sound condition. This is a desirable model that still sports state inspection stickers indicating it was in regular service up until 1995. Pictures show a car that will likely clean up very well once a detail and thorough cleansing is performed, and the seller notes that despite being a northern car, rust is minimal. The Impala does run with starting fluid but no keys are included. Find it here on eBay with bidding to $6,600 and no reserve.

When you see the cushion on the driver’s seat, all I can think is that an older person drove this car daily until it just wasn’t possible anymore. The colors are great – mint over a fern green – and the dash and gated shifter still present quite nicely. When you see a cabin like this still holding up so well after all of these years, it provides strong evidence that the previous owner took care to keep this Impala in nice shape, even if his or her eventual descendants didn’t share that interest. Mileage is indicated as being 66,248, but no word on whether that’s been verified.

The 327 V8 still runs, and the seller notes it only took some starting fluid to get it to fire. The gas tank is said to be in solid shape, but the seller recommends draining it of the old fuel that’s been left to turn to varnish, most likely. Under-hood looks complete and intact with nothing apparently amiss, and even the plug wires look relatively fresh. Obviously, belts and hoses should be gone through and the radiator flushed, but I’ll bet this engine would look surprisingly new with just a detailing. I could be too optimistic, but the battery terminals don’t even look corroded!

Seeing this Impala SS out in the daylight really is a treat, both because the paint colors are seriously pretty but also because the car looks even better than it did in the garage – and that’s without being cleaned off. The chrome appears presentable and the body lines look very straight. All glass remains intact and all four hubcaps attached. The rust that the seller observed is located in the lower fenders and some light corrosion on the doors. Overall, there’s a lot to like about this car and I’ll be the next owner will find a true gem underneath all that grime. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Bobby Miller for the awesome find.


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    As far as the seat cushion, it could have been for a short person, think telephone book. It looks like 2 or 3 cusions there. Or the foam in the seat is worn out. I use a small pillow in my Willys wagon for better comfort and elevation because of worn stuffing on the drivers side seat. ‘NEEDS LIGHT TIN WORK FOR A FULL RESTO.’ That right rear quater looks like a lot of work to me. Could be a nice ride if brought back to stock.

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  2. Chebby Staff

    Interesting to see that modern bar code inspection sticker on such an old car….and realize the sticker is 25 years old.

    And could you possibly be a lazier flipper?

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Well if you read the ad its clear they can’t spell either. Too bad the car is on the east coast. I’d be interested if the shill bidders don’t drive it through the roof.

      Why can’t I stumble on these anymore!

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  3. JOHN Member

    Why can’t people wash the dirt off? Apparently this dirt is only around 25 yers old, I don’t think it is collectible or valuable yet.

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    • Steve H.

      Ironically, there is a hose nozzle visible amongst the pile of trash that had accumulated on the deck lid over the years. Too bad the seller doesn’t know how to use it!

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    • Scratchin' my head... Member

      “Lazy Flipper” is an understatement!
      Never understood why folks wouldn’t clean up around the vehicle and remove stuff from seats prior to picture taking.
      A picture’s worth a thousand words….and those pics are saying, “Stay Away”…..

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  4. Classic Steel

    Auto floor shift is nice with buckets.
    No worries on keys with taking the drivers door panel off slowly and easy not to destroy (watch a utube if needed) and pull door lock and spend 15 dollars with an older lock smith as the numbers on lock is key cut settings.

    This looks like a fairly easy restoration of brake and gas lines with new gas tank, carb rebuild, master cylinder, tires and radiator boil out and pressure check or visual inspection and new radiator,hoses, belts, water pump rebuild if orig, seat covers and carpets

    Sounds like much but a couple weekends if engine runs after fluids smoothly with probably just lil rubber seat seals on the heads.

    I would patch the panels and spot paint Sections and buff out after cleaning.


    I am surprised the flippers dont folkow these instructional to double their flip cash 💰

    I have to many vehicles or i would bid this one up to obtain.
    Owner of a 54 3100, 64 chevelle parents mint convert,67 mustang vert,63 c2 SW….
    No room in the manger til i cut a few from herd in spring

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    • Greg

      A couple of weekends? Have you ever actually worked on a car?

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    • Terry R Melvin

      The motor looks like it had the radiator or hose let go sometime in the past, so hopefully the motor wasn’t overheated. 327 is preferable to the 283..more power but still small block.

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  5. Andrew Franks

    I don’t like the Seller’s attitude. The car is interesting, nice color combination,
    a 327 with unspecified automatic may be OK (if it’s a Powerglide) if you don’t drive it hard. Hopefully you are slightly North of $9000.00 to make it great.

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  6. Barney

    Nice car. One thing that bugs me though it is a very easy fix is to see plug wires bound together with tape. Just asking for a miss fire

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    • Terry R Melvin

      Wires tied together with tape is the very least of that car’s worries. Look closely at the engine compartment. I’d bet money that at some time it’s been underwater.

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  7. local_sheriff

    Apart from the SS package this is a stripper! It has PS (pump missing) but there doesn’t seem to be any other options. Extremely nice color combo; will look gorgeous when done. Best of luck to the new owner

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  8. ric parrish

    Now if that were a 425HP 409, I’d be all over it.

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  9. Kurt Member

    What a beautiful low rider this will make. 😬

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  10. The one

    Triple dang! Come on y’all, this car is fricken awesome! I mean really guys, I’m not a Chevy guy but if’n I was I would be all over this’n Shazam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. moosie moosie

    When I read the ebay listing I didnt take it to say the car ran or even turned over, I read it as the flipper assumes it would run with starting fluid and feeding it gas,

    but he will deliver it for free on Long Island, Queens or Brooklyn, anyplace else takes a toll and is more than 50 miles! This could be a nice SS if it could be bought cheap enough and any major metalwork is confined to that flapping in the breeze R/R 1/4 panel.

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    • Paolo

      That’s how I read it as well. Translation: “I’m sure I can get it running with starter fluid but actually haven’t tried.” Weasel words.

      Also anyone who has owned one knows that the ignition switch soon wears out and you can start them by turning the bezel, no key needed.

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    • Miguel

      Who has ever needed keys for a 1963 Chevy?

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  12. John P

    Solid?? Those quarters look to be molded out of duct tape and plumbers putty.. cool car-needs a lot of work!!!

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  13. PatrickM

    Wow. Here’s another one. Owner too lazy to clean it before listing. I didn’t even read the write up. Here’s a great car. And, once again, the old saying applies. “If ya wanna sell it, ya gotta show it.” This really is sad.

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    • Terry R Melvin

      There’s a reason. If you look closely (you don’t have to look too close) you’ll see that the car is full of rust. It’s on the hood, roof, trunk and bubbling up big time in the rocker and quarter panels. Who knows how much floor it has, if any.

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  14. Lance Alfieri

    Be aware, that the Oceanside, Long Island area was under water during hurricane Sandy…..Many cars in garages flooded.

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    • Terry R Melvin

      That may be why the engine looks the way it does, come to think of it.

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  15. 1Ronald

    Drawn to open this to see if it had that inverted L shaped stick. Close, but no cigar. Once knew a man who had this with 4-in-the-floor and he enjoyed it big time. About it looking better out of the garage–no–you didn’t see that rusted front clip in the garage which only sunlight can do it justice of wishing it was better. W’re seeing more and more of these photos that tell what that trunk lid is good for. Piling junk on top of it as a new means of storage. At least you know where that stuff is every time you walk by.

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  16. Terry R Melvin

    “The rust that the seller observed is located in the lower fenders and some light corrosion on the doors”..and the hood, and the roof, and the trunk..and what about inside the trunk and the floorboards? I’m thinking , since it’s an east coast car, that it’s most likely a rust bucket..

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  17. Kenn

    Very little doubt that this has been at least partially under water. And the speedo has been wound back – note the lack of alignment of the numbers. Going just forward they always line up.

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  18. Steve RM

    I’m just curious. How can you tell it’s been underwater from the engine photo? Or the other photos. The note about the speedo numbers not lining up is something I didn’t know also. One reason I like reading the comments is because it can be pretty educational. Thanks everybody.

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    • Terry R Melvin

      Look at the alternator and master cylinder. The cases are white, meaning they’ve been wet. The reddish brown residue all over the engine and compartment too is “water tracks” it may have been submerged for only a day or so, but water has left its mark..also the glass.

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