Estate Sale Find: 1967 Volvo 122

Said to have been found at a local estate sale, this Volvo 122 sedan is a stalled restoration project of unknown quality. Looking like it was loved at one time, the sedan sits on flat tires but has a clean engine bay and a desirable manual transmission. There is some rust on the body and questions about which parts are included, but the $3,999 asking price doesn’t seem out of line. Find it here on eBay and located in Windsor, Connecticut. 

Known as both the Amazon and the 120 Series, this example appears to be what was known as the “Sport” model, featuring a dual carbs. The original configuration should be an SU setup, but some owners convert them to a single Weber carb for slightly less finicky operation. The seller here knows very little about the car, and doesn’t seem to be a Volvo expert of any kind – just a guy who stumbled on an interesting project at an estate cleanout. Wiring looks pretty tidy and we don’t see any major red flags in the engine bay.

The interior looks quite good as well, with sharp black vinyl bucket seats and the original grills sitting on the passenger side. The Volvo retains a stock radio, steering wheel and shift knob, all good signs that it has remained well preserved despite undergoing a period of disassembly. Mileage is reported to be 71,000 but no word on whether the odometer still turns; the one part the seller can’t find are the headlights, but those are easily sourced with possibly the exception of the trim rings.

There is rot behind the rear wheels that looks like it’s been painted previously; also, the presence of snow tires may indicate this Volvo saw four-season duty. That’s not a bad thing in and of itself, as the attempted restoration may be a sign of long-term ownership in the hands of a sympathetic caretaker that wanted to reward his steed for years of trusty service. The seller is also accepting best offers, and if the rust can be pinpointed to just a few spots, it could be worth throwing out a slightly lower number and finishing this tempting project.

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  1. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    ” wanted to reward his steed for years of trusty service ”

    …been there ( CT ) done that…Mounds of salt and Salt Sheds

    description above should say ” RUSTY SERVICE ” …

    …BuY Southern or Western only !

  2. Howard A Member

    Now, HERE,,,conversely, is a wonderful example of what Barn Finds is about, a decent classic, with an honest description,( they know nothing, and are honest about it) and what I feel is a fair price. Pristine 122’s prices have shot through the roof, pretty much eliminating me, and people like me, a chance to own a nice car, and the 122 was a very nice car. If it was a wagon, I’d probably be one of the 2% here that would actually inquire about this.

  3. whippeteer

    It looks like there may be LOTS of extra headlight trim rings in a bag on the back seat.

  4. Matt Jadud

    I think those look like multiples of hubcaps, but admit it is hard to tell. The paint looks as if it was poorly applied – judging by the dull patina, unless it is lacquer. and the condition of the paint makes me wonder if the prep was any good before spray. There is overspray on the step plates inside the rear passenger door and on the bumper by the trunk, and tape on the passenger side chrome and splotchy spray evidence down most of the passenger side. There are few bolts in the fenders which seems to indicate they were sprayed while off the car -which is not necessarily a bad thing, but there is much to study here before you would buy it.

  5. gaspumpchas.

    small block fits in there nicely, ford or chevy or ?? would make a cool street sleeper!!

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