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Shortly after we featured some of the finds he had spotted in the town of Eureka Springs, Eric S came across a barn full of cars. After getting to know the owner of the barn and all the cars, they asked Eric if he would be willing to either buy or help them sell all of these cars. Eric is the kind of guy that sees the value in these old cars, not just as cars but pieces of history and art. Hoping to see them all go to new homes, but lacking the means to buy all of them himself, he is helping the owner sell them.

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Like Eric, we want to see as many of these cars go to good homes and while nothing jumps out as being particularly rare or overly valuable, there are more than a few worth saving! Our personal favorites here are the Mustang Convertible, the Corvette, and the Cadillac Convertible. If you are interested in buying any of the cars you see in this barn, click here to send Eric an email.

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It seems the small town of Eureka Springs is a treasure trove of old cars and we can’t wait to see what else he is able to find. We want to thank Eric for sharing his find with us and we wish him the best of luck with finding these cars new homes! Eric didn’t list all of the cars he found, so we thought we would let you guys figure out what all is hiding in this barn. Good Luck!

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  1. Brian

    The mid sixties Pontiac looks interesting. The Mustang ‘vert is probably the crown of the collection but somebody will want the “Boss Hogg” Cad ‘vert and the Vette, no doubt, but they’re just not my thing…

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  2. Mark E

    I’d personally like the Honda Scrambler and the Cadillac limo but I’m sure even the Olds convertible & the Ford truck have fans out there! ^_^

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  3. geomechs geomechsMember

    I personally like the Ford flatbed truck. That truck all fixed up would make a classy hauler, or even something to trailer the vintage tractor from one show to the next.

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  4. David G

    Wish i could see more of the 66 Bonneville, possibly a convertible..

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    • Alan

      That one might be a convertible, but it looks to be a 2-door coupe. Outside there is another Pontiac, in between the Mustang and the long Caddy Fleetwood. Just seen a little, appears to be from the 70’s, and it is a convertible.
      Once upon a time, those Eldo convertibles were being pushed as the thing to buy with investment in mind. Not sure how that ever worked out. A couple that I worked for a long time ago had one, and it was a very cushy ride.

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      • paul

        I had a 74 Eldo convert pushed on me by a customer, bought it cheap this car was a rolling tank that needed a tanker truck full of gas to follow it, 500 cu in engine that was quite powerful once under way, so I did my thing , drove it for awhile & sold it for some good $’s.
        The Mustang is probably the car to have in this bunch.

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  5. Jim-Bob

    I am probably the only one, but the mid 80’s full size Oldsmobile wagon (with woodgrain!) does it for me. I don’t know what I would do with it because I certainly couldn’t afford to put gas in it and drive it, but I would do something interesting with it… something with a Duramax, 4 wheel disc brakes, period correct wheels with modern size rubber, suspension upgrades and the mandatory manual transmission with factory bench seat. Oh, and since it’s an Olds, I feel it really needs to have all the power toys and a Vista Cruiser roof with a Webasto fold back sunroof in the rear section (sort of a Studebaker Wagonaire effect).

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    • Brian

      Heck, I’ll go you one better! I even like the early 80s mid sized Cutlass Cruiser. I’ll take mine in white with a red or blue interior, Brougham trim with the split front seat. 3.8 v6 is fine but don’t forget the faux wood on the side!

      Did I hear you say Vista Cruiser? I’ll be glad to have a low mileage ’91-’92 Olds Custom Cruiser with the Vista roof! Again, white with red or blue insides, LT1 would be great but I will settle for a 350 ’cause I don’t want you to think I’m hard to get along with.

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      • Jim-Bob

        Oh, I already have a 1985 Cutlass Supreme Brougham (2 door coupe) with a Chevy 355/ TH200-4R/ 3.23 gear combo that I swapped in it. As far as the original 3.8 V6… Let’s just say I drive a 3 cylinder Geo Metro and it gets to 60 about 7-8 seconds faster than the Cutlass did with the stock engine and 2.41 gears…and has about a 15 MPH higher top speed.

        The biggest negative about the G body wagons is the rear door windows. They do not roll down! This is some sort of perverse design flaw (in a vehicle that has many of them) as the doors were designed in such a way that there simply is no room for them to ever roll down. As to the other issues, well, the seatbelt pivots are about 3-4 inches higher than they need to be so that they cut into your neck if you are shorter than 6’3″ (this is not an exaggeration). The front suspension also has terrible bump steer geometry, with the tie rods pointing down to the ball joints rather than moving in the same plane. Still, it is a lovable car if you don’t mind either living with it’s flaws or modifying it to eliminate them.

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      • Brian

        @Jim-Bob. I once owned a 78 Cutlass Salon Brougham with the 260 V8. Your right, they don’t do anything exceptionally well, but I did find it to be a nice smooth ride. I nursed it along for along time, till the a/c went out and the timing gear seal started to pour and I moved on. If I recall, it had a TH200 trans tied to the 260, so Jack rabbit starts were not even attempted. In alot of ways, it seems to be engineered around the parts that GM had left over but it had a weird charm about it anyway. I enjoyed it and it was a pretty good car for what it was.

        As I remember there wasn’t much hp or torque difference between the 3.8 and the 260, kinda like the four and the V6 available in the late 70s Pinto; not worth paying up to get bigger. I don’t know but I would think there would be some go fast goodies for the 3.8, the built billion of them?

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  6. Charles

    The cool thing about this collection is that most of these vehicles seem to be complete. The vehicles appear to have been stored while they still had some life left in them. So often there is nothing left but a rotting shell sunk into the ground with a tree growing out of it. Many of these look like all it might take is some fresh fluids, battery, fuel, and they might run.

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  7. compuglobalhypermeganet

    ~ way to go, Eric!!! was there anything in the group that you did drag home??

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  8. jim s

    the trucks, corvette, and honda ( i konw it is not a 450 but do not what size it is) all look interesting. again great hunting and finds. thanks

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    • Alan

      That looks to be a CL350. If the engine is not stuck, could be worth the time to make it a runner.

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  9. KE100

    I am loving the old Honda CL Scrambler. Reminds me of the jan and dean song little honda. :)

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  10. John

    I want the Honda 350. I crossed Kansas on a green one just like it. Been looking for another for years.

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  11. geomechs geomechsMember

    That Honda 350 would be a worthwhile restoration to take on. It must be a ’69 model or later because the ’68s had a pretty basic paint job. I might add that a couple of guys won the Baja 1000 back in the late 60s riding an essentially stock CL350. I think they changed the rear shocks and put a tougher set of forks on it. They nearly lost the race when they ran out of gas and then the air filters plugged up, but they made it.

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  12. ConservativesDefeated

    I hear banjos

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