Ever Seen One? 1966 Ferves Ranger

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If you were at the Turin, Italy Motor Show in 1966, you may have seen one of these before. If not, this is probably your first time. You are looking at a 1966 Ferves Ranger, which is based on the Fiat 500/600. There were only a few hundred made and only a handful are known to have survived to the present day. This one can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $43,000 Unfortunately the cute-ute is located in Acireale, Italy, so if you’re a buyer in the states, you’ll need to factor shipping costs into your offer. Check out more photos of this amazing little car/truck/sport utility?

According to the ad, “At the 1966 Turin Motor Show, Ferves (acronym for FERrari VEicoli Speciali) introduced the Ranger, a small off road derivative of the Fiat 500 and 600. There were only 600 units made between 1966 and 1971, and only around 50 have survived. Less than 10 are located in the USA.” While it would take some research to validate these numbers, they sound pretty reasonable, I’ve certainly never seen one that I can remember. How about you?

The steering wheel is said to have been borrowed from the Fiat 500, but the suspension and brakes are from the 600. The engine is a 499cc which is mounted in the rear. The top speed is about 45mph, so don’t plan on winning any drag races. So what do you think of this unique vehicle? Have you ever seen one? Would you like to own it?

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  1. CapNemo

    I’m not familiar with these at all, and for 43,000 I never will be.

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  2. Mark

    My only comment is WHY?

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  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    Neat variation of a Nuovo 500, but I wonder if the seller has priced this for the Investor’s market? If that’s the case, I don’t see much of an investment, there.

    Perhaps this was Italy’s answer to the Mini-Moke?

    This cheapskate would be in at around 10% of the asking price, as rare doesn’t necessarily make it valuable… ;-)

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  4. J.T. WILSON

    That is just ugly enough to be cute. The same has been said about me.

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  5. Coventrycat

    Great if you want to be mistaken for an Oompa Loompa.

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  6. Eric Z

    Half a year ago there was an article about one on BF who spent his life on the Cote d’Azur, which was sold for about $6,500.
    Even if this one really should be the 10th that was produced, more than 8k$ it is not worth.

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  7. Ike Onick

    No, and I hope to never see one again.

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  8. Francisco

    So ugly, only its mother could love it.

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  9. Mike
  10. Wrong way

    They must have very short legged people over there! I don’t think that I could ever get in and out of this without assistance! :-)

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  11. Fiete T.

    Well, since the majority of Jeep’s line up is re-skinned FIAT these days…Barrett-Jackson might be the only hope to find an over-moneyed, middle-aged plus, half intoxicated bidder who needs to add this to their collection.

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    • Wrong Way

      Old? Yes! Intoxicated? Never, but when you get older with a surplus, why not? :-)

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  12. Martin Horrocks

    Valuation is more than $8000 for a rarity based on FIAT 500, such things are very collectable (if not for most of us).

    I don’t see why the Ferves would use Fiat 600 suspension and suspect it is 100% a Fiat 500 in its mechanics.

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  13. Matt

    Nothing unfortunate whatsoever about being located in Acireale, Italy.

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  14. t-bone Bob


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