Exceptional Example: 1968 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

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I have to agree with the seller of this 1968 Shelby GT350 here on Craigslist that the pony is in exceptional condition, and I’m not too far away from drooling a bit on my keyboard just staring at it as I’m writing this.  My only beef is I wish a few more details had been provided, but hopefully, a phone call to the owner may help clarify a couple of questions before a potential buyer is ready to be separated from $125,000.  Make no mistake, the car’s a beauty, and if you want to go check it out in person your travel destination will be San Antonio, Texas.  T.J., thanks again for another great tip on this one!

The wording regarding the engine is the seller mentioning it doesn’t appear to have the original block.  As a potential buyer, I guess an absolute statement like the motor is not original to the car may have set better, as the way it’s worded leaves a glimmer of hope, small as it is, that maybe the owner hasn’t positively identified the 350 as NOM.  He does say it is date correct and appropriate for the Shelby, but beyond that, no further details are given.  No word on how well it runs, and no mention at all about the automatic transmission or rear end.

Outside, the body seems to be in exceptional condition as it’s stated, with the seller claiming that most of the paint is original, although there have been some touch-ups to the finish in the past.  He never tells us how long the Shelby has been under his ownership, or any more history about the car, but does say that there is no identifiable rust or any signs of past accidents.  I hope that translates to no rust and no wrecks.  The seller does mention that it’s a 3-digit early-year model with the rectangle back quarter lights, and I do seem to remember that ’68 was when Ford changed the Mustang’s rear side lights mid-year.  Maybe one of our Ford aficionados can help confirm this.

Other than an aftermarket radio, the interior is said to appear original, with non-functional A/C but at least it’s there.  The parts we can see in there are looking really well-preserved, especially if the car has traveled 100,000+ miles.  More good news is the underside, which we get several photos of, and there’s just not much at all down below to find fault with.  Overall this one appears to be a very solid Shelby GT350 and seems to live up to the seller’s claim of exceptional condition.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. CadmanlsMember

    Very nice example, I am sure getting old. Remember when the 68’s got no love at all. The auto and air in a so called hot Mustang was no no. This was 68, muscle cars were usually less luxurious (well except Buick and Olds) anyway here they are commanding big bucks. Hopefully will get a few more miles put in it before it becomes a garage queen.

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  2. Howie

    We have a $125k car, where should we advertise it? Oh i know lets put it on Craig’s List.

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    • 19sixty5Member

      If it sells does it really matter where it’s advertised?

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    • Grumpy

      And the A/C? Nah, not gonna fix that for $125,000. Really

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  3. TomP

    I never jumped on the Mustang/Camaro bandwagon, never cared for them. There’s a red Shelby GT500 King of the Road in the woods near my house. I snapped a few pictures of it when I was driving by last fall. You can see it from the road if you look real hard into the woods.

    I can see it sitting there for many years to come, since people driving in cars don’t look out the windows anymore. Even new motorhomess have tv screens in the place of windows.

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    • Eric B

      That’s amazing! PLEASE go save it or tell someone who might be more interested in doing so! As we all know, even if it’s been ravaged by nature and time, it’s still worth plenty.

      For the record, I accidentally reported this comment- it was a half asleep accident.

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  4. Maggy

    125k and not #’s match? It’s as much a toy as an Investment at that price.

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  5. John EderMember

    When I die, if we do actually go somewhere afterwards, I’d like to state my preference now to be sent to this guy’s garage.

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    • Grant

      Sure, but what kind of life have you led? Good or bad? You might end up in the garage either way, but in one scenario you might get to drive them all on pristine roads, but in another, you might have to wash and wax them for eternity. That, and wrench on rusty bolts forever scrapping your knuckles.

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  6. bobhess bobhessMember

    What kills me, other than the asking price, is it’s brown. Sad thing to do to a car like this.

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    • steve

      Brown??? Looks white to me.

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    • Howie

      It even says white in the ad.

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  7. John EderMember

    I’ve lived a great life for the most part. I escort little old ladies across the road, served my country and rescue kittens. I tried driving on pristine roads (to use your euphemism) as a child. I found it tedious and definitely not for me. I respect that others feel differently. Bring on the “rusty bolts”- that’s why I keep a can of PB Blaster and mechanic’s gloves in my “go bag”.

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  8. Chuck A Grover

    Would not pay 125,000 without Numbers Matching Motor, sorry just my Opinion….

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  9. Dannys Mustangs

    how much for the 1966 red gt350 on the rack thanks Dannys Mustangs

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