EXCLUSIVE: 1941 Plymouth Deluxe Business Coupe ($1k Price Drop)

UPDATE 3/15/17 – Ron has decided to lower his asking price to $9,900.

FROM 3/7/17 – A lot can happen to a car over 54 years of just sitting in a garage. Seals can break down, metal can rust and upholstery can disintegrate. When reader Ron B found this ’41 Plymouth, it had suffered some of the effect of being parked that long, but he went through the mechanicals and got it running again. He’s cleaned up the interior and has it running and driving again, quite the feat for something this old! It still needs some work and paint, but is just about ready to be a daily driver and hasn’t been chopped up. He’s decided to part way with it and thought one of his fellow Barn Finds Readers might enjoy having it. It’s currently in Dalton, Georgia and he is asking $10,900 $9,900 for it. If you are interested in buying it, be sure to message him via the form below!

From Ron – Everything works. All major systems have been rebuilt such as generator, voltage regulator, starter, fuel pump, carburetor, heater, with the brake wheel cylinders and master cylinder being replaced with new parts. All original chrome and the original wheels are in the trunk. Original flat head 6 cylinder still purring with all 87 horsepower. Head lights and tail lights all work. Drives well for it’s 75 years.

Body Condition: Excellent. This 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coup was found after spending 54 years in a garage. Most cosmetics and mechanical issues have been resolved. Sanded and primed 3 times leaving a flat black appearance ready for your favorite color. There was a small spot behind drivers door that had rusted but is not noticeable All matching numbers for motor and body.

Mechanical Condition: All repairs have been completed. I’ve been taking the car for a drive each day and worked out most all of the problems associated with sitting for 54 years in a garage. Mileage reads 28,049, but can not back that up other than to say that it sat for over 50 years.

Interior Condition: Totally Refurbished. The interior was originally restored in 1961 with leather roll and pleated on the inside roof and door panels. The seats are done in a bright red velvet which I had redyed back to original look. It looks new!

I really do love the styling of the these Plymouths and I can understand why so many have been turned into hot rods, but I’m glad to see that this one hasn’t been chopped up or had a V8 installed, as they didn’t build many of these. I only wish it was still wearing its original paint, but at least Ron took action to stop the progress of the rust. Personally, I’d have it repainted in the original color and redo the interior in something less red, but that’s just me. So, if it were yours, would you restore it to original, leave it as is or turn it into a V8 powered hot rod?

Our thanks to Ron for listing his Plymouth! Hopefully he finds a good home for it and with any luck, the next owner will keep us posted with their progress. If you happen to have a project you’ve been working on that needs a new home, please consider listing it as an Exclusive here on Barn Finds!

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  1. KevinW

    I don’t get the fender and running board trim. Looks like they were made of aluminum foil, otherwise, cool car!

    • Chebby

      I thought that too, but it appears to be silver paint.

  2. Glen

    I think original style wheels would be more appropriate for this 87hp beast. I don’t mind the interior just the way it is, however. New paint would be nice, too.

  3. Rod

    Lots of potential with this car. I would give it a nice paint job and enjoy it. However I can see where some people would hotrod it which would be nice as well.

  4. Kevin Wernick

    Nothing finer than a 40s coupe. A small V8 with a drivetrain to match, would make a much better driver in this day and age. Other than that, a nice paint job and some vintage custom wheels.

    • Classic_ford_guy Classic_ford_guy

      I got one a couple weeks ago that fits your description

      Like 1
  5. erikj

    I really like this Plymouth!! I would give it a good driver paint job and drive it. I had a 36 Plymouth coupe years ago and this was so like my old ride,6cyl. 3spd but was painted 1975 corvette yellow. Quite brite but got lots of looks.
    I wish I had the funds for this-Just got back to work so maybe look later but this is what I would really look at.

  6. Roger Owen

    I like the heavy duty ‘A’ frame towing dolly in the top photo – great for shifting old classic cars. Unfortunately in the UK it is only legal to use this kind of towing arrangement when the towed vehicle has a current MOT certificate (compulsory annual safety check on cars over 3 years old). This is very unlikely if you are off to collect a barn find.

  7. terry

    Darn shame it no longer has the original paint.

    • Texas Tea

      I agree terry! If it were still original it maybe worth $5,000 to $5,500.

      What ever work was done is not working in the right direction for the dollars being asked for.

  8. snerd

    20 spray cans later then the TJ upholstery job and you’ve the lowered the value! put the rims back on your Monte Carlo
    Just another sad attempt to make a rat rod and not a cleaned up driver survivor.

    • packrat

      This is years ago: A friend of mine heard his neighbor’s old Studebaker, which had been glimpsed from the back of the garage for decades, was finally being offered by his kids for 800. When he went there to see it, he found they had just spray-painted the car black and had put in (possibly house) carpeting and an aftermarket, ill-fitting front seat cover, and were proud to tell him the price was newly jumped to 1200. He told them he would have to spend 400 dollars just to undo what they had done so it wasn’t even worth the 800 to him anymore.

  9. Mike Super Sport

    Love the factory B pillars on these – tilt gives it a custom look

  10. Don

    A 225 slant 6 would be my choice.

    • peter

      Rather than a slant 225 fit an Australian Chrysler vertical 6, 265 cuin as it would fit much better. The factory produced a number of versions of the 265 up to 302bhp.

  11. DrinkinGasoline

    If it were to be semi-rodded, I’d ditch those wheels for a set of deeper dished painted smoothies (maybe later style MoPar slotted police package rims) with dog dishes and trim rings. Black Cherry paint. Built In-line (or Slant) mill, with split exhaust manifolds and duals.

  12. Kevin Reid

    Looks as if this is a page from old school-blown 392,high stakes straight axle gasser waiting to happen.

  13. olddavid

    Didn’t the Business Coupe have the fold down seat that made a bed from the back seat into the trunk? It was for a traveling salesman to sleep in, I think.

    • Kevin Wernick

      You’re half right, business coupes were designed for traveling salesmen. However, business coupes actually had no backseat at all. This made room for the salesman’s products.

  14. The One


  15. John

    I wish I had more space I would get it in a second. I would pay full price. I don’t understand the trim either. I would like it better if it wasn’t primed. I hade one in 1976 and it drove great on the highway at 85 all day. I also don’t mind manual steering, manual breaks, I learned on them. The only thing I didn’t like was the vacuum wipers. My girlfriend at the time was a little thing and would flood it when she tried to start it so she would push it by herself hop in and pop the clutch and it started every time for her. I loved the car and her. to be young again

    • The One


  16. DrinkinGasoline

    Excuse my honesty. Install the original wheels with whatever rubber, Blackwalls out. Given the pictures, I’m not sure what is going on with the foil trim, but it has no place on this coupe and does not present well. All joking aside, with the factory rims, blackwalls, and that outline trim removed, it would be viable for sale regardless of the interior.

  17. Doug Towsley

    When I saw the first pix and price I was going to say over priced but then all the work and current condition its not out of line. Seems reasonable although I would think real world would be between $6,000 to $8,000 but in the right market i could see this getting full price.
    The problem of course with the primer job and garish red upholstery is that it only appeals to certain people, That is ALWAYS the problem with a custom job is you have to cater to what others want. Now personally if it was in my driveway I would clean up the black primer and perhaps do a better flat black or Grey-Black and then paint the Nose and parts of the front fenders with a classic flame job using Red-Orange-Yellow fade job with pinstripes. But I do my own paint. I dont think the wheels suit the car either. Find some old Cragars, sandblast them, powder coat them and then new stainless lug nuts and spinners.
    But its a cool car. Ive got a 39 Plymouth, and a 39 Dodge and I thought parts would interchange but they dont. Interesting how the bodys changed in those years into this.

  18. Howard A Member

    Hmm, seems like a lot of “price drops” lately. Indication of lack of interest, or money, or both.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Only one price drop on this one Howard. We just updated a couple of the Exclusives at the same time.

  19. Loco Mikado

    No shift knob? All tire kicking aside, I think the interior would look much better in black or brown. Wonder if it could be dyed to come out decent looking and wearing? Wonder about underside issues?

  20. Pete Carney

    Looks a bit similar to my 42 Plymouth that sat in my grandpa’s garage for years.. It’s now in my garage thankfully 😁

  21. Plmbrdon

    The original paint didn’t look bad at all. The weird trim added does not suit the car or the wheels. Still a nice solid car with lots of potential.

  22. Chris B

    I do have one in barn with no engine, but have landed a 340/727 trans 8-3/4″ rear in a 66 Fury. I’d like to put 41 B. Coupe on frame any ideal if it would fit.

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