EXCLUSIVE: 1948 Chevrolet Cabriolet Woody

What Makes It Special? Never offered to public and unseen since 1960 by anyone. I purchased her a few years ago from the original owner who was reluctant to sell. Buying it took me a very very long time. Finally, one day (original owner was 91years young at the time) called and said, “come get her”. So many things make this car special. First, the top has never ever been down. The original owner was very fair skinned and his Physician said to not get much sun, so he never put down the top. Ironically, he mostly owned Cabriolets since he enjoyed the style of the Canvas top. Another Special feature, well she only has 47,350 miles! Another equally special feature is the fact that she still has the original paint and yes it is factory coded: 376 Mayland Black. Originally, the car had been specially ordered with Red Leather Interior (rarest option offered by Chevrolet). Another Special feature the dealer added Country Club Option, I was told that only 5 cabriolets were made into Country Clubs in 1948. This was the only Country Club made from a Cabriolet with Black with Red Leather interior. In the ’50s the owner changed the interior to Black in a tuck and roll style (in perfect condition). Every gauge works as it should, the original drivetrain 216 engine is still in her and starts right up! Best part for any Car Nut, this car has zero zero zero rust… Even the trunk under the mat where the spare sat is perfect!!!! find another one like that.. undercarriage, the frame has not been undercoated- she is honest honest honest.

Body Condition: Body has scars and paint has chips and dings, I would describe her as being in survivor condition. I am only going to show a few photos, so if you’re interested please contact me, I don’t want thousands of pictures going around the internet of my beautiful rare car.

Mechanical Condition: Mechanically: We put Marvel Mystery oil down each cylinder and let it marinade for a few days, turning the engine by hand and finally after changing fluids we started her up and boy she purrs. Changed all the fuel lines and tank ET, carb rebuild, generator rebuild, radiator rebuild, brakes and master cylinder sorted.

What a truly beautiful and special car! Even if it wasn’t an all original survivor, it would be a very desirable vehicle. It isn’t cheap, but when will you ever come across another ’46 Cabriolet survivor that is this nice? Be sure to contact Rudy via the form below if you are interested in giving it a new home!

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  • Asking Price: $50,000
  • Location: Brea, California
  • Mileage: 47,350
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    I sure like the look of this car I love a car with wood on it. Nice find.

  2. mlm

    This baby is beautiful and I don’t blame the original owner for reluctantly selling it,but we can’t take it with us.Enjoy it and let someone else get some fun with it.

  3. Dean

    Someone else will, so I’ll start it…..LS swap?
    Seriously, a beautiful car…GLWS

    • Owner of this Beauty

      Gosh I would hope not- that would not be cool- has the original engine and trans.

  4. Andre

    Wow. What a car. Good luck to the seller.

  5. grant

    This Ad was Painful to Read, for some Strange Reason that I cannot put my Finger on.

    • Matt

      I agree, there are a lot of special cars out there. The hype and the price are a bit much.

  6. David Frank David F Member

    Well, perhaps it was the vision, the vision of the marradating cylinders, perhaps. But what a beautiful car! I hope there’s someone out there with deep enough pockets that will appreciate this car.

    • grant

      Probably no better vision than a well marridated cylinder!

      • Mountainwoodie

        Lol……………I’d rather marinate.

        At Wavecrest this past month there was a Chevy sedan with a wood kit…….but added by the owner. What we used to call ‘phantom’ woodies and verboten to the true believer woodiephile. But with the passage of time and the preference of many owners to make their woodies drive like 02 Crown Vics, more and more of these “fake “woodies are admitted.

        I have no idea what the car should sell for, .probably what a ’48 Chevy convertible in like condition would. After all the wood kit is just bolted on, the car is steel all around. If there is a dealer invoice showing a Country Club package it would add some value to some folks. With the upholstery being changed that will affect the price to some extent. Still be a fun car to have…….

  7. ken TILLY

    I’m trying to send an article re the above article but it’s not happening. Any known reason?

  8. jdjonesdr

    I’m clicking on the pictures and there are a few of another 48 white convertible. Which car is that?

  9. Don H

    Change it back to the red original interior, change nothing else,or else 👹☠joking.

  10. George

    With a redone interior, it’s not exactly a survivor. But it looks nice.

  11. Kenneth Carney

    Since I can’t afford this car, I’ll find an
    empty shell and build a clone of it instead. To keep things period correct,
    I’d use a 292 6 cylinder/Powerglide tranny
    for power and then rebuild the rest of the
    car the way you would restore any other
    ’48 Chevy out there. Then, I’d add the
    DiNoc decals and the 3-D printed wood
    trimming that goes around the edges of
    the decal and call it done. Now before
    the rest of you come after me with your
    pitchforks and torches, please bare in
    mind that this would be an affordable
    way to build a car like this one and be
    able to use it every day if you chose to.
    In short, I like this car a lot–but not 50K
    worth. So to me, a copy of this car makes sense. I’ll have a car that I can
    enjoy for half the price.

  12. Del

    Why am I thinking that trying to put that top down now would result in shredding it ?

    Its Beauty. Not sure why anyone is worried about pics on internet ? If there are 4 there will be more.

  13. Ed P

    Wow, what a car. It is hard to believe this is just a ‘lowly’ Chevrolet and not a more upscale Buick. I hope it will find a good home.

  14. jdjonesdr

    I’d still like to know the story behind the other white 48 Chevy convertible in the attached pictures.
    Why throw those in the ad?

    • Steve H.

      Very curious… would also like to know what’s up with those pics of the white car.

  15. Alexander

    Wasn’t there someone on Barn Finds not long ago doing knock-off woody phantom cars like Chrysler T&C, Ford Sportsman and the like? Seems for the money you could contact them and bring to them your driver and know that the engine, interior and convertible top were well-maintained. I’m not seeing a white car in the additional photos, but photos that look like they were doctored with some sort of chroma filter.

    • jdjonesdr

      Keep clicking through them, there are more photos than what shows here in the ad.

  16. Little Cars

    The white car is so full of bondo in the front fenders and looks like it has semaphore turnsignals on the passenger door. This better not be the subject vehicle in as found condition or I cry fowl, I mean foul!

  17. Saul

    No photos of the interior. No dealer documentation of the wood install. No sale.

  18. P T Cheshire

    This was my 1941 with original top also. Sold it 3 years ago and got $63,000 for it.
    As for the accessories on the 1948, like mine they were all dealer installed not factory including the wood kits.The dealership made their profit on the sale of accessories and installation. Some dealer offered accessories were windshield washers,back up lights, outside rear view mirrors, cigar lighter, radiator over flow tank, fog lights, passing light, automatic ash tray, 5 band radio, retractable antenna, boot scrappers and a few others. There wouldn’t be any record to confirm the accessories unless the owner kept the shop receipt for their install.

    • leiniedude Member

      That rig kicks tail! Can you tell me what a automatic ashtray is?

  19. P T Cheshire

    It mounts to the vent window and you open the vent an it tips the contents out of the car. . . usually on the outside of the door :(

  20. Wayne from Oz

    Love that 41 convertible. I cannot imagine why anyone would change a red interior for a black one on the 47, especially on a black car. But then again it’s not my car, so I guess he can do whatever he wants.


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