EXCLUSIVE: 1962 Jaguar E-Type

It’s a little shinier than what we normally see around here, but when Michael A sent in this beautiful E-Type, we knew we needed to feature it! It’s been stored in his heated garage for the past 25 years, but his daughter is getting married so it’s time to say goodbye. He was thinking about having Sotheby’s auction it off, but wanted to give the Barn Finds community a chance at it first. It’s located in Port Chester, New York and he is asking $110,000. You can contact him using the form below if you’re interested.

Besides the sleek glass headlight covers seen in the first photo, you purchase a Series 1 E-Type for those toggle switches! Safety regulations forced Jag to use rocker switches in later cars, so these early examples are the only ones will give you that warm fighter pilot feeling. Just imagine how you will feel sitting in the tan leather bucket, grasping that wood steering wheel, and then reaching over to flip up a couple of switches? Very cool indeed!

You’re going to feel like you are preparing for takeoff when you fire up that big inline-six too! With all three of those SU carbs sucking air, it has gotta sound sweet. Gear changes should be silky smooth too because the manual transmission came from the factory with syncros on all four gears. This car has been gone through by a professional and it’s ready to be enjoyed. A few upgrades such as a gear reduction starter have been added to make the sweet experience even sweeter.

Michael is getting this beauty all detailed so it should be ready by the time the next owner takes delivery. This may not be the sort of thing we normally feature, but if you have the money and the garage space, I don’t see how you could do better. The XK-E is one of the most beautiful automobiles ever built and this is an early example in excellent condition. Thanks for listing it with us Michael! We hope your car goes to a good home and we wish your daughter happiness as she starts this new chapter of life.

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  1. Hoos Member

    I want it, I want it, I want it!


    I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it.

    Nice looking car, but the price is all the money. The pictures show it isn’t perfect, but it is awfully nice.

  2. duke

    um,NO-a food and dance party that lasts a few hours with people you don’t want to see let alone invite into your home or keep this car and all its wonderful rareness?
    let me think a moment………THIS REPLY-to my only and dearest daughter,i will and do always love you,however,you and your what seems to be dead beat husband best pay your own way and start saving for this ‘party’ of yours-as i’m keeping the jag, as thats what im bringing you to the church in-IN STYLE -!

    (a wedding that costs that much is just unrealistic/still keeping the car)

    • rando

      My second wedding was in flip flops and at the Justice of the Peace office. Best wedding ever! Would have been better with the Jag, but that’s just an aside. Wouldn’t sell a car to finance a wedding. Period. Love my kids, but… Ok, if it were a $4000 POS, maybe.

  3. sunbeamdon

    Duke, my man, you tickled my fancy – I’m still chuckling; my wife informed our youngest when she got married – “you lived with him for three years – the party (cost) is on you.” I payed the preacher! Didn’t have to pay for her second one – his mum was an ordained minister. To paraphrase Paul Harvey (I’m dated) – “too many slip knots”

    Back to the car – this one will put a smile on any old fart’s face and fanny! Indenture the kids – you can doit!

  4. racingpro56

    The future son in law better be a very good long term investment! I love my daughters but if this Jag were mine, i would plan on being buried in it.

  5. Jeffro

    I’d have to seriously ponder paying off my daughter to elope. This Jag is drop dead sexy!

  6. jake

    The 3.8 E types were fitted at the factory with the Moss non syncro 1st gear 4 speeds. 1965 onward cars were fitted with the full syncro box!!! Also E type up til somewhere around Feb or June of 62 yr production had flat floors, after that added the recessed floorboard for more leg room.

    This is a sweet one here, hoping maybe lotto come thru tonight, lol!!!

  7. LMK Member

    Where are the missing air filters….?

    • Dtkennedy930

      The ram tubes, triangular plenum and cylindrical air filter canister w/ intake tubes are not installed in the included engine photos. However the SU’s are usually tuned without the first two items installed. Also the brakes vacuum reservoir may be missing, or the angle may just be poor. It’s under the intake.

  8. Adam T45 Staff

    This is absolutely magnificent! I’m just trying to work out what I can sell to raise the money. Anyone interested in a one-owner kidney?

    • Jeffro

      I was actually thinking some low mileage testicles. I don’t need them to drive!

      • Adam T45 Staff

        I read somewhere that you can get $37,000 each for them! Between those and a kidney I think I’m set!!

  9. DLM

    Some of these pictures are dated 1996. Maybe the others are newer, with the NY plates?

  10. RicK


  11. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Absolutely freaking stunning. I am speechless…except to say come on Powerball!

  12. Pete W.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Series 1 E-Type have a non-synchro first, Moss gearbox. IIRC, the all synchro box didn’t come along until the Series 1 1/2 with the 4.2 litre engine was introduced in ’65.

    • Dtkennedy930

      Yes, the early Series I had the Moss four speed. No syncros in 1st, weak syncros in 2nd and reverse. A somewhat agricultural experience – noisy, slow shifting but many like it better. The early 4.2l cars came with the full syncro 4 speeds, vinyl instrument dash and transmission console, etc, but are still called Series I. Series 1-1/2 IIRC started in ’68 was when they started loosing the headlight covers, etc in the cross over to Series 2. There were a range of progressive modifications including the dash switches going from traditional to plastics flush mounted toggle switches mentioned.

      • jake

        Some of the late S1 cars in 67 were fitted at the factory with open headlights and then on S1.5 (which factory never designated) all cars open headlights but 68 and from then on, but 68 had different headlamp bezels than 69 on thru S2 cars, and all but American spec still retained triple SU while here we got the 2 strombergs on those S1.5 cars. Lots of little subtle changes to look for when checking out an E type..

  13. John D

    My 61 XK-E had the non syncro first gear and I always thought that transmission was a smooth shifting gearbox. I don’t recall missing that syncro except when reading the specs.

    • Dtkennedy930

      When others drive my ’62 FHC I always tell them to pause between completing shifts up into the next gear. At least in my case it seems to never fail that those only used to modern gear boxes crunch at least their first upshift, never mind rev matching downshift attempts. YMMV and some folks love the box on the Jag forums, but various 5 speed swaps are not uncommon either. Right?

  14. jake

    Yes, the tremec 5 spd we sold at the old Terry’s Jaguar Parts worked great!!! Nothing like driving a 63 E type with Bill Terry’s design WAD cam set up engine with triple webers and the owner tell ya to punch it and get serious, took weeks for the smile on my face to fade away!!!!

  15. John 64xkeots

    could you submit a photo of the vin plate. It would clear up a few questions.

  16. milotus

    On they way to our Daughter’s wedding in Virginia,
    I stayed at a motel in Paducah,Kentucky,where one of the other
    guests told me that his Daughter’s wedding cost $150,000!
    Seems she had it in the Caribbean,with a Pirate ship,
    & all that.Those marriages never seem to last,but the Jag will.

    • jake

      An e type would be worth throwin that kinda money at it, not to sure about throwin it in a crap shoot called daughters wedding! But to each their own, just wish I could have the contract for the catering job at that wedding, lol…

  17. D. King

    I’ve always said that the price of the wedding is inversely proportional to the length of the marriage. Our wedding cost $267, back in 1975. And the best part? Our honeymoon car is still in our garage–1964 Porsche 356 SC Sunroof Coupe. I wouldn’t let my husband sell it in past years, and now that it has been restored, well, you’ll have to pry the key from his cold, dead hands…he has owned it for 50 years.

    Nice car–good luck with the sale, even if I am scratching my head wondering WHY.

  18. Rustytech Member

    I bought a 62 rag top from a repo auction back in the late 70’s for under $1000, it was to be a flip. I loved it so much I ended up keeping it for over a year. It always amazed me how will it stuck to the road with those skinny tires. I remember it as somewhat temperamental, it seemed like every time I took it out, I had to come home and readjust the carb’s. It was so much fun though all was forgotten on the next outing. Gorgeous car.

  19. ccrvtt

    $110K is all the money, but I doubt you would ever be forced to sell it for less than that at any time in the future. Perfection is for the obsessives, flaws merely enhance the unmistakable beauty.

  20. Michael F Antaki

    Dear Folks, I am the owner and I am sitting here in my Log house in the woods in upstate NY.. and chuckling to myself
    On your comments!!! All of your observations and comments are well accepted… but its my one and only daughter who I truly love and her great fiance NYC Firefighter .. who is the greatest son in law to be.
    With that being said I Bequeath my other Love .. my Jag which I promised myself I wouldNever….to them. Muah!!! $$

    • Wm Lawrence

      Well then I would say give them the car and let them decide whether to keep it or waste the cost of it on a wedding. All the glitter and pageantry will be over and forgotten in a few hours.

  21. David Miraglia

    Jag of my dreams….but I am being realistic…….

  22. jimbosidecar

    I had a red ’67 DHC. I didn’t lose it for a wedding but I sure did lose it in a divorce!

  23. jesus bortoni

    Realistically priced, but out of my league.

  24. Randy V from the Northern/Lower

    The new Son-in-Law to be should get a second job just till the money needed for the wedding is made the Daughter also. She had to see her Dad babby that car in a heated garage for all them 25 years.
    If it was my daughter getting married l would say to her boyfriend this car means a lot to me,, and to let it go for the two of you to get married. YOU Better treat my daughter like l did,, and the way l treated this car that is older than You. Also how would you like to drive this car, when You ask me if you can ?? Well Boy Help Pay For Your Wedding and You Will Be Able To Sunny Days Only !!!!

  25. Wm Lawrence

    Sell the Jag to buy a wedding? Hell, give them a couple grand and tell them elope…

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