If you’ve never experienced an MGA, you’re really missing out on one of the finest British sports cars ever built. While it’s not the fastest or best handling, it is the perfect balance of all of those things with a design that is uniquely British. Like most cars of the era, the MGA was updated and improved as time went on, meaning if you want one a late example is the one to have. While Reader Andy L’s 1962 MGA is a project that needs finishing, it’s a final year MKII and comes with a ton of new parts to finish. If you’ve been on the hunt for an MGA MKII project, be sure to send Andy a message via the form below.

The MKII’s biggest improvement over the 1600 was the engine, which had slightly higher capacity, reworked combustion champers, and larger valves. These improvements increased horsepower from 80 to 90. While that might not seem like a big difference, it allowed for a top speed over 100 mph and decreased the zero to sixty by nearly a full second. Unfortunately, this car’s 1622 engine was missing when it came to Andy, so he found an 1800 engine block and transmission from an MGB and had the engine block professionally rebuilt. The 1800 is a common upgrade for the MGA that gives you a healthy boost in performance, plus the transmission is a full synchromesh gearbox. A new transmission cross-member has already been installed to fit the MGB box.

At first glance, this project looks a bit overwhelming, as it is currently taken apart for rust repair. Don’t fret too much though, as the MGA is a body on frame design, so the body isn’t a structural component. Andy has already purchased the major metal pieces to fix the rust issues, including new A and B pillars. The frame has already been restored and is waiting to be assembled.

If you are going to restore a car, the MGA is a great option. Parts are readily available and they are fairly simple. The biggest challenge is getting all the panels to line up correctly, but if you take your time hanging the fenders and aligning the doors it’s not an impossible task. Just make sure you assemble the body prior to painting it to make sure everything lines up correctly and you will save yourself lots of headaches and money.

Having experienced both the 1500 and 1600, my only complaint about the MGA is the engine. I’ve long desired to drive one with the 1800, as I’ve heard that it makes them even more fun to drive! I hope whoever takes this project on keeps us posted on the restoration, as I’d love to see the finished product. You can find additional photos of Andy’s MGA here and be sure to contact him with any questions or offers.

Asking Price: $10,300
Location: Murphy, NC
Mileage: Unknown
Title Status: Clean
VIN: GHNL210798

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  1. Andy Lilburn

    Original A transmission included.

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  2. Rik

    Hmmm…in the seller’s own words…”Hagarty says a car in fair shape is worth $9300″…but the asking price for the unassembled parts is $10,300?…I love my ’59, but something seems off here…

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  3. Andy Lilburn

    If you can find a fair mga for $9300 with no frame rust, no rusty body panels rust, and a good drive train then that would be the way to go.

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  4. Steveo

    A kind of shabby kit for the price of a running car?

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  5. Scott L.

    Umm, where’s the part that you sit in, with the steering wheel, dashboard and such? What’s that roundish thing that looks like a motorcycle gas tank? Pretty hard to envision this as a car.

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    • Andy Lilburn

      If you would like photos of those items just let me know

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    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      “that roundish thing” is the entire front of the car in front of the cowl, minus front fenders, grille, bumper, valance and apron. The way the photo is taken, I also thought it looked more like a bike’s gas tank. Hood has rounded edges, if that helps give perspective on the overhead shot.

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  6. Pat Gill

    I have an 1800 engine in mine but with a three synchro O/D box, the four synchro box is a LOT fatter and will be a tight squeeze between the seats!

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  7. 914Shifter Member

    I agree with Scott L. above: where’s the dash and cowl? Doors? I hardly ever criticize an ad, but this one went totally wrong, or at least the pictures fall way short. Where’s the motor? Seats, Top? More pics might help, but the price is going to be the biggest obstacle. These are easy cars to work on, but there is a limit.

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    • Andy Lilburn

      It is interesting that those who have commented negatively are not the target buyers. Who is? Someone who wants a really nice MGA and willing to build one. They have a choice of where to start. They could start where I did with a car in “fair” but drivable condition. If you want a driver then buy a driver. If you want a really nice MGA you can start where I did and begin to uncover all the issues of a typical “fair” MGA. Or start with what I offer and skip the part of the process I did.
      Does the add/photos answer all the important questions? Of course not. That is why my contact information is available. Anyone serious will have a lot of questions which I can answer honestly. Yes I have all of the components to rebuild the car. Seats, dashboard, engine, steering wheel, tires, wheels and everything else is included.

      Yes, the 4 synchro trans is big but it does fit.
      Anyway thanks for the input.
      Price? Nowhere in the ad is the work “firm” used.

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  8. David Laker

    Surely this is a joke? Especially the phrase, “one of the finest British sports cars ever built.”

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