EXCLUSIVE: 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

UPDATE: This Exclusive received over 40 inquires and sold for the full asking price within days of being featured here! Read the Success Story here.

A friend found about this Chevelle that had been sitting in a garage in Sacramento, California for many years. It is completely original, rust free and a single family car. It is just as it was found and has not even been washed. The original owner sadly passed away years ago and the car was left to her sister. She drove it until the 1990’s and parked it. It’s a 283 automatic car showing about 130,000 miles. It sat in their garage until recently. After a little work, this Chevelle runs and drives beautifully and doesn’t even smoke. It will need tires, of course, and paint unless you love the patina, as well as doors seals and other rubber bits. If you are interested in making them an offer, be sure to email Roger here.

The interior looks pretty decent. The upholstery will need some attention, but a good cleaning and fixing the driver’s seat will help a lot.

The back seat looks pretty nice as well. With a little work, you could have it looking as good as new in here.

It’s complete and original under the hood. It could use a good cleaning as well as belts and hoses. It has A/C and power steering, but no power brakes. There is no sign of any repairs on the radiator support or the inner fenders.

There is no sign of rust anywhere. I dug around in all the usual places and couldn’t find anything.

The VIN number, 138375Z109704, shows this to be a true SS. The trunk fit is a bit off, but I didn’t see any signs of repair in the trunk. There are lots of possibilities for this Chevelle. I’d leave it as original as possible and enjoy driving it. Some folks might love the patina and not even paint it. Others might add modern suspension, a big horsepower crate motor and a custom interior. Some readers suggest putting big horsepower in everything, from micro cars to motor scooters. This might actually be where a blown crate motor would fit. What do you think it will be worth? How much would someone be willing to pay for this?


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  1. Vance L Jochim

    I enjoy your posts but why bother doing it when YOU DON’T SPECIFY THE LOCATION??????

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We normally do on Exclusives. We will have David update the post with a location.

      • David Frank David F Member

        Sorry for the omission. It’s here in Sacramento. And as to guys in jackets, it’s about the same temp here these days as Scotty up in Wisconsin. (58)

      • Angrymike

        It’s a beautiful sunny day here in NE Ohio, 67° ! Had the Top down on my Mustang today.
        This is for David F

    • Woodie Man

      Its not the end of the world my friend…relax.

      • Greg

        It kind of is. Who what when where why. Provide the basics.

    • philthyphil

      A friend found about this Chevelle that had been sitting in a garage in Sacramento, California for many years.
      Read more at http://barnfinds.com/exclusive-1965-chevrolet-chevelle-ss/#X095fBuVktooLS0W.99

    • Utes

      Did ‘ya read the 1st paragraph?……where it says, ‘………email Roger here.’?

  2. dirtyharry

    Rare opportunity to get a real SS out of storage. A BF reader fantasy car. I bet this won’t be cheap. My younger brother had this same model and wrecked it 3X. When he finally sold it, the only original panel was the roof. It ran for weeks on 2 quarts of oil. He was an athlete and had no interest in cars. As I recall, the 283 and powerglide moved it around adequately. It was a great cruiser with V-8 sound. It looks great as is and I imagine the buffer would do wonders. Great submission!

  3. Rex Kahrs Member

    Judging from the black plate, I’d guess California. Obviously.

    • Jason

      Doesn’t mean it’s still there now. Asking for location was a valid question.

      • wuzjeepnowsaab

        Doubtful it’s in California right now. Two guys in jackets, one has a scarf, and the Stude on the street is not sporting a CA tag.

      • Josh Staff

        It’s a completely valid question! I just heard from David and it’s in Sacramento, California.

  4. healeydays

    That’s a purdy car.

    If I was up to another project, I would call.

  5. Anthony

    This is a very nice find. You don’t see many 65 Chevelles (at least here on the East Coast) and I don’t think i have ever seen a 65 Chevelle with air conditioning before.

  6. Peter R Member

    Wheel covers are from Impala SS

    • Anthony

      I agree the wheel covers are not standard 65 Chevelle SS I think they are Nova SS covers

      • dirtyharry

        These are the correct wheel covers for an SS Malibu. I have no doubt these were used on other models. I don’t know if the models delivered in CA were different than other states, but that is exactly the wheel cover I recall seeing on the SS that my family purchased and others running around SO CAL. Seeing those wheel covers indicated to me how original this beauty is. This is truly the kind of find I always wish I could find. I wonder if anyone is thinking what I am thinking: “How do I buy this and not piss off my lovely spouse (again)”

  7. doug

    They were used on ’67 Camaros too. Same hubcap different paint accent.

  8. Gunner

    Maintain originality as much as possible, repair or replace what is needed, and drive it. They are only this way once. In some cases, it would make sense to recondition the car, but not here, IMHO. I too own a Black Plate California Car that is very original. However, my Coronet will require extensive work to get it back on the road, but it is all there. :-)

    • Doug Bohm Member

      Unfortunately, the term “Black Plate California Car” does not carry the significance that it once did. It truly represented an original owner car. Now that you can register cars with YOM (year of manufacture) plates, the term is now meaningless. big bummer. Sry Gunner.

  9. olddavid

    This is about as pure a project car base can be. Well used and well cared for, especially for a 52 year old car. Were I bidding, I’d go about $4500 based on the console, buckets and factual SS credential. I’m sure you Chevy guys will correct me.

    • Ron

      Over 10 grand easy

    • David Brennan

      Was fairly interested into the low teens. Spoke to the man. Asking high teens

  10. Dan Almashy

    Those are 64 hubcaps, I used to have a 65 SS Mailibu SS, I bought it when I was in the Navy in San Diego in 69. kept it for about 6 years. It was a great car. I think it would be a good idea if anyone is interested for real, to email the guy named Roger in the write up..Shouldn’t be too hard to get more info and pictures from him. One of my friends here in Virginia has one he bought new in Maroon. Its got like 19k miles showing and still looks new.

  11. Dan Almashy

    Those are 64 hubcaps, here is a comparison, Malibu in 64 was sorta like Impala caps…

    • 427Turbojet 427 Turbojet Member

      63 Impala SS caps. 64 Chevelle SS similar, but disc behind spinner is a little larger and flatter than the Impala caps.

      • Dan Almashy


    • Gregory Mason

      Your right Dan the caps on the right are 65. My wife has a 65 SS and it has those caps from new.

  12. Sam M

    I am a hot rodder thru and thru, but I would restore this to 98%, add a 2004r and drive the wheels off. I love this color on these, and factory A/C makes it perfect. Is there a price range in mind on this, or are we just seeing who offers the most? I’m interested.

    • David Brennan

      16k is the price

      • Dan Almashy

        Thanks for that price David, I tried clicking on the link where it says to send an email, it didn’t work. But that said, although interested, a little more than I can afford at this time. I think it’s a reasonable price for it considering they are getting scarce as hens teeth these days.
        So now we have it figured out that its in Sacramento and what the price is.
        It would be good if someone had the guys phone number or actual email address, could post it. I don’t think it will last long.

      • JamestownMike

        Yep, told me the same price.

  13. Tim

    I need this car …it’s my toy chevelles mama

  14. Chevelle Tim

    the japvelle

  15. Rustytech Member

    Wish I could jump on this right now! I loved these Chevelles. I built one of these back in the 70’s for the drag strip. It was a factory 396 car upgraded to a 427. It was street legal but rarely driven except at the track. With this one I think I’d stay with the stock setup. A/C is a rare treat in these that would be much appreciated.

    • Greg

      Doubtful it was a ’65 factory 396. Those were called the “z16” and only about 200 produced.

      Maybe yours was a 66 or 67.

      Like 1
  16. duke

    the doors hood and trunk lines never lined up perfectly back in the real car days as they were not robot or computer controlled assembled – of couse there was automation but unlike what they have now plus there were more real man hours with people putting these together……2 choices……leave it as it is….or bare metal strip and do a 100 point STOCK respray along total proper bright work refinishing-but that’s just me
    its only STOCK and ORIGINAL ONCE! and only ONCE*

  17. Mitchell MacLeod

    Wow. My parents had a 1965 Malibu Sedan in the same exterior colour. 230 I-6 with PG. Memory lane.

    • Gregory Mason

      Body color code was EE Danube blue.

  18. cudaman

    I found 5 of these that are owned by a widow whose husband was always going to fix them up. Two are 4-doors and three are 2-doors and SS cars. They are rough and not for sale………yet. I’ll post a few pictures……

    Like 1
    • milotus

      …..but you didn’t give a location…….

    • Nova Scotian

      Holy shit…that’s sad…sad way for a car to die.

  19. cudaman

    Here’s another one……

    Like 1
  20. cudaman

    …..and another one…….

  21. mick

    not very often do you find cars untouched replace hoses belts rubber seals buff that paint out and fix minor repairs to interior call it a day its only original once

  22. John P

    I’d pay $10k for that as it’s presented..

  23. OhU8one2

    I would much rather have a tri-power,4spd Goat in the same condition. Sorry fella’s, that’s just me.

  24. Pete Koehler

    When I was going to school in Flint, Michigan in the early ’70’s I bought a 1965 Malibu SS convert with all of the options for $50. It was a rag top (power!) and all that was left were rags. It had the 300 HP 327 and plenty of Michigan rust. But it ran great!! I drove it for about a year and then sold it to a room mate for a whopping $175. My, how times have changed…

    • Dan Almashy

      I sold mine in Danville, Va in 74 to a guy who wrecked it got caught driving without a license and no insurance…I got 500 for it then, but he got nothing but some fines and the car ended up in a local junkyard, it was crushed and scrapped out for parts with a period of 5 years. Its probably been parts to many other cars since thin…lol.I always wished I had kept it.

  25. Steven Dacke

    My oldest brother showed up with a similar car in the mid 80’s when i just got my license. Clean central Texas car he bought for $400 (!) Almost a twin to this, SS, 283, pg but light blue. Ran and srove but trans slipped. PInt was fade, interior perfect except one seam was split in headliner. He planned to fix the pg or swap in a 200 4 r and flip it. The geaes in my head were turning, trying to figure out how to buy it when one of his friends offered him $1500. It was gone the next day.

  26. Tim

    What’s the current offer? Would fit great in my garage.

  27. Rustytech Member

    HI Greg. I understand your doubts, but I can assure you it was a1965 the 66 was the first of the coke bottle body, mine was the square body. When I bought it in the early 70’s it was just a used car with a blown engine, we didn’t think about how many were produced at that time. I can tell you it was a big block 396ci in it, and I had no reason to question if it was real.

  28. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    A request: Whenever one of these BF Exclusive cars sell, can we find out the final selling price?
    I think it would be interesting to know.

    Love this car in all of its originality. That’s just the way they should be and this one should stay that way.


  29. mark

    Nice car! Clean it up a little bit and fix a few things such as fluids tires belts hoses and maybe put disc brakes on the front only and drive it. They are only in this type of condition once so why wreck a car like this with a different engine/trans/rear end!!

    • Norm Wrensch

      I have a 64 2dr wagon and they stop just fine with the drum brakes, disk would be cool, but definitely not necessary.

  30. Utes

    Let’s erase ANY doubts about the correct wheel covers for ’65 Chevelle SS’…..

  31. David Frank David F Member

    It received 40 enquires, all from Barnfinds and sold for $16,000 in less than a week!

  32. Greg Mason

    I’m in the process of restoring my wife’s 65 ss right now. She’s had the car for 25 years and now that we’re both retired she handed me her keys and said now it’s my turn. It’s Danube blue 327 with a power glide and a power driver seat.

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