EXCLUSIVE: 1966 Dodge W200 With Camper

Every winter I wonder why I don’t live in California or North Carolina, which is where this 1966 Dodge W200 pickup and camper have lived. This truck has had a better life than I have, not that I’m bitter. This Barn Finds Exclusive camping combo can be found in Whittier, North Carolina and the sellers are asking $2,000. Let’s check out this warm weather resident.

I know, western North Carolina actually gets snow, with Whittier having an average of around 6″ of snow a year so it isn’t exactly snowbird country. And we don’t know where this truck lived in California either – that state gets snow in parts of it, too. But, compared to the upper-Midwest those two states may as well be the tropics. The photos of this truck are iffy at best, with no overall photos at all and all cropped photos, but from what we can see, it looks pretty solid. They say that it was in California until 2000 when it made its way to western North Carolina. You can also see the “100” badge on the fender/fenders, but it’s a W200 3/4-ton 4×4 truck. Does anyone have an idea of how that “100” badging may have happened?

It also comes with a utility box which is different from Dodge’s “Utiline” box, which was their name for a stepside. A utility box is incredibly nice when you’re hauling a camper which this one is doing at the moment. We don’t know if it has always had one or not. This is a highly-coveted vintage Alaskan pop-top camper which I would have to believe is worth close to the seller’s asking price by itself. Unfortunately, we don’t see any interior photos of the camper, that would be helpful. For the record, Hagerty is at $5,200 for a #4 fair condition truck and $13,100 for a #3 good condition truck.

This Dodge truck/Alaskan camper combo was owned by the seller’s neighbor who, unfortunately, has passed away. The seller is listing it for the deceased owner’s children and all of the money is going to them so they are not a flipper, just a very good friend who is going out of their way to help out a grieving family. As if the Alaskan pop-up camper wasn’t desirable enough on its own, this 4×4 3/4-ton Dodge pickup has a 4-speed manual transmission, SPICER rear end, and what should be a 200-hp 318 cubic-inch V8. There are no engine photos and they say that it was trailered to North Carolina due to a faulty fuel pump so it’ll need some tinkering to get it on the road again. But, for $2,000 it sure seems like a lot of goodness for not much money!

  • Asking Price: $2,000
  • Location: Whittier, NC
  • Mileage: 38,500
  • Title Status: Missing
  • VIN: 228 158 7695

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  1. Bud

    Rust and termites .

    • Jay Morgan

      lol !!

  2. Darrun

    I would have to think, there has been some parts swapped. I had an old 1/2 ton Dodge years ago, and it had the 100 badging. Cool project for the right person. Those old Dodges were real Work Horses.

  3. Rick Brennan

    Fuel pump is a $20.00 item and 15 minutes to replace – I expect it’s all new fuel lines and probably a tank

  4. canadainmarkseh Member

    For sure not the prettiest truck ever built by dodge. Yes they were good strong trucks but this one is rough and the camper is likely full of rot and rodent crap. It would be my guess that this was a municipal work truck when new including the camper which is likely nothing more than a shell. But if all there asking is $2k than it might still be a good buy for a DIY guy whole likes to hunt.

  5. angliagt

    Back around ’82,our club (RSCC) put on the Lord Ellis Hillclimb.
    I got to drive a tow truck like this.I was kind of bummed,as it looked like
    it’d be a beast to drive.
    I towed my ’79 Ford Fiesta Showroom Stock (SSC) car to the hill
    with it.It turned out to be one of the coolest trucks that I’ve ever driven.
    Turned out that I needed it to tow the Fiesta home,after rolling it
    on one of the corners.
    I turned in a claim to my insurance company,including a brochure
    from the hillclimb.I got a call back from them (AAA).The adjuster said that
    they’d cover it,as I still owed about $3500 on it,but he said they wouldn’t
    do that again,if I wrecked another car.They also let me keep the car.

  6. KC John

    Rust in peace.

  7. Howard A Member

    What, passed away in 1978? I feel bad for the family, but if they’re looking for extra cash, better keep looking. Sorry, this is about as unappealing ad as you can get. I’d have to think if it was out of the weeds, have a better chance.

  8. Chebby Member

    I didn’t know the Addams family had a camper.

  9. jimmy the orphan

    Open the camper door. smell the mold and rot. It will never get better no matter what you do. Put a match to it. Later…………….JIMMY

  10. Comet

    Perfect accommodations for when the Mother-in-law comes for a visit.

  11. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Jeez, take 5 minutes to pull the vines off the grille, rake away the accumulated flora and fauna around the truck and at least take one good picture of the entire vehicle. When people try to get creative with their cell phone camera angle, you know they are being careful not to show the worst of the repairs needed. I always liked the wide open deer in headlights look of these mopar trucks from the 60s, have one of those headlight bezels hanging on the wall of my shop.

    • Mike

      As is, this would be ready for Craig’s List. Clear the bushes around it and it would be E-Bay ready. Pretty cool rig. Tent it and then throw in a couple of flea bombs before dragging it back home.

  12. Tony S.

    There are now dozens of mice and 8 raccoons that are now homeless…I hope you’re proud of yourselves. 😜

  13. Oldog4tz Member

    Here in Oakland, there are far better examples under most freeway underpasses

  14. Horace

    Does this reply to the site ……
    Or to the member Little_cars ?
    I was hoping to contact Little_cars about
    Midgets and Sprites etc

  15. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Horace, I welcome a healthy conversation about Spridgets. I have your personal email and will reach out.

  16. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I was waiting for that mirror in the first picture to turn around and start looking at me.

  17. Maverick

    Neighbors helping to sell. No.fee sick of looking at it. I would be.


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