EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Corvette Convertible

We have all been in the same place as reader Jorge C. You find a sweet classic car project parked in a barn, garage or shed. When you get it home, you start working on it, possibly getting it running. But then life gets in the way and before long it has sat for another year or two. Well, rather than see his ’68 Corvette sit any longer, Jorge has decided to part ways with it. It needs some work, but it’s running and driving. It’s currently located in Miami, Florida, but originally came out of California. The odometer is showing 71k miles and he has a clear title for it. He’s asking $16,500 but is willing to negotiate. If you’d love to finish this project, be sure to message him via the form below.

From Jorge – Rust free California car! Needs paint and some body work on the right rear quarter panel. , I have the damaged rear bottom valance. Original interior in good condition but does need a new top. I have installed new calipers with brake lines, rebuilt carburetor which I cannot get to run properly, and new fuel tank with sending unit.

I believe motor and transmission are numbers matching. It’s a 327 with a 4-speed.  I bought the car out of California about a year ago and just haven’t had the time to do anything with it. I can provide more detailed pictures if requested. Also, the asking price is negotiable.

It might not be a high spec car, but I wouldn’t mind having a 327 4-speed Corvette! The body damage is definitely a bummer, if it wasn’t for that this would be a nice driver-grade car. Body damage can be a bit tricky to evaluate with the fiberglass-bodied Corvette. It might be that someone in a truck or SUV tapped in a parking lot at just the right angle or it could have been rear-ended and suffered body and structural damage. You won’t know until you can get under the car to have a look. Hopefully, the structure is alright and the body can be fixed without removing it.

If you are handy with fiberglass, this could be a great way into Corvette ownership. Other than body and paint work, it looks about ready to be driven. Fixing the body will likely be a big project, but I think it would be well worth it! Just the thought of rowing through the gears with the top down makes me want to get out my fiberglass tools and sander. How about you?

Special thanks to Jorge for listing his project with us! Let’s find a good home for this Corvette. And if you happen to have a project that has been sitting in your garage and just want to see it go to a good home, please consider listing it with us!

Asking Price: $16,500
Location: Miami, Florida

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  1. Jay M

    Love it. You could drive it and fix it up over the winter(s)

  2. D

    Makes me wonder what I could get for my 71 hardtop with numbers matching 454 and auto.

    • Craig

      Sounds like a nice car. The automatic kills it.

  3. Tom Member

    71 was the last reasonable year for HP. 70 & 69 were better. Automatic will fetch less than a 4 speed unless the buyer can’t drive stick. Trans, either way, can be the deal killer for a corvette. more so the automatic being the less desirable. Color matters. Rust? I prefer coupe’s to convertibles but they say if the top goes down the price goes up. 68 was the least desirable year from 68-71 in that they made so many changes/tweaks/improvements from 68 to the 69 that, well, the 68 just had issues. First year for this big redesign and they pushed it out too fast thus lots of “fix’s” to from the 68 to the 69. Get online….www.cars-on-line.com ….you will find out what your Corvette could sell for real fast.

  4. YooperMike

    IF I had this car I would just drive it as is. Keep for several years and then sell ‘er off and make a profit.

  5. glen

    Something about those wheels,interesting, but not quite right to me. Atleast not on this car.

  6. RJ

    I really like those wheels.

  7. Tirefriar

    Not too poopoo on anyone’s parade but that’s not a minor damage. Perfect way for water to enter rear section. Professional repairs and complete refinish will set you back around $15k, plus all the seals, weatherstripping, top, door trim panels, dash, etc. you are looking down a gun barrel of a full resto. The wheels are atrocious and would be the first thing I trash. The marking on the driver’s door glass may indicate this car was acquired at an auto auction. Interesting to know the condition of the title. Asking price is too high. Combine that with all this car needs and you are better off finding a clean well cared for C3 vert with a manual and maybe even better options.

    • joeinthousandoaks

      Yep, mileage written on the window looks like it is from Copart Auto Auction. Could have been a total loss on an insurance claim.

  8. ccrvtt

    I agree with the others on the wheels. They are overlarge and I believe came from a mid ’80’s conversion van since they look exactly like the ones a friend had on his. Deceptively large amount of damage, it’s an automatic, and I’m not sure that’s a factory color though it could be made pretty. On the other hand, it’s the most iconic look for a C3, though I understand the ’69-71 are more desirable.

  9. 86 Vette Convertible

    It’s got a 4 speed shifter and console in it based on the pictures. Unfortunately the body damage, paint and top are going to be high ticket items. Unless you love the car and doing the work for yourself, I’m afraid that you’ll be over-the-top before it’s done. True shame, could be a very fun car but I don’t know if most would want to invest the $$ into fixing it right.

  10. ulm210

    There are an abundance of C3’s in far better condition for the same money. Unless you are a professional you will always be underwater on this one.

  11. racer99

    Have to admit that I had a red over black ’68 Corvette convertible 4 speed with side pipes that was one of my favorite cars of all time. Easy (relatively) to work on, excellent balance and made all the right noises. Now for this one. As much as I would like to be enthused about it, the price plus the amount of work required seems to be way too high. The wheels are OK but the tires are too large (the comment on the combo being sourced from a conversion van rings true). IF you are skilled in fiberglass and there’s not any structural damage then it’s a viable project car at a lower price. If you are planning to pay someone else to do it then you can have $30K+ in this car easily before you are done. And yes, I’d have removed the driver’s window markings before taking any pictures.

  12. terry

    Duct tape. I live in Arkansas.

  13. fish56

    “I believe motor and transmission are numbers matching.”
    Sorry, but a statement like this doesn’t help. Best to verify before you sell. Numbers matching would be a plus.

  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I kind of like the wheels, only not so much on this. Stock rally wheels or maybe some Cragars. Price seems high. A fun driver for sure!

  15. Squanto

    I’m voting for “Hit hard in the back-end”. Pass.


    How much do you want for that $5000 car?

  17. whippeteer

    From the damage it looks like the hit was across the entire back with the greatest impact on the right.

  18. Bill

    This car took a pretty significant hit to do that kind of damage. 68’s had some issues and they’ll never be worth what a 69-72 is worth. Priced way too high.

  19. SeaKnight

    I bought one 2 years ago for $8800 in far better shape than this one. Had no accident history, sitting for 8 years. Got it up and running. Needed paint and assemble the car which wasn’t too bad. Turned into a nice car. Got stopped on the street by a buyer who did buy!

  20. tje


  21. Scott Staff

    Jeep Cherokee wheels…around 1986 vintage

  22. Al Member

    There’s a 68 with a 427 tri power sitting along side a 70 AAR in a guys basement in NE Pa. near Jim Thorpe. A 37 Stearman biplane in a hanger about 200 feet from the house. Supposed to be owners retirement fund.

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