EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Ford Mustang GT S-Code Update

Update – Joseph has decided to drop his asking price to $35k, so be sure to give this Mustang a closer look and contact him via the form below with any questions or offers!

It might not be a Shelby GT350, but I for one wouldn’t complain finding a Mustang like this one! Reader Joseph O. found this 1968 Mustang GT parked in a garage in Oregon, where it had been for the past 21 years. A previous owner had it repainted prior to it being parked, but other than that this car is all original! While the ’67-’68 Mustang looks like a basic cosmetic redesign of the earlier cars, Ford actually enlarged the car and there was one primary reason. And that reason was so that they could stuff a big block under the hood. This Fastback GT is one of 4k or so Mustangs to receive the 325 horsepower 390 S-Code V8 in ’68. Joseph has the car running, but it’s going to need the usual service and repairs to make it a driver. If you’d love to get this Pony back on the road, be sure to message Joseph via the form below. The car is currently located in Jacksonville, Oregon with 30k miles on the odometer and a $40k asking price.

What Makes It Special? This is a 1968 Mustang GT with the S-Code high performance 390 4 bbl V8.

Body Condition: Nice all original straight body that has never been restored. It has been repainted but done years ago.

Mechanical Condition: The engine runs but the car has been sitting for 21 years and needs work. It’s going to need the typical things like brake work, etc.

With 325 horsepower and 427 lbs.ft. of torque, the 390 offers almost as much performance as the more desirable 428 Cobra Jet, but costs considerably less to buy these days. $40,000 is no small sum of money, but we featured a ’67 S-Code Fastback a few days ago, which you can view here, and it’s already bid up to $43k. That car might be a black plate survivor that’s still in the barn, but Joseph’s car appears to be in similar condition and has been cleaned up so that you can actually see what you are buying. So, if you’ve been looking for a big block Fastback to fix up, this car is well worth a closer look! Be sure to contact Joseph or Charlene via the form below to schedule a time to look at it or to make an offer.

  • Asking Price: $40,000
  • Location: Jacksonville, Oregon
  • Mileage: 30k
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 8r02S136733

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  1. Spridget

    The seller would help his odds of moving the car if he took better pictures; you can’t even see the whole car in these.

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Yeah Spridget, I’m trying to see what kind of tranny this is, I guess its a slush box, but I can’t blow up the one pic of the gut. For 40 large ask, this is a lousy listing, oh yeah clean off the back window area- you can’t tell if its crud on the window or if there’s the dreaded window frame rot.. sorry for the criticism and negativity–but–come on…..wait- “Honey I listed the car but no one wanted to buy it”…….

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    • olerascal

      AT shifter shown in pics. Power steering & brakes also. No concern about add-on scoopy things…easy to remove. K-mart cast iron wheels aren’t a sign of coherent former owner.

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  3. CCFisher

    No disrespect to the seller, but this is nowhere near “original except for paint.” The ’67 grille, front spoiler, side scoops, wheels, and front seats are all non-stock items.

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  4. Stillrunners

    Think I still have the factory S code air cleaner…

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  5. Retired Stig

    Seems more than a little overpriced for an automatic equipped car, and in less the Felby (fake Shelby) look appeals to you, there is body work waiting to go with the paint, engine over haul, fluid changes etc. etc. On the other hand, a ’68 big block fast back is highly desirable, because the car world is dangerously short on Bullitt looking things.
    Somewhat seriously, if it were a 4-speed car, and had more reasonable starting price, I would be considering a look at it.

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  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    For that kind of money, I’d expect a lot better condition and less to deal with and that doesn’t even include the possibility of rust issues. Unless someone is looking at it because it matches one their Dad or relative once owned, doesn’t look like a good proposition to me.

    Wishing the seller the best and hope it works out.

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  7. John Johnson

    15,000 tops

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  8. Brad

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you want a S code 390 big block to play with and money is a concern, get a 67-68 Mercury Cougar. The Gt performance package got you the same mechanicals as the Mustang wrapped in a sweet looking car and you can have it all for about half the price of a comparable Ford.

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  9. Skorzeny

    Automatic, it’s WAY overpriced.

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  10. cold340t

    428 Cobra Jet smashes 390hp. Sorry, ridden in both. Not close. Nice Mustang though. Cougar version is a better car/buy!

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  11. Ted

    40K, auto, and a ton of work needed. Right……….must be some bad prescription drugs floating around Jacksonville.

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  12. Troy s

    The 428 cobra jet was a whole different kind of animal compared to the luke warm 390. Most everybody that knows anything about Ford’s knows how that 428 CJ came to exist. I’ve experienced both engines in mildly tuned state and believe me when I say that 428 comes on hard with a capital H.

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  13. Gaspumpchas

    Right you are on the 390 vs the 428, Troy, no comparison, I was thinking of some options for who wanted to go with the FE. Had a friend with a 68 Bullitt Clone, and while it was no 428, that 390 was a screamer. Hooked to a locker you had to be careful when cornering as it would break loose. All good stuff.


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  14. 433jeff

    What happened to the 390? In 63 1/2 wasnt there a solid lifter 390 with a single 4bbl conservatively rated at 375 hp, 11-1? So 5-6?years later its now 315 330? Hp? I like the 65-66 fastbacks, i like these too, but the cougar is a great idea too.

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