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EXCLUSIVE: 1972 Ford LTD Coupe

If you have been on the hunt for a classic with a truly unique look, reader Mike D has the car for you! This 1972 Ford LTD Coupe has one incredible look, as it is showing some serious patina. Mike purchased it at a charity auction, got it home, cleaned it and was even able to get it running and driving again. It’s currently riding on a set of custom rims, but he installed those just to drive it around as the original tires were no longer safe and are not included with the car. He has a set of used tires that he can install on the original rims for transportation. If you’d love to give this original LTD a new home, you can find it in Tampa, Florida and you can make him an offer below!

When we usually think of the LTD, we think of big sedans and station wagons, but the LTD was also offered as a nicely appointed Coupe and a convertible as well. You really don’t see the two-door variants much anymore, which is a shame as they are really impressive machines. Having purchased it from a charity auction, Mike doesn’t know any of the car’s history, but chances are it was owned by an older couple who drove it to the grocery store during the week and to Church on Sunday. Clearly, it has been parked for a long time and it’s likely that the 43k miles showing on the odometer are accurate.

Technically speaking, this LTD was based on the Galaxie 500, but it received a number of unique features to make it stand out from the Galaxie. The most obvious feature is the interior and it is almost as luxurious as a Lincoln. There’s a fair amount of debate as to whether LTD stood for Luxury, Limited, or Lincoln Trim Decor. There are also those who believe that it didn’t mean anything at all and was just a random designation the marketing department came up with. Who knows? This one looks to be in really great shape inside, which is pretty amazing given how the outside looks.

In 1972, you could order your LTD with a 351, a 400, or a 460 V8. Mike isn’t sure which engine this one has, but it looks like the 351 to me. It’s said to run great and while the engine bay definitely needs some detailing, it looks to be all original. Given the level of luxury these were meant to provide, it has AC, but it’s likely going to need a rebuild to blow cold after sitting.

This LTD really does have a wild look to it as it sits. A fresh coat of paint would definitely make it a nicer looking car, but if you want something eyecatching, leaving it as is would be the route to go. As it sits, it would surely take home an award at the Concours d’Lemons! Given how clean the interior is and that the engine runs, you could start enjoying this one while working on the cosmetics or you can just drive it as is. If you’d love to have it, be sure to make Mike an offer!

  • Asking Price: $7,500
  • Location: Tampa, Florida
  • Mileage: 43,331
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 2E62H270682

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  1. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Jerry Reed woulda’ve been proud to be the wheel man on this one!

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  2. Dave

    The price is too high for a low demand car. They are nice riders.

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  3. matthew B steele

    $750 would be about right

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    • Robert L Roberge

      In CA, at least, if it runs, it’s worth a grand.

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  4. art

    $7500..oh dear. One can set their camera to enhanced or saturated all they want but that car can’t be “imaged” into a $7500 vehicle. Patina indeed…lol

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  5. Rob

    maybe 2k tops

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  6. Mike

    This could be resto-modded into something interesting/sinister.

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  7. TimM

    Tooooo many zero’s!!!

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  8. jerry z

    Good luck trying to anywhere close to $7500 for the LTD. But I do like these cars, 2 or 4 door version!

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  9. Pookie Jamie

    I think LTD stood for limited. Lol. With the amount of work needed, and no history to the car, I’d pay $1500 and freshen it up while it’s able to run and drive. Cragars would look awesome on this car Nice ride. Good luck to the new owner

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  10. Ken Cwrney

    I saw one of these sporting a 2 tone paint
    job here in Winter Haven over 20 years ago. It was in fair shape when I saw it and that black and gold finish really set
    the car apart from the other LTDs on the
    the road back then. I tried to buy it, but
    the young lady driving it didn’t want to
    sell it. Offered her a grand for it, and
    she still wouldn’t bite. Last time I saw
    the car was 15 years ago not long after
    my wife died. What a looker it was too.
    I had visions of it riding on some wide
    oval tires with a set of slotted rims.
    This one could be really sinister looking
    if you laid a black lacquer paint job on it
    and ran open steelies with some wide
    grippy tires. And while you’re at it, replace the vinyl roof and tint the windows too.
    Next, I’d rebuild the 351 to either Cleveland spec or just add a set of 400
    heads, a mild cam, and an Edelbrock
    intake manifold with a 750 cfm Holley
    carb on top. That would bring the
    horsepower up to about 290 to 300 at
    the very least. Wonder what he’d take
    for it WITH the custom rims.

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  11. JRH

    I would be interested but at a more realistic price. I wouldn’t even paint it.Might be fun to put a big block in though

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    • Johnny B.

      Their a light blue one on Craigslist in Va for I think $750 or $950——-not sure and it has the 429 and looks better then this one

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  12. Miguel

    I just retired my 1972 LTD coupe from daily service. I don’t think they will ever fetch this kind of money, even in really good condition, which this one is not.

    In my opinion, if you are going to ask a high number for a car, whatever is in the pictures should go with the car.

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  13. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Almost a twin to my ’72 Galaxie 500, same color exterior, too. It’s a little more upscale than the 500 but not that much fancier. The seller will never get what he’s asking for it, not even close. His price is closer to a running car in much better shape. These cars are scarce these days, I very seldom see another around my neck of the woods. When I attended the Ford Nationals this past summer, out of the thousands of cars present, there were only four ’71-’72 Galaxies there other than mine.

    Mine is similarly equipped; 351 Windsor with a 3-speed FMX auto, PS, PDB with A/C though mine has an under-dash unit. I bought mine with 34,000 miles on it in 1995 from the original owner and apart from some mechanical upgrades, it’s completely original; inside and out. I did put chrome reverse wheels with baby moon hubcaps on it but kept the original steel wheels and the Turbine full wheel covers. These are great highway cruisers; big, comfortable cars that were well-made. The 351 Windsor is a motor that you can get more hp out off as a lot of aftermarket performance parts are available for it, something I’ve done to mine to give it a little more get up and go. I hope somebody saves this LTD and puts it back on the road. They’ll have a nice, rarely seen car that will bring lots of attention at their local cars and coffee show.

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  14. Tony

    I just love this vintage LTD. Would love to have one this sorry looking too, but if the seller wants that kind of money, they are going to need to learn the cars complete history, then spin it into a really interesting story, and put the car on Bring a Trailer.

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  15. Bud

    After a year of the ad for this car being ignored because of the price . They’ll rattle can it flat black and list it as a ” Rat ” and want 15k for it . I had a Galaxie 500 and I consider it to be one of the best cars I ever had .

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  16. Superdessucke

    Sharp eyed Columbo fans will recall that a red/white version of this car was owned by Ricardo Montalbon’s Luis Montoya in “A Matter of Honor.”


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  17. Stevieg

    I had a 1971 LTD convertible in better shape than this about 7 years ago. I bought it for $1,500 & sold it a few months later for $2,200. I enjoyed the summer with it & didn’t have to store it for the winter, & made a few dollars to sweeten it up.
    I know these are worth a bit more now than they were worth then, but I don’t think the difference is this significant. So I am going to say this one is a little overpriced. Nice interior, if it runs good & if the top is solid where the vinyl used to be, this should have some value to it. I wish the seller well, as well as the buyer.

    Miguel, how rough was/is the one you retired? Still have it? If so, send me some pix & let me know what you might want for it. I must be outta my mind, I am pretty broke & have no room, but I am curious. I just sold my 1970 BelAir & I have a parking place to fill lol.

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  18. David G

    Great cars, but this one is overpriced. If seller is offered $2,500-3k he should take the money and run. Most likely purchased for well under 1k, advertise it at a realistic price and it will sell and seller makes a nice profit. Sky high prices for cars in this condition just lead to them sitting for a long time trying to hook a sucker.

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  19. IkeyHeyman

    I had the station wagon version of this when I lived in Vermont – it was a beast! Always started in the cold, have to give it that. Tin worn put it down.

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  20. Boatman Member

    VIN code H= 351.

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